Enjoying Gasoline Savings?, Tesla EV Time Bomb Burns Down Home That Survived Hurricane Ian And It Wasn’t The First



"An electric car fire is like 'a trick birthday candle' — and a nightmare for firefighters" on June 20, 2021, by unknown, via which is owned by verizon so they are responsible for the alt-far-left slant in articles there AND the censoring of patriots there too.
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Apparently, electric vehicles (EVs) that were able to survive the recent Hurricane Ian are suffering from corroded batteries from the saltwater storm flooding, and those are now a threat to homes, garages or anything stored nearby.

Just a few days ago, one such Tesla EV stored in a Florida garage caught fire and then destroyed the house of the owner. Talk about a sudden change of fortune! The house had suffered very little damage from the storm.

But it didn’t stop there, as the fire also spread to the neighbor’s house too. They used well in excess of 1500 gallons of water per a witness just to put out the car fire, and that doesn’t include water used on the homes.

“Massive fire at EV parking in Delhi, 93 vehicles charred” on June 8, 2022, by unknown, via The total includes 80 e-rickshaws, 10 cars and 3 ‘two-wheelers’.

The problem is that as soon as you stop pouring water on an EV fire it reignites. Another witness said it actually took tens of thousands of gallons of water to put it out. They would have been better off aiming another hurricane at it.

Then when it was loaded onto a tow truck…you guessed it…the EV reignited again. Firefighters say this is normal, and widespread. The reason is the lithium-ion batteries. Once punctured, they react explosively to air.

“You should know this if you own an EV. Foam or water can’t douse lithium fire”, by unknown, via Any EV can experience the problem, not just cars!

It actually costs almost as much to replace a bad battery as to buy a new EV! This isn’t a ‘technological evolution’, it is a dystopian nightmare. And this isn’t just happening in Florida or after hurricanes.

One such first took 8 firefighters 7 hours to put out and used 28,000 gallons of water, which is what their department uses in a normal month (or a typical American home uses in almost 2 years).

A normal gas engine car on fire can be put out much faster and takes about 300 gallons of water and just one fire engine crew. Just another fact the alt-far-left hides to push EVs on us.

“Electric bus bursts into flames, sets nearby vehicles on fire in China” by South China Morning Post on June 4, 2021, via Notice how quickly it goes up -and- spreads.

Just over a year ago in San Francisco, California, a couple were sleeping when their Tesla Model S warned them via the Tesla app that there was a problem. That EV ignited and their second EV (unknown make and model) and then their garage before spreading to the house and burning it down.

They managed to escape due to sleeping in an area away from the garage on the ground floor, and firefighters blamed the thermal management system on the first EV. The couple said if they had slept upstairs they would have died.

Asking Elon Musk about EVs. Screenshot and question by us.

Chevrolet has had similar issues with the Bolt, and recalled more than 60,000 just over a year ago. Other EVs are not immune either. It also doesn’t just happen in the USA. They don’t make the news often because leftists have an agenda to push.

Although an interesting idea, EVs are a method of control (to be turned off on a whim), a scam (which are never acceptable), and very dangerous. And the electricity that goes into them still comes from non-‘green’ sources, making them one giant lie.

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