Planet Chorizo, How the Left Uses ‘Trust the Science’ and Similar Phrases to Sneak Things by Us



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When a world famous physicist rushed to post groundbreaking pictures from the new James Webb Space Telescope of a distant planet, the first ever taken of it, people sat up and took notice. And by default anything such a person said is given great deference. You don’t expect someone like that to post something you later discover was a joke all along. But his approximately 92000 followers on Twitter learned that is exactly what it was.

In this case it wasn’t really harmful as after an hour of teasing them all about Spanish charcuterie not existing anywhere but Earth, and even some peoples coming to his defense thinking he himself had been tricked he decided to come clean. But this is just the tip of the disinformation iceberg, and usually it isn’t done for comedic purposes but rather to push a hard left agenda including medical procedures killing people daily now.

From the 1960’s on we’ve had overpopulation, new ice age*, acid rain, ozone hole, global warming and climate change. None of them real. All of them designed to give power to the left (who are all Sun deniers). The Sun is 99.86% of the mass of our Solar System and is responsible for all of our energy, climate and weather.

Then we have the lies about Covid, cloth masks, and ‘vaccines’, as well as other things now labeled health risks even if they are not (like exercising your Second Amendment Rights), which proves a clear pattern of deception which isn’t part of a joke. And we are to do as we are told, never questioning ‘scientists’.

At least one person chastised the physicist for his actions, calling it “quite inappropriate” while “coming from a scientific research director”. To say the least!

We’ll just have to wait to learn what Proxima Centauri (4.2 light years away from Earth) looks like. But it does NOT look like this:

Picture from the asshole who perpetrated the fraud (Etienne Klein of France).

*Check for this on YouTube as “In Search Of The Coming Ice Age … With Leonard Nimoy (1978).”, just 22:35 and worth the watch.

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