Leftist Novel Phrase Of The Day, Globalists Invent ‘Climate Transition’ To Trick You Into Regressing Civilization



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The year is 2030. Looking back to that distant time, many seem to forget, late 2019 to early 2020, there are stories of freedoms undreamed of today. Back then they claim you could control your own home temperature, drive a car that didn’t explode and burn your home down while you slept, there were no monthly shots, and you could still find meat (and other foods) in something called a store.

The food lines aren’t too bad as you get to catch up with friends (or make new ones) while you wait to get your allotment of bug meal. Otherwise, our days are spent in the MetaVerse, all 500 million of us. The ‘great reset‘ has finally been delivered, just as the World Economic Forum (WEF) promised, and now we all own nothing and are happy.

“Eat ze bugs”, by BobboJenkins, via memedroid.com

That is the dystopian future democRATs and other globalist leftists are determined to impose on us, but there is still ample time to throw off the shackles they would have bind us to their will.

Leftists will use any excuse to push their agenda, including starting a war with #7 most corrupt country Russia over #4 most corrupt country Ukraine, which helped democRATs impeach President Donald Trump and now launder money for Usurper in Thief Joe Biden.

Now, after frauds dating from the 1960’s to 2010’s (overpopulation, new ice age, acid rain, ozone hole, global warming and climate change), none of which were real and all of which were designed to give power to the left, they have invented a novel one: climate transition.

“Don’t forget the blackrock”, by clownslayer, via memedroid.com

Despite what you might be thinking, this is NOT a merger of the prior climate change lie and the ‘trans’ movement. We thought that too at first, but you can’t really perform surgery on the climate.

The theory behind this new risky scheme is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by increasing production of insects which they will encourage now (and later force) us to eat and reduce production of actual food (particularly animal products, including meat).

Kids in some countries are already eating bugs as ‘snacks’ at school, and it is spreading rapidly…almost like a swarm. The left pushes this by calling bugs “alternative protein”. But we already have many proteins to choose from, and those don’t harm us like eating bugs can (as they usually contain toxic metals, dioxins and pesticides…yummy).

“Adult problems”,by BobboJenkins, via memedroid.com

The thinking is, if they can trick the kids into thinking they are being ‘adventurous’, that by the time they become adults they will be acclimated to bugs and barely remember what real food is. Of course by then we will all be dead from natural causes such as covid shots.

Here is a hint for kids: just because your friends jump off a bridge it doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Ditto eating bugs. Just say no to communism, and say yes to a garden…just don’t tell the government you have one.

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