Kamala’s Lump Of Coal, democRATs Like Harris Love Illegal Aliens Just Not When Given To Them As Gifts For Christmas



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Santa was obviously very busy last night, so Governor Greg Abbott (R, Texas) decided to help him out and made a special delivery to the Naval Observatory, a white nineteenth-century house located at Number One Observatory Circle in northwestern Washington, D.C., which has been the home of the United States’ Vice President since the mid-1970’s when it was refurbished for that purpose.

‘Caution: DACA Democrat Voters Crossing……….’, “DACA DEMOCRAT VOTERS CROSSING”, by anonymous, via imgflip.com. democRATs need their ‘undocumented voters’.

Abbott sent several bus loads of illegal aliens there and has helped out like this before, sending such wonderful and unexpected presents to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois, and even to Washington DC before too. Greg also sent some to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (HERE and HERE), but those folks were evicted by the mighty unfriendly Vineyardians within hours.

‘Yes or No’, “IF THIS MAKES YOU A CITIZEN; DOES THIS MAKE HIM FAMILY?”, by WyrDOuT, via imgflip.com. We have long called them ‘country burglars’, so great meme!

Likewise KamelaHairAss [aka Kamala Harris, and HeelsUp Harris, Kneepads, 17th of 20 (referring to her place in the democRAT Primary of 2020), Kameltoe, Madam Swallow, Plantation Harlot, Willie’s Home Entertainment System, the Mouth That Roared, Wokequake, Joe’s Boss, Chain of Fools (which refers she and Joe together), More Woman Than Michele, the Blow from the Indies, the San Francisco Treat, Copmala (referring to her time as California Attorney General)], quickly evicted them to a local church.

‘luckiky…’, by anonymous, via imgflip.com. Obviously they meant ‘luckily’, and they forgot to mention the illegal aliens didn’t bring their elderly and handicapped either.

Fellow Republican governors Doug Ducey (Arizona) and Ron DeSantis (Florida) have also sent bus loads of illegals to democRAT run so-called ‘sanctuary cities’, only to hear the mayors there gripe and complain, and then have the illegal aliens removed by their state governments to God only knows where. Even the democRAT mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania, was involved.

This time though, we heard a new complaint from leftist politicians and MSM urinalists: the so-called ‘migrants’ were cold. They also complained that there were so-called ‘migrant’ children being subjected to the once or twice per Winter normal weather extreme.

‘The Murderous Left Isn’t Right’, “SAYS ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES AS LEGAL IMMIGRANTS; CLAIMS UNBORN BABIES AREN’T PEOPLE AND HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIFE”, by ISDAMan, via imgflip.com. Conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants is a slap in the face to anyone who follows the law to get here.

What they didn’t mention was that if the illegal alien adults didn’t bring the kids, or didn’t send them alone’, then they’d be warm and cozy wherever the fuck they are from. They also didn’t mention American children who were cold too.

Meanwhile, over 125,000 homes and 1.5 MILLION Americans were without power because of the ‘Bomb Cyclone‘ winter storm that leftists insist was caused by global warming. And according to those same leftists, if we are taxed more, it will stop. According to us, if they stop fighting and build the border wall, then illegal aliens will stop coming here.

‘In a few seconds, I believe that the United States of America is going to have a new National Hero!’, “Our newest Border Patrol Agent:; Octavia Melody”, by Evilmandoevil, via imgflip.com. The ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ gang are being held in reserve…for now.

But we don’t count. Only the precious replacement citizens (and future reliable left-wing voters) and their kids make a difference. They are, we are told, more American than actual Americans are.

Some on the left even stooped to questioning Abbott’s Christianity and pro-life beliefs. Cute, but who tells people to take a dangerous trip and then invade a country illegally followed by a demand to be taken care of? Nobody that actually values them!

‘First World Problems’, “WHERE DO I SIGN UP TO BECOME AN ILLEGAL ALIEN?? I COULD SURE USE THE GREAT BENEFITS THEY GET”, by anonymous, via imgflip.com. If we all self-identified as illegals it would bankrupt the USA…oh, wait!

Eric ‘I sleep with communist Chinese spies’ Swalwell even tried to equate these invaders with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Those three were NOT refugees or migrants, where traveled to take part in a census (we have also heard ‘to pay taxes’ as the reason for the trip, so your Bible may vary). Eric…read the actual Bible, artard!

‘I’m gonna be a Gringo Gecko’, by tweakstick, via memedroid.com. RATE exception here. We don’t normally use ‘illegal immigrant’ because democRATs made that up. The proper term under U.S. Law is “illegal alien”.

We used to send aid and people to help those in other countries. Now the left demands we import those allegedly in need. But they are NOT true migrants or even refugees, they are only coming here for economic reasons and therefore need to get in line and apply to enter properly just like those before them did.

We are the New Right, which means America and Americans are taken care of first. Veterans, children, homeless. They matter! Just not to alt-far-left-communist-democRATs.

‘Fuck Illegal Aliens no hablo jibber-jabber!’, by unknown, via quickmeme.com. Most of us have family who came here, and they all learned English. You illegal aliens are NOT better than them!

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