Penalize Us Next!, NBA’s Robert Sarver Punishment Nears Completion With Agreement To Sell Suns For 10x What He Paid



'...hero', by unknown (page won't load, saved image from search), via mememaker.net (and fix your page! "A Database Error Occurred. Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings. Filename: core/Loader.php. Line Number: 346". As we said we are NOT defending Sarver, but we don't have to agree with a meme to use it. Picture is Bill Murray from 'Stripes' (1981) by Columbia Pictures.
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In 2004, Robert Sarver was a great guy. He must have been as the NBA welcomed him into their family with open arms, along with his $410 MILLION, the purchase price of the Phoenix Suns at that time.

Then the league that warmly embraces Nike and communist China decided that Sarver (who we are NOT defending) wasn’t so cool any longer and although they couldn’t force him to sell his team, they could make life painful for him.

After an ‘investigation’, which none of them could withstand unscathed either, the league decided to suspend Sarver for one year and fine him $10 million (which is likely less than he carries in his wallet).

‘Theft, – theft everywhere’, by unknown, via makeameme.org. Picture is from ‘Toy Story’ (1995) by Disney / Pixar. THIS is the theme of this article, NOT defending Sarver.

His crime was allegedly creating an ‘inappropriate culture’ including QUOTING someone using the N word at least 5 times, which could mean he recited the lyrics to a fucking rap song!

That is the same bullshit they used to steal Papa John’s from founder John Schnatter, which former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s investigation proved…once it was too late and the company had already been taken from John.

But the actual penalty was mental pain, which they KNEW would lead him to sell before the value of his business dropped. As a successful businessman (and questionable human being) he couldn’t allow that to happen. THAT is how they did an end-around forced sale. Tricky, and exactly how leftists ‘work’!

‘Know the difference’, by TheMopBoy, via memedroid.com. Some thieves are more obvious than others.

Since that suspension, the outcry has been for a so-called ‘minority’ owner (which is code for black, despite other races being able to make the claim of being a minority, including whites who are just 16%, or 1 in every 7 people, of Earth’s population).

Enter ‘Mat’ Ishbia (who looks white to us), aka the guy who appears to be buying the team. He still needs to be vetted (background check) and a vote of approval from the NBA board of governors, but that is likely a formality at this point as he possesses the one thing absolutely required to own an NBA team today…LOTS of money.

The prior record sale price happened in 2019 when Joe Tsai (who made his money via communist Chinese company Alibaba and the slaves who make products sold there) paid $2.35 BILLION for the Brooklyn Nets.

‘wtf lady, you guys made like 90 million dollars or something????’, by Zacrates, via memedroid.com. And for the record meme-maker, white guys don’t like thieves any more than you do, even if they pay well.

Besides spelling his first name in a pretentious way, ‘Mat’ was a walk-on player at Michigan State for the Spartans basketball team under head coach Tom Izzo from 1998-2002 (winning the NCAA championship his second season there), before graduating in 2003 from MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business.

However, he did NOT grow up poor, as his father founded the company ‘Mat’ now runs as ‘president and CEO’, namely Michigan-based ‘United Wholesale Mortgage’. That company went public in May of 2021 and was valued at over $16 BILLION.

‘Meanwhile in Philly’, “the new iphone is only $45.99?!??”, by SpiderDad61, via memedroid.com. Actually that totals $44.98…so check the math in your memes folks. Otherwise great meme!

So, just 19 years after graduating, ‘Mat’ is a billionaire. We wonder how many people one has to take advantage of ‘mortgage-wise’ to become a billionaire that quickly…?

Anyway, ‘Mat’ is buying ALL of Sarver’s holdings of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury, along with some held by minority ownership partners, for $4 BILLION total. He will serve as team governor, and his younger brother Justin Ishbia will serve as alternate governor.

Mat’s donations to Eric Swalwell, via opensecrets.org. Screenshot by us.

But after DEMANDING a black owner, a lot of people seem okay with ‘Mat’, so we did some digging. He actually donates to both sides, and we didn’t take the time to add it up to see which one he leans towards. We did notice at least two donations to known Trump/MAGA/America-hater Eric Swalwell (California, D is for dropping…farts on national TV).

And for some reason, Ishbia’s Wikipedia page was deleted in the last 24 hours… Oh look, here it is on the WayBack Machine. “Never mess with a pro, buddy!”–‘Head Crusher’ from ‘Kids In The Hall’.

Mathew Ishbia wikipedia article someone tried to hide, via WayBack Machine at archive.org. Screenshot by us. Why doesn’t he call himself ‘Hew’?

While preparing this we also saw some memes saying Sarver got off easy, as Boston Celtics Head Coach Ime Udoka got the same one-year suspension for his sexual misconduct against a female employee of that team.

Nice try, but Sarver wasn’t almost allowed to buy the Nets, while Ime almost avoided his penalty by going to coach that team (Tsai considered him though, which would have voided his Celtics suspension). Also, fuck you, you damn racist hypocrites. That woman Ime abused matters!

‘It’s that simple’, by @Colmbck at TrumpArea.com, UL by Acts2.38 via memedroid.com. THAT is how they ‘got’ Trump. And he would NEVER have let them launder money via Ukraine and Zelensky!

One outspoken critic of Sarver and the way the NBA treated Robert is Draymond Green. We documented SOME of his past actions, and the lack of punishment for those HERE. We also discussed his communist head coach and fellow Sarver-basher (along with Sarver himself) HERE.

The entire purpose of this site was to help others notice the inter-connectivity that exists all around us just as others (such as Rush Limbaugh) did for us. Things that you don’t think are connected actually are. This article was about theft, which occurs daily even if it is not obvious. The memes tell that story. And that theft is usually performed by leftists.

“how long can you go”, by DaMusicGamer, via memedroid.com. Hilarious, although they probably means low instead of long. Pictures are of Chris Evans, but other than the first being from a Captain America movie (Disney owns Marvel) we can’t identify them.

In this case, Sarver’s investment of $400 million was worth $4 BILLION just 18 years later, and if he wasn’t forced to sell now, it is theoretically worth $40 BILLION by 2040. Now he and his family won’t benefit from that. Just as John Schnatter’s don’t anymore from his business acumen. What the left can’t earn they steal!

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