Health And Safety Protocols Expanded, NBA Bans Accident Prone Draymond Green After His Fist Accidents Teammates Face



Dirty fucking player kicks opponent in testicles...by accident, by NBA via usasports.news
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The National Basketball Association, a communist Chinese front group, took another hit when Draymond Green (of the Golden State Warriors) spoke out strongly against himself and his own personal behavior towards opponents and now his own team.

Add him to the growing chorus of players’ voices who are clearly unsatisfied with the punishment, or lack thereof, that he regularly receives. “Our league definitely got this wrong”, he said. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, joined in saying “There is no place in this league for that kind of behavior.”

What are they referring to? Draymond attacked Jordan Poole at a practice just the other day, first approaching him, then chest bumping him, and when Poole defended himself by pushing Green away, Draymond punched him. Here is the LOW quality video, so you can see that a screenshot wasn’t worth making.

Dirty fucking player punches TEAMMATE Jordan Poole (AKA battery) after trash talking him (AKA assault) then chest bumping him (AKA battery)…by accident, from someone at Warriors practice who deserves a fucking medal. posted by Duelbits @Duelbits via twitter.com. Note how this twitter asshat thinks Green’s behavior is cool. He joins the acceptable accident list. Again, their rules.

“To think that someone like” myself “that’s acting in that manner can continue to represent us? That’s bulls—t”, Green said, as he proceeded to refer to himself in the third person as he continued. “You can’t continue to represent way more people than yourself with those views, with speaking to people the way he did, with treating African Americans and women the way he has, that’s not OK.”

Jordan Poole is black. No word on if his life matters to Draymond Green or not.

“The only way you get suspended for one year and fined $10 million is if you are the owner of an asset and you can’t be fired,” Green said. “I think anyone that’s an employee of an NBA team, not NBA player, although you could possibly throw us in there as well, would 1,000% be fired for doing half of the things that came out of the investigation.”

Dirty fucking player knees same opponent in testicles…by accident, by NBA via bleacherreport.com. Note this photo was taken right before the balls notified the brain of impact.

So, of course, these quotes were made by Green, but not about himself. In fact, he said those about Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, who we discussed HERE (not defending him, but he never killed anyway and was basically forced to sell his team because if he rode out his 1 year suspension it would have dropped in value, which is NOT good business).

It is still interesting to note that Draymond (and LeBron as well) want everyone else held responsible for their actions except himself. Green was not punished, so far, and likely won’t be. His shit, you see, does not stink. Adam Silver says so. He has the proper leftist politics. Green did also mention Sarver’s ALLEGED use of the ‘N’ word, which we bet Draymond himself has used many times…by accident.

Dirty fucking player punches opponent in testicles…by accident, by NBA via larrybrownsports.com

In the video of the practice incident you can see Green and Poole are talking, but until the physical contact instigated by Green, it isn’t clear it was to and at each other. The story is that Poole is about to get a contract extension and his ego is a bit inflated. It doesn’t matter, as it isn’t Green’s job to deflate it.

Also, contrary to popular belief, you are NOT allowed to hit OR threaten someone for calling you a name. Any name! Making a verbal threat is actually assault (yes, it is, google it). Following through on your threat in a physical way is battery (again, look it up). The only time you can physically act on words is if someone threatens you. Then you do NOT have to wait for them to act on their threat to defend yourself (‘preemptive self-defense’; folks can look that one up to). Source: We are not a lawyer but did earn straight A’s in our Criminal Justice degree program. And we put THAT to good use daily writing here…

Dirty fucking player moves left to right across opponent’s back then tries to dislocate shoulder…by accident, by NBA via sportskeeda.com. This is from NBA Finals in June 2022!

We stopped looking for Draymond ‘accident’ examples after five (4 pictures and the new video). The NBA is no longer a league of men (as we wrote about HERE and HERE) and isn’t even an American sports league. Now we hear that the Warriors team are “aggressively investigating”…the leak of the fight from their practice. Priorities!

If only the NBA had a real actual proper Commissioner. Oh well. Hey, if you are ever lucky enough to get within five feet of Adam Silver…let the accidents fly. ZERO repercussions! Anything goes! NBA rules apply. Ditto Draymond Green, but bring a ladder (he is 6’6″). Just playing by their rules.

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