Reality Shed’s Weekly Meme Diary (WMD), October 30 2022 to November 05 2022



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First a confession of sorts. Last week we called this “Past Week In Our Memes (PWIOM)” because we intended to make up a different acronym for this EVERY week as a joke. Upon further consideration, we decided we would eventually run out of ideas that had to include the word ‘meme’.

That is when the light bulb went off, so we went and changed that, then thought up ‘Weekly Meme Diary (WMD)’ because it is our WMD or ‘weapon of mass destruction’ against communism…at least until the hot war begins. Now the memes…

October 30, Sunday

October 31, Monday
The Twitter Four
AKA the evil Beatles of free speech suppression, all fired for cause so that Elon Musk doesn’t have to give them the payouts in their contracts. We also hope he sues them personally since he is already discovering documents they hid from the courts.

November 01, Tuesday

November 02, Wednesday
embraced their fate
There have been a lot of deaths from ‘sudden’ recently of people who took us to task and wished ill on us. It is fitting that their last thoughts were probably panic and realizing they had been duped.


Free to Prey Again. When a one year suspension lasts only a few weeks…
Boston Celtics Head Coach Ime Udoka was suspended for one year recently for an inappropriate relationship with a woman who works in the team’s front office. With Steve Nash being fired by the Brooklyn Nets, Ime is about to be hired by the Nets and the Celtics aren’t going to ask for draft compensation OR try to prevent it (he is still under contract to them).


‘Suddenly’ got another one! Bengals analyst Adam Zimmer 38, follows Dolphins exec Jason Jenkins 47 two months earlier.
Adam had prior worked for his father Mike Zimmer who was Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings for 8 years until January 10, 2022.


Obama 59 States
Most people seem to remember his saying 57, but he added two (Alaska and Hawaii) after saying that number…so 59.


Harry Potter denies DNA
Daniel Radcliffe pretends for a living, and denies the settled science of DNA, while attacking the person who made his career, author J. K. Rowling.

November 03, Thursday
Katie Hobbs Retirement
The polls all have Kari Lake ahead, so if she ends up losing it will be via a repeat of the 2020 election theft in Arizona that Katie Hobbs (the chicken who won’t debate) assisted with.


J6 Fedsurrection
Plenty of examples of actual insurrection ALL done by democRATs. J6 = Ray Epps and ANTIFA/BLM.


democRATs insist we are something we have never been. America is a Republic!


‘MSM Hypothetical vs Reality’
MSNBC fearmongering countered with a healthy dose of reality.

November 04, Friday
Jerry Jones Halloween
We need a list of who we can’t make fun of, or of who we can. Whichever is easier.

November 05, Saturday
This guy’s ads…OMG, had to see them while on vacation. Asshole is demonizing a guy (with a 100% rating from small business group, and 99% of all U.S. businesses are small businesses per the Small Business Administration government department, so that is a great rating to have) whose legal immigrant family has owned grocery stores in that area since 1917! If it saves just one life…vote for anyone else other than extremist and communist ‘Adolph Bob Hagan’ @Repbobhagan (twitter)

A few of these were made using imgflip.com (they are watermarked as such).

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