democRATs Raid Hunter’s Stash, Left’s Border Control Opposition And Biden Illegal Alien Invasion Death-wish For USA



"Illegal Aliens Democrats American Taxpayer", by unknown, via meme-arsenal.com. The goal is to reduce our numbers and increase the illegal alien ranks who will vote reliably democRAT.
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Alt-far-left-communist-democRATs are ending the Title 42 ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and again allowing diseased (also untested OR ‘vaxxed’ for covid or anything else) illegal aliens to enter the United States without penalty, but are rewarding their law-breaking (with free food, cell phone, housing and medical care…which American taxpayers will pay for).

Leftists are demons in human form and want the reliably left-wing votes of illegal aliens to counter the ever awakening votes of Americans. We also see plenty of scams run by RINOs (the In Name Only ‘republicans’). It is all a part of the replacement that is NOT great. The new first wave is 55,000 people from over 100 countries.

‘Trump Book’, “Inspected by: Number 13”, by iArt7, via memedroid.com. We had to edit out ‘immigrants’ and replace with ‘aliens’, but otherwise a solid meme.

If those invaders were all that and a bag of FTX, then they would stay home and improve their own countries. The truth is they are garbage human beings who will leech off of the rest of us for whatever time they have left on Earth while out-breeding us. Want to be a minority in your own country? Be an American in a few decades!

Leftists demonize nationalism, which is simply loving your own country over all others. President Trump won in 2020 by getting 74,223,975 REAL votes (up from 62,984,828 in 2016), and only by election theft and stealing office was Joe Biden installed as Usurper in Thief and opened the illegal alien floodgates.

‘Stop ignoring me!’. “DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, AND LEFTISTS; DECEASED AMERICANS; CARAVAN OF HONDURANS”, by james3v6, via imgflip.com. Actually ANY caravan turns leftist heads.

Those number in the millions, with the long-time claim being 11 million, but that number has been used for decades and assumes they don’t breed or continue arriving. It is likely over 70 MILLION now, and since every 700,000 of them equals a new House seat for democRATs they have every incentive to ignore our laws and Southern border.

Ohio dodged a bullet on November 8, when it rejected the communist Tim Ryan (D is for dickhead) for U.S. Senate, despite the endorsement of perpetually concussed former NFL QB Bernie Kosar. Unfortunately, they still have to put up with the insufferable Sherrod Brown (D is for deluder), who is NOT actually brown but he ‘sherrod’ is an alt-far-left asshole.

‘You are a Racist If………’, “IF YOU AGREE ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE SHOULD BE GRANTED SPECIAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN OR NATIONALITY; YOU ARE THE RACIST”, by LoganS1, via imgflip.com. Great meme, but WE are racist…in favor of Americans, according to it. WE can live with that.

Brown, who MUST be high (quick, someone check the cheese as Hunter changed the definition of ‘smoked Parmesan’ forever), said that Ohio was “…a slightly lean Republican state now” and that you “don’t hear much about immigration from voters, except for people on the far right that always want to gain political advantage by talking about it”.

Actually, Trump won the last two Ohio elections for President by just over an 8% margin each time. Additionally, the Governor was reelected at a 25% margin, the 3 Ohio Supreme Court seats all went Republican (4-3 R), the State Senate went +1 Republican to 26-7, and the State House went +3 Republican to 64-35. That is NOT “slightly”!

‘ICE Arrest’, “WELL, WELL, WELL; IF IT ISN’T THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY OWN ACTIONS.”, by dart38, via imgflip.com. Ice works when the left lets it work!

Brown claims to want “reform” and was touting the ALLEGED ‘independent’ U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona, I is for inflation, which rose for TWO years before she had a problem with the democRAT party), and Thom RINO Tillis (North Carolina) trying to give amnesty to millions of country burglars. Any time the term ‘reform’ gets thrown around…RUN!

One of the first arguments leftists usually throw at us is that WE are illegals and stole America from so-called ‘native americans’, only those are NOT native to this place and it wasn’t called America when they got here via the Bering Strait land-bridge from Asia. So PLEASE stop using that amazingly incorrect phrase. Nobody seems to care about whoever it was who the Indians displaced. Wait, what?! Who might that have been…?

‘Why Visit the 3rd World When You Can Bring the 3rd World to You?’, “Flooding into the US…”, by oudaveguy98, via memedroid.com. Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t get those third worlders out quickly enough!

According to the ‘Choctaw’, ‘Comanches’, ‘Paiutes’, ‘Manta’ and ‘Navajo’, their tribes regularly fought a race of giants who had red-hair, white-skin, were 10-feet tall or more, experts in mining, and sometimes they were even described as cannibals. Fee-fi-fo-fum indeed! Either you respect all of their culture and traditions or you are a fucking racist.

‘distraction’, “My Boy, We’re Pilgrims in an Unholy Land”, by oudaveguy98, via memedroid.com. Fuck Ukraine AND fuck Russia. WE are pro-American!

In fact, we could use some of those giant cannibals now, guarding the border! Illegal aliens either don’t work or take the entry-level jobs of Americans. They also worsen scarcity issues. democRATs care more about the borders of Martha’s Vineyard than they do about the USA. Ditto Ukraine over the USA.

‘The Office – little kid lover’, “From Season 02 Episode 18 – Take your daughter to work day.” NoT saying Michael Scott is that way, but THIS is the real reason democRATs want to import kids!

democRATs and RINOs also keep outsourcing jobs to other countries AND importing actual Indians from India (because Americans aren’t capable of doing tech work according to the globalist left, despite having invented computers, programming and just about everything else technology). Stop the invasion NOW!

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