Soul Of The Mahoning Valley, After Devastating That Now Communist Tim Ryan Wants To Finish Off America In US Senate



Tim Ryan shows his life goal number of times for being a decent human being. Actually "Tim Ryan says there's 'no shot' of him dropping out of presidential race" from August 31, 2019. He dropped out October 24, 2019. by Paul Sancya AP, via wfmj.com, red word of truth and resize by us.
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Continuing our popular ‘Soul of the Valley’ series…just kidding. It just works out that way. But we did learn a lesson from writing about the ‘Cobra Kai‘ TV show*, which is that people say they want non-woke entertainment, they just don’t want to read about an actual example. We heard you, so no fake stakes or Karate here! Now on to a REAL valley, and the special brand of communism Congressman Tim Ryan has spread as he claims to be a moderate but votes like Nancy ‘San Francisco’ Pelosi (95% of the time per Propublica).

The greater Youngstown-Warren, Ohio, area has seen ups and downs, with Tim Ryan presiding over much of the latter. He didn’t have anything to do with ‘Black Monday’ as September 19, 1977, is known in the area, when Youngstown Sheet and Tube fired 5000 workers without notice. That caused a cascade effect that resulted in losing “an estimated 40,000 manufacturing jobs, 400 satellite businesses, $414 million in personal income, and from 33 to 75 percent of the school tax revenues.” per wikipedia.

Mahoning Valley, by Dreajc10 via wikipedia. “The Youngstown–Warren–Boardman, OH–PA Metropolitan Statistical Area, typically known as the Mahoning Valley or the Steel Valley, is a metropolitan area in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania the United States, with the city of Youngstown, Ohio, at its center. According to the US Census Bureau, the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) includes Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Ohio and Mercer County in Pennsylvania. As of the 2020 census, the metro area had a population of 541,243. This area has a large commuter population that works in Cleveland and Pittsburgh and their metropolitan areas. It is located in the Rust Belt, a region which stretches from Minneapolis in the west to Scranton in the east.” –wikipedia

But Ryan WAS on duty as of 2001 and still is (his district includes the Ohio part of the valley), and oversaw the loss of Lordstown Assembly, the plant General Motors made Chevrolet cars at from 1966-2019**, as it slowly died (costing 1500 good paying jobs at the end, down from 3000 at its peak). Attempts have been made to use the plant for electric cars, then batteries for electric cars. Lots of promises, no results and NO jobs. The area used to be solid blue, but came close to voting for President Trump in 2016 then did vote for him in 2020.

“Leave America…” by The Patriot Hammer, found online. We believe they have zoomed past socialist straight to communist.

Now Tim Ryan is fleeing and wants to bring that type of leadership to the U.S. Senate where he will be a rubber stamp for Usurper in Thief Joe Biden. He even followed Joe’s recent example and said they should “kill MAGA”, an obvious threat to 75 MILLION Americans. If you are in a position to help candidates outside of your own area or state, please consider helping J.D. Vance stop Tim Ryan’s communism from taking over Ohio and America. We do suggest donating directly though, rather than via WinRed because otherwise you will be spammed by RINOs (as we still are from 2020).

*our lowest read article ever. REALLY good show though.

**During that time, the plant made “the Vega/Monza, Cavalier, Cobalt, Cruze, and their rebadged variants, mostly for Pontiac.” per wikipedia. The Cruze was the last vehicle produced there.

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