We Stand With NYC, democRAT Mayor of Scranton PA Sends Busload of Paper Company Employees to Texas Border



Deportation Bus, 'The Office' by NBCUniversal via thenewswheel.com
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Recently Texas Governor Greg Abbott began sending busloads of ILLEGAL ALIENS (the proper term under U.S. Law for those in the United States of America without permission) to left wing hell holes such as New York City, NY, and Washington, DC. Hot on the heels of that NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D is for Dubious) and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D is for Devious) have begun complaining. Despite both claiming on prior occasions to be “sanctuary cities” and actually encouraging the illegality by foreigners of violating United States borders to invade America in the first place they are both actually SCINO’s (Sanctuary City In Name Only):

DC Mayor Bowser faces off with TX Governor Abbott, Nintendo via YouTube by Boss Fight Database

“New York City is, and has always been, a City of immigrants. We are a destination for diversity and a place where people from every nation seek refuge, raise families, and enrich our communities. Under my administration, our government will reflect that.” –Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, 5:33 PM · June 3, 2021


“Washington, DC is a sanctuary city. We protect the rights and humanity of all our residents, and our #DCValues and our local culture are guided by a celebration of diversity and inclusivity.” — Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, DC, 3:56 PM · July 18, 2018

The first busload (what a motley crew), ‘The Office’ by NBCUniversal via Mashable

Not wanting to be left out Mayor of Scranton Pennsylvania, the second best Sylvania after Transylvania, Paige Cognetti (D is for Deceptive; I mean who runs as an Independent then switches? She did!) just sent a busload of her own to Texas.

One almost escaped (again), ‘The Office’ by NBCUniversal via dogtrainingobedienceschool.com

In addition Mayor Bowser (pictured, twice…) threatened to unleash her ‘diverse’ group of Goomba’s, Bomb-Omb’s, Chain Chomp’s, Boo’s, Piranha Plant’s, Shy Guy’s and Koopa Troopa’s on Texas if they didn’t fall into line and allow itself to be overrun. Not much of a choice really.

TX Governor Abbott deals with DC Mayor Bowser, Nintendo via Polygon.com

The USA should be a sanctuary…for AMERICANS! We have no other ‘safe space’ or ‘refuge’! Notice Dems conflate immigrant with ILLEGAL ALIEN, despite those being just as similar as an invited house guest versus a burglar (or in this case a COUNTRY BURGLAR). Leftists also never demand communist China or most other countries be ‘diverse’. And ‘inclusivity’ is a code word for crime. Finally, if the people invading the USA were so great they would stay in their own home countries and fix the problems there. Then there would be no need to show your “love and respect” for a country by breaking it’s Laws to enter it.

Pie! (your ultimate reward for doing things legally), ‘The Office’ by NBCUniversal via Buzzfeed

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