Hero Patriot Or AZhole?, If Kyrsten Sinema Doesn’t Caucus With Republicans Changing To Independent Alters NOTHING!



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Being able to, almost single-handedly, save the Republic from your former political party (democRAT) is an interesting position to be in and a potentially awesome responsibility. That is where U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona, I is for indecisive) now finds herself after changing her voter registration to Independent.

After the 2020 election, from early January 2021 until just under a month from now (12/10/2022), the U.S. Senate was split 50-50, which meant the Vice President had to break any tie votes. With Georgia being successfully stolen (December 6 runoff) for the 2nd time since November 3, 2020, that left the U.S. Senate at 51-49 democRAT, so although Kamala Harris might need to break ties occasionally, she doesn’t have to live in the building.

‘Hypocrisy is the defining characteristic of every liberal.’, “LIVING PROOF LIBERALS ABSOLUTELY HATE; STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMEN.”, by LG_Brandon, via imgflip.com

That was, POSSIBLY, until yesterday when U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona, D is for DACA lover) ran away from the same group that refused to let her use a public bathroom in peace: the democRAT party, which is the least democratic party ever since they are DINOs (democRAT In Name Only) and basically communists at this point.

The problem is that nobody yet knows who she will caucus with for committee assignment purposes. So-called Independents, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont, I is for invader), who ran for POTUS as a democRAT in 2015 (for 2016) and 2019 (for 2020), and U.S. Senator Angus King (Maine, I is for ignorant) who was a democRAT until 1993, both caucus with democRATs.

‘Democrat donors cry like babies and want their money back when they discover they didn’t buy a US Senator’, “DEMOCRATS ADMIT ATTEMPT TO COERCE US SENATOR WITH BRIBES; DEMOCRAT DONORS WHINE LIKE BABIES WHEN THEY DISCOVER THEY CAN’T BUY A US SENATOR”, by Fat_Elvis, via imgflip.com

It really matters as if she decided to Caucus with Republicans it would throw the Senate back into a tie, which means a power-splitting arrangement like we have had the last two years, and if she still Caucuses with democRATs, then this change in paren’ed letters was a nothing-burger.

Then if U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (WV, D is for deceitful) were to switch to Independent as well and they were to both caucus with Republicans, that would flip control back (51-49 Republican) and put U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (Kentucky, RINO…Republican In Name Only) back in charge. Not great but better than having U.S. Senator UPchuck Schumer (New York, D is for distorter) running things.

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All jokes from upjoke.com

The only reason we are even in this situation is because Arizona Republicans allowed democRATs there to get rid of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which led to rampant election theft (HERE and HERE). When the RINO Jeff Flake announced he wouldn’t run again for U.S. Senate in 2018, democRAT U.S. House Representative Sinema faced off with U.S. House Representative Martha McSally.

We watch elections and have even worked some, and McSally won that, then it was stolen with late ballots and flipped votes. U.S. Senator John McCain (Arizona, R is for reprobate) died about 6 weeks before the election and his seat was filled on an interim basis by Republican Governor Doug Ducey with Jon Kyl (R), who was a former U.S. Senator for Arizona.

‘Very bad news…’, by HowardLittle using imgflip.com, via americasbestpics.com

Martha was told if she didn’t dispute the OBVIOUSLY stolen election and fight it in court, then she would be appointed to fill the rest of McCain’s term (about 2 years). McSally then ‘lost’ to Mark Kelly in 2020 as leftists have strategically changed how elections are run in order to steal both 2020 (House, Senate and Presidency…yes, they did) and 2022 (Senate and Governorships…ditto).

One method is conflating the brand new ‘mail-in’ voting (which has no safeguards, and has ballots sent to every person dead or alive and to every address occupied or vacant), with ‘Absentee’ voting, which has several built-in protections (ballots must be requested, ID proven, paper trail AND signature match at Board of Elections).

‘Kyrsten Sinema Wants All 22 Million Illegal Aliens in America to Get Amnesty – Radical Open Borders Leftist meme’, “KYRSTEN SINEMA WANTS AMNESTY; FOR ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS”, by white.hunter2017, via imgflip.com

Rigged electronic voting machines are another way*, which sees votes switched in real time. Other methods include running fake ballots for your candidates through the counter multiple times, and ballot dumps late in the night.

Just like their conflation of illegal aliens (basically country burglars, and under Biden no limit or end in sight) with immigration (legal, invited, AND limited), the alt-far-left are insidious and evil. And ask a leftist why the Board of Elections keep our signatures on file if not to match them (preventing fraud) and watch their eyes glaze over. There is NO other reason!

No matter what Sinema decides to do going forward we must follow Ronald Reagan’s practice of ‘trust but verify’. Plus she can always change her mind (or have it changed for her…) later on. She has defended the Senate Filibuster, which is proof we are a Republic (as it protects the minority from the tyranny of the majority). The other main proof being the Electoral College, which forces candidates to campaign outside of large states and cities.

‘Kyrsten Sinema Open Borders Radical Amnesty for ALL Illegals Socialist’, “KYRSTEN SINEMA; OPEN BORDERS, SOCIALIST RADICAL”, by white.hunter2017, via imgflip.com. THIS is the Sinema we do NOT need!

On the downside, Sinema is a proponent of so-called ‘amnesty’ (AKA no consequences for illegal aliens breaking into the USA and forcing us to provide for their lazy asses). She and U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (RINO, North Carolina) colluded on the new ‘EAGLE Act’ {sic} which would amnesty TWO MILLION illegal aliens AND provide funding to process so-called asylum seekers rather than us spending ZERO dollars by simply refusing them entry in the first place.

Stolen elections have consequences. We have experienced that in the past 22.5 months of the Biden Usurpation as Bidenflation has wreaked havoc on the USA. Biden also made President Trump’s fourth SCOTUS pick thanks to stealing power in November 2020. We certainly don’t need more RINO’s.

*and there is NO need for such devices to have wireless (WiFi) or wired (Ethernet) networking capability.

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