All Your Freedom Be Theirs II, Alt-Far-Left’s ‘Novel’ Method Of Control Is The Food Supply…Including Your Garden



'...Biden economy', by unknown, found online. Notice ketchup on rice for a vegetable...
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We had no plans on making this a continuing series when we wrote THIS about speech and bathroom usage control by the alt-far-left, but now we see the endless possibilities as these demons in human form are all about power for themselves over us and so keep reaching into new areas.

Now, fresh on the heels of limiting our food supply via the intentionally inadequate Pete Bootygig (spelled as intended and how it should be pronounced given actual spelling) and driving up food prices on purpose via Bidenflation, leftists are now coming for our gardens.

Promoting leftism at “The People’s Garden” page at, screenshot by us. Since they are pushing the anti-science “climate change” theory it proves their communist intent.

The USDA is again asking people to register their own personal vegetable (and fruit) gardens in a national database, which will eventually turn into a demand if democRATs steal the 2022 election as they did in 2020, then lead to inevitable confiscation.

Don’t believe it can happen here? We have relatives who tell of the government where they originally came from coming to confiscate food and milk from their farm (and stories of watering down the milk so they could keep some actual milk for their own kids).

They then fled that to come here only to end up voting democRAT (WE KNOW!) and now are putting gardeners and farmers in that same boat they escaped from. No, we cut them out of our lives (along with similar friends) a few years back due to their hatred of President Trump. It’s okay, we are better off now for having done so.

‘gardening and canning = far-right extremism’, screenshot from article by alt-far-left-communist Rachel Gilmore at Global News website (for TV Network in Canada), found online (not at that site) AND that bitch needs to be canned! Take it however you like…

But this isn’t new, and we did say ‘again’, as USDA tried it already. This is a renewed effort in their “People’s Garden Initiative” which is very Soviet or communist China sounding. Plus we all know how the left love to demonize normality.

Their claim is to want “a more diverse and resilient local food system to empower communities to address issues like nutrition access and climate change”, which is leftist mumbo jumbo complete with buzz words like ‘diverse’ (which means anti-white and anti-Western) and ’empower communities’, which means taking away personal freedom and granting it to a collective. The same old tired “communism just hasn’t been tried by the right people, yet” bullshit.

They are interested in any places that grow food, from a small personal garden to a community garden and up to farms. Basically, just as with gun registration efforts, they need to know where to go to get your stuff when they decide it is time to take it and they want you to tell them your address.

‘Eat Bugs’, by unknown from, via

It doesn’t even end with online tagging in their database, as they send you a yard sign as well. And if you are dumb enough to register for this and/or put that sign up, then you deserve to have your food taken.

They also invoke Abraham Lincoln (just as the pedophiles at ‘The Lincoln Project'[sic] do), by mentioning he created the USDA in 1862. But remember that the left then killed him 3 years later after he freed their slaves and defeated them in a war, and the guy who did it was an actor…just like Johnny Depp is (and the only thing he has been right on for years now is divorcing Amber Heard).

“I just found out my squirrel feeding study comparing #GMO #corn vs #organic corn went viral on Facebook! 20,000 likes”, by Paul Fonder @OrganicDairyman, via

The truth is that USDA doesn’t promote healthy living, and pushes sugar consumption and genetically modified foods. Now they want to know where your NON-genetically modified food is being produced, and will likely confiscate it for themselves while you are forced to consume the GMO garbage they want you to eat…or possibly bugs (and HERE)…if not having to resort to cannibalism. Either way, you lose, and they get their wish on depopulation.

Someone in comments on the first corn picture said “deer and squirrel can smell the detectable levels of formaldehyde in GMO corn”, and another person added that “a flock of pheasants licked up every kernel of non-GMO corn and left piles of GMO corn untouched”. We’ve witnessed various animals passing up seemingly good food, so that is believable.

“What’s in your corn?”, by Natural News, via online (possibly which looks interesting, but that isn’t where we found it).

They tell us we have limited food, water and energy supply, then import the third world here to share it all with us…or more likely to fight us for it. Personal gardens are NOT a federal government issue! They also aren’t a state or city concern. You are entitled to produce your own food, as that is a God-given right, just like self-defense.

WEF want us replaced or dead, and the ones who survive will “own nothing and be happy”. We have a slew of crazy fertilizer regulations and burned down food processing plants, along with the ‘watermelon new deal’ (green on the outside, and communist red inside) proving their intent.

‘Apple cannibalism’, by unknown, found online.

During World War II, the UK and USA encouraged ‘victory gardens’, but they didn’t need to know who had one. If you have never eaten something right after you pick it (cooked or not), you are in for a treat. Potatoes and tomatoes, as just two examples, taste amazingly better than store bought. Sometimes the old ways are the best.

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