Dying to be Replaced, How You Can do Your Part for the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘Great Replacement’



Combination by RealityShed, from Utopia (2013) Channel 4 (UK) image via tvinsider.com -AND- Anthony Fauci head taken from BusinessInsider photo via C-Span.
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The pandemic had begun and the panicked populace demanded a vaccine. But it wasn’t really a vaccine they received as it was designed to reduce the population from approximately 8 BILLION people down to just 500 million. Covid? Probably, but I’m referring to the (predictive programming?) TV series ‘Utopia’ (2013) from Channel 4 in the UK, and to the inferior but still worth a watch Amazon remake from…early 2020…which features Dwight from ‘The Office’ and that guy whose work went downhill after he was the lead character in the superb ‘Better Off Dead’ (1985). Wow, talk about a predictive title! Be careful as both versions of the show are EXTREMELY violent (especially the original).

The pandemic was over before it really even started. People weren’t dying quickly enough or in great enough volume. They needed a way to get more people infected with the virus, mutate it and spread it as natural immunity was proving to be a greater monkey in their wrench than they thought it would be. So they produced a ‘vaccine’ in 9 months (when on average it takes 10 years to do that, if we even can; the common cold is a virus and we have no vaccine for that). NOW I’m talking about Covid*.

This guy? No that is neighbor Ricky, who is a little shy. (James Anderson, from youtube), Better Off Dead 1985 (Warner Bros., CBS Theatrical Films, A&M Films).

The alt-far-left-communist-globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) claim their ‘great reset’ is about economic recovery after the pandemic but they are not responding to the pandemic, they caused it! What it is really about is the ‘great replacement’. And to replace people you must also kill people and make it so people can’t replace themselves (breed), AKA breaking eggs to make an omelet.

This is NOT about white people (who are just 16% of the global population, or one out of every 7 people on Earth), but they deserve a ‘refuge’ and ‘safe space’ just as much as anyone else. Notice though that the left only ever requires ‘diversity’ in white founded countries while places such as China, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, or MANY others get a pass.

Not this guy either. This is brother Badger, with an interesting read… (from movie trailer on imdb), Better Off Dead 1985 (Warner Bros., CBS Theatrical Films, A&M Films).

We in the West (regardless of race) are VERY generous and used to assisting people in need IN PLACE (in their own countries). We sent volunteers, cash and goods (think Peace Corps). But the left discovered there was no money to be made doing that and it was better for them to import those people here instead.

Leftists want lower IQ people (that isn’t a racist statement, it is due to poor education and an inferior diet) who will do as they are told while voting reliably left wing, don’t expect much out of life, and since they breed faster will replace us quicker which brings us to the short version of the title question: die, that is what WEF wants YOU to do. But before you do they want you to pay taxes so they can provide free stuff to your third world replacements (to complete the bribe for coming here). It isn’t just racist to import people to replace other people, it is also extremist.

Still a no. Just paperboy Johnny, who wants his $2 (from bleedingcool). Better Off Dead 1985 (Warner Bros., CBS Theatrical Films, A&M Films).

Leftists claim it is racist to want to be safe in your own country, but they excuse that behavior for China (as just one example; ‘yellow’ Nationalists like Xi Jinping get a pass) and as always what they accuse you of is what they are guilty of. They are racist against Western society. And yes, if ‘muslim’ and ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ can be races then so can ‘Westerner’. They don’t control the vocabulary yet. Do you hear that Merriam Webster, you leftist fucks, with your constantly adding and changing definitions? Go fuck yourselves.

The left calls us names in an attempt to silence us, but we of the New Right will not be silenced and we fight back. The left are the partisans, divisive, highly politicized, embracing left wing conspiracies (such as Russian collusion) and they send their own people to events dressed in khaki pants while carrying Tiki torches, or have (as identified by facial recognition software) known ANTIFA and BLM dress in MAGA hats and shirts as they did before THEY attacked the Capitol January 6, knowing their MSM outlets provide cover by publishing a sprawling amount of propaganda daily. The denial of reality is the latest globalist far-left conspiracy, as they pretend they don’t even know what a woman is and other such nonsense.

Bingo, THAT guy! Lane Myer (from grouchoreviews.com). Better Off Dead 1985 (Warner Bros., CBS Theatrical Films, A&M Films).

They are also doing that right now as we watch healthy young people drop dead (including current and former athletes, although it is happening to every age group and profession). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are also both complicit, along with the Big Pharma companies (who were wrongly granted legal immunity). You can still sue for bad brake design on your car but you can’t sue for vaccine injury. And when you see politicians get those shots know they are likely getting a saline shot, not actually taking the ‘vaxx’.

*We have articles in the works specifically on masks and Covid ‘vaccines’, so watch for those.

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