All Your Freedom Be Theirs, Alt-Far-Left Invents New Methods Of Control Over You Including Speech And Bathroom Usage



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First democRATs told us how to speak by changing English*, and now fresh on the heels of telling you that your kids belong to the government and the left can mutilate them as they see fit, they are now telling us that adults who volunteered to be mutilated are offended that we continue to answer nature’s call as designed.

DNA is still settled science, yet DNA deniers insist there are more than 2 genders and the mentally ill people believing that, who then pretend to be what they are not and can’t ever be by having unnecessary surgery now find it offensive that real actual proper men stand to urinate AND that real proper actual women don’t have “anal leakage” and therefore lack a poop smell from said needless surgery.

An anti-science group called “American Political Science Association” (APSA)…change YOUR name you communist fucks…held a conference and pressured attendees to not use urinals as a sign of respect for others.

This follows schools and colleges wasting tax dollars by putting tampon dispensers in bathrooms for males. Even some ‘woke’ businesses have followed suit.

Fact: women can NOT get an erection or get testicular cancer.

Fact: men can NOT have a period or get pregnant or give birth.

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You communists have already asked me to deny science and believe that cloth is magical and blocks any VIRUS. It does not, as smoke particles are larger and those go right through cloth. Attempting to use cloth to block a virus is just as effective as putting up chain-link fencing to block mosquitoes. Never wore one, never will. Doctors wear them to block SPLATTER!

You communists also asked me to deny science and believe your ‘vaxx’ death shots were vaccines, but real proper actual vaccines take 10 years on average to develop (if we even can; there is no vaccine for the common cold virus). Didn’t take your shots, never will. Those who did now wish they hadn’t…or are dead already.

We don’t care if men who had their dicks cut off are offended, and we will continue to stand to pee. Your delusions will never become our reality. And no, telling us we look too aggressive with our penis in our hand is actually a turn on, not the emotional blackmail you intended it as. We get it, you have penis envy. Date a real man and get access around the clock. Problem solved.

And if you don’t want to smell like poop, then don’t get your penis removed, leaving a hole that shares space with another hole known for poop. Problem solved.

‘…Polio’ by Turning Point Action, found online.

We just recently found out from people who regret that surgery, sadly, that men who have that done can develop pubic hair growing inside of their body which then causes infections that don’t seem to want to go away. We bet THAT isn’t in the brochure! Ditto the poop smell thing.

Even the military is getting into this, with the Air Force Academy telling cadets to stop using words like “mom” and “dad” or even “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. The claim is we must have gender neutrality. Fuck gender neutrality! Have you seen or read ‘1984’? Well, we are one short step away from the ‘anti-sex league’ now.**

So-called ‘trans’ are now serving openly as well. “Diversity and Inclusion” (D&I) will be the death of the USA, as intended. Our enemies want us weak. Diversity is code for anti-normality. It is the nonsense that tells us math (created by non-white Sumerians in what is now Iraq around 7000 years ago) is racist. Nobody wants to fly in a plane built OR piloted by someone who doesn’t know real proper actual math!

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The left love the word ‘diversity’ but only because they have changed its meaning too. If we put water in your beverage of choice, is it now diverse…or did we dilute it? Nobody wants watered down beer, or pop, or milk, but they will accept watered down reality because some communist insists.

Our definition of ‘inclusive language’ is: we welcome anyone who is not a communist to help us take back America and rebuild it now that alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers have begun to dismantle it.

Rush Limbaugh used to say that “the purpose of the military is to kill people and break things”, and the only thing being broken here is common sense. Communist China is laughing at us, because they have installed ‘bought and paid for’ democRATs and RINOs*** who support this bullshit while THEY (the CCP) build up THEIR military.

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Just as Joe Biden and democRATs are the existential threat America faces today. They are 100% intentionally trashing our economy, and are working to destroy our military, our society, and our country from the inside (including limiting your ability to travel).

Now following RAIDS by the FBI, and the left arming the IRS (after hiring 87,000 more of them), they are attempting to disarm us. Wake up! democRATs are the Borg, while you are now the ‘radical’, and resistance is not futile.

*OUR personal pronoun is still “Fuck you communist”, and we practice ‘selective personal pronouns'(TM). Don’t like it? Fuck you communist.

**”The Junior Anti-Sex League is a group of young adults who believe in complete celibacy for both sexes. They wear red sashes to show that they are celibate and loyal to the Party. When Orwell mentions the Junior Anti-Sex League it is usually to emphasize someone’s support, or supposed support, for the Party.”–bookanalysis.com

***Republican IN NAME ONLY (AKA not real Republicans; don’t conflate Liz Cheney with Lauren Boebert!)

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