If It Walks Like A RINO…, First Time POTUS Candidate 2022 Article Reveals Typical Republican In Name Only Tactics



"PAUL & DAISY SOROS FELLOWSHIPS FOR NEW AMERICANS Share (ff) Vivek Ramaswamy, 2011 Founder and CEO, Roivant Sciences", by libsdontmeme, via ifunny.co. The meme is accurate, the Soros site is still up, the profile is still there, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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Since 2016, we have seen Mike Pence hide his true nature until there were just 2 weeks left in his 4-year term as Vice President (VP), and he just doubled down on that reveal from January 6, 2021, the other day.

Then we had Ron DeSantis get jealous and expose his inner election theft denier. That should help him secure the never-Trump and democRAT vote… No matter, he is now off of our ‘Super Lion Bot’ dream-team.

We had never even heard of Vivek Ramaswamy until recently, and we pay attention to politics. We heard him speak for the first time at the Friday, July 28, 2023, Lincoln Day dinner in Iowa. Each candidate who showed up was given 10 minutes to speak (Ron DeSantis did not attend…), with President Trump speaking last.

While waiting for Trump, we muted most of them, but listened to Vivek. He said nothing really new, and there is zero reason for us to switch from Trump. But some are enthralled by Vivek, so let’s burst that bubble for them with our reality fact-needle.

In 2021, the ‘World Economic Forum’ (WEF), founded and run by Bond super-villain Klaus Schwab, put Vivek on their list of ‘Young Global Leaders’, and Vivek waited until APRIL of 2023(!!!) to file a lawsuit to have his name removed.

Why wait so long? He announced he was running for POTUS on February 21, 2023, and the inclusion on the WEF list wasn’t a good look then, but it was okay before.

So Vivek’s story is he forced them to take his name off and donated the settlement money, and our story is that he was cool with being on the list until he realized MAGA was on to him.

The featured meme is real, and these are the TWO proof screenshots we took at around 6am EST, August 13, 2023, to confirm it. The profile proudly proclaims that “Vivek was born in Cincinnati to Indian parents.” which verifies his status as an anchor-baby (aka non-American).

What did Vivek NOT sue to be removed from?

The featured meme is real, proven by the screenshots we took of the actual web page yesterday morning.

Paul Soros is the deceased older brother (died June 15, 2013) of alt-far-left-communist architect George Soros, and Daisy (still alive at 93) is his wife.

We have no issue with Jewish people. NONE! That is what the alt-far-left claim whenever you criticize anyone who is part of their group, which is why we only take issue with Jewish people (or black people, or hispanic people, or whatever people) who wear their Jewishness (or blackness, or hispanicness, or whateverness) as a cloak to deflect from their communism.

We had also never even heard of Paul Soros until we found that meme and went to research it. YES, we research EVERYTHING, including memes, before putting it up to verify the accuracy, unlike most people (even those friendly to our cause) on socialIST media sites.

And as we have cautioned people a few times, all of those cute memes with quotes from @KidRockOfficial…they aren’t him, as he only posts from @KidRock, no matter the site. So while they sound good, if you believed them and spread them, then you’ve been had.

While we are at it, another thing that pisses us off is Conservatives falling for Tomi Lahren. If she wasn’t a pretty blonde woman nobody would care what she had to say, and besides, she is pro-abortion, which is an automatic disqualifier for being Conservative (if you won’t protect life, you are a piece of crap commie).

Back to Vivek, who is also the guy who paid someone (since it is a violation to do so yourself) to change his Wikipedia entry by removing, among other important but harmful to his reputation things, information about Paul Soros and also about Vivek being on the “Ohio Covid-19 Response Team” (who worked with RINO dictator governor Mike DeWine on masks, lockdowns, and vaxx pushing in that state).

“Did you know George Sores had an older brother who died in Truth ebro so ods 2013? Paul Sores (also known as “the invisible Soros) granted Vivek Ramaswamy the Paul & Daisy Soros fellowship for new Americans in 2011, two years before Paul died. Vivek got caught paying Wikipedia to scrub this information from his page before he announced his candidacy. Vivek is also in the pockets of Big Pharma. COMPROMISED. FRAUD. EXPOSED. The Paul & Daisy Sores Fellowships for New Americans fober 20, edia Editor Says They Were de serubbing the fact that aswany received the Paul Soras fer New Forbes Ramaswamy, the year old pharmaceu aker and drug developer, has done it agafd TO Change Vivek off the biggest biotechnology initial pub naswamy’s Pac ge g of 2016, the second-year in a row he ha g ehind a giant biotech IPO.” The changes Ramaswamy is a 2011 Paul & Daisy Sore:”, by NoWokeHere, via ifunny.co. Like him or not, Donald Trump never hid who and what he was, warts and all we’ve seen it play out, and no he is NOT perfect…but nobody is. Meanwhile, Vivek is hiding a LOT about himself!

We also just learned that on September 12, 2022, Vivek Ramaswamy published an article (an “excerpt adapted from” a book he had coming out the next day) on Politico called “The Grand Old Party of Crybabies”. And no, we won’t link to it.

Our policy is still to “Just say ‘NO!’ to alt-far-left-communist-democRAT Politico”. We have accurately quoted the article, and if you want to read it you know how to find it.

Vivek begins with “It was a dark day for democracy.” and it goes downhill from there. The United States has NEVER EVER been a ‘democracy'[SIC]. We have always been a Constitutional (or Representative) Republic, which has built in protections from tyranny (Electoral College, Senate Filibuster, Second Amendment, co-equal branches of government, and more), while a democracy[SIC] is two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for lunch.

We are more than tired of people, who claim to be on our side, including Tucker Carlson and this Vivek, using that phrase so casually while trying to sound intelligent.

Nobody should ever get a pass on pushing staunch-alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-grifter-indoctrinating-gaslighting-Alinskyite-fringe-election-theft-denying-globalist-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-denier talking points, because they are the existential threat America faces today. You should always call them out on it and demand an explanation as to why they are doing it! Then, probably, laugh at them.

Vivek then goes on to claim that Republicans complaining about recent elections that democRATs actually stole is the same thing as democRATs FOR DECADES complaining about elections we won, or they failed to steal, or both.

We can always tell when someone has never worked in an election. They have no concept of how elections run on the inside, and what the proper procedures and safeguards are.

In 2020, those procedures were violated and those safeguards removed. There was never anything called ‘mail-in ballots’ before that, there were only ‘absentee ballots’, which required 1) a request, 2) proper ID, 3) chain of custody. What we got was repeated midnight drops of ballots with the same handwriting.

“Oh really now? The Paul & Daisy Sores Fellowships for New Americans October 2016 at PM Vivek Ramaswamy, the 31-year-old pharmaceutical deal maker and drug developer, has done it again, pulling off the biggest biotechnology initial public offering of 2016, the second-year in a row he has been behind a giant biotech IPO.” Vivek Ramaswamy is a 2011 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow.”, by PotatoSalt, via ifunny.co. Vivek was named in 2011 and the tweet is from 2016 and he never sued over it.

We can also always tell when someone isn’t an election hound (the kind of person to stay up all night watching returns come in and races being called).

We can even also always tell when someone has done neither thing, and Vivek is in that group. He also insists we need to get over it and accept the stolen elections.

How dare you, sir! You are in no position to tell us we are wrong when we have far more experience in such matters as you obviously do.

Vivek further claims that “The worst victimhood narrative that afflicts modern conservatives is their budding belief that any election they lose must have been stolen.”

Nobody has ever done that! We have pointed to elections that were obviously stolen, but have never said all elections we lost were stolen. EVER! In Pennsylvania during 2020, the Governor unilaterally made decisions that by law only the legislature is allowed to make. Then, after Trump led by a wide margin, they stopped counting and when they began again, he was magically behind, and that is just one example.

Vivek then attacks Trump, claiming Donald and Stacey Abrams are the same. This is the same false narrative that RINO Dan ‘Eyepatch McCain’ Crenshaw (Texas, RINO) and others of his ilk do. In fact, the job of a RINO is to keep us marching unaware towards the abattoir.

Regarding Trump, Vivek claims that, “He filed scores of lawsuits over various claims of fraud, as was his right, but they came nowhere close to changing the outcome in a single state, let alone the several swing states whose results he needed to overturn.”.

Hey guy, those judges all said nobody had ‘standing’ to bring the cases and dismissed them. No cases were dismissed on ‘merit’, because they never heard any evidence, dude.

If the person who had the election stolen from them doesn’t have ‘standing’, and nobody else has ‘standing’ then that is NOT justice, that is collusion in election fraud. They were and are saying we can’t question the process they used to steal our country!

“) Vivek Ramaswamy @ @VivekGRamaswamy Andy Slavitt NEW: I join @SenSanders in calling for masks @ASlavitt – for every American. My policy views don’t often align with Bernie, but this strikes me as a sensible idea. The cost is a tiny fraction of other less compelling federal expenditures on COVID-19. They should have picked someone from the political right as a co- 46 554 CNN Opinion @CNNOpinion -@SenSanders and @ASlavitt: “…we are urgently calling for a simple, common- sense, practical and inexpensive way to protect Americans during the coronavirus pandemic: Masks for All.”… 3,541 Vivek Ramaswamy @VivekGRamaswamy author to show consensus AM Biden says all adults will be vaccine May 1. That’s good news. Give credi PM – from Earth BBL Vivek Ramaswamy vehGRamaswamy I don’t see a video clip here. To state the obvious: we should aim to safely vaccinate everyone who is eligible. I’m proud that healthcare providers in my immediate and extended family have already safely receive the vaccine. Vivek Ramaswamy @ @Vivek…- Asingle-dose vaccination strategy is sensible right now: it doubles the number of people we’re able to vaccinate soon. Give everyone their first shot now, and wait for shot late until we have ample supply. Smart move by the UK to do this.”, by Save_The_Frogs, via ifunny.co. As we have said many times, cloth isn’t magical and blocks NO virus, and those are NOT vaccines they are vaxx. Vivek joined the left in pushing both lies, and profited from it.

Then Vivek said, “A Supreme Court with a strong conservative majority ruled against Trump twice. Top election officials in virtually every state, regardless of party, said they’d found no evidence of any significant level of fraud.”

That just means the Supreme Court was wrong twice. They are not gods, or God. And, of course, the “top election officials” in Georgia and other states where elections were stolen will cover up their own crimes! Being that gullible is certainly disqualifying for any Presidential candidate, Vivek.

Instead of wanting a wrong righted, Vivek insists we get over it and accept election theft, saying we should move “beyond grievance” because “Being a sore loser is a danger to democracy no matter which party it comes from.”

There is that incorrect and annoying phrase again, and we can also tell when someone has never (at least to their knowledge) been stolen from (or cheated…or even cheated on).

No, ma’am, we are bitter and we hold a grudge. You do not win by turning the other cheek, it just gets both cheeks slapped. You are pushing Jesus as a hippy, and ignoring the ‘money-changers in the Temple’ story. Christ was no hippy, and neither are we!

Then Vivek said, “But President Joe Biden and other top Democrats…”, which proves he is an election theft denier like DeSantis, as they both use alt-far-left talking points to normalize acceptance of elections being stolen by referring to Biden by his STOLEN title.

Joe Biden is NOT that thing, and never will be. He usurped power, and EVERY action he has taken since then is illegal! As we have pointed out, he illegally made Trump’s 4th Supreme Court pick too, something Vivek seems okay with.

You do not steal an office, you win it, and if you have stolen it you certainly do NOT deserve to be referred to by the stolen office title. Vivek is not the only person who is doing this, and they should all be called out on it and educated as to the harm it does our Republic. That is wishy-washy go along to get along election theft accepting claptrap.

“Vivek Ramaswamy is a WEF robot, funded by George Soros. He’s will say everything people want to hear but he is a plant for the globalist agenda.”, by Memeorable_Memeage, via memes.com. We aren’t certain that picture is even of him, but we know he isn’t an actual robot, although he is lying to you as we have proved.

The next claim Vivek makes is that “Ironically, Republicans and Democrats are converging.”

No, they are not. RINO’s like you, Vivek, and democRATs already did. Republicans, who tend to be Conservative (not merely conservative) and Populist Nationalists just want our Republic back. This is not about race, and we don’t hate anyone…except communists and those who are communist adjacent.

Vivek then makes an insane analogy about ‘Animal Farm’ (which we have read) that has no basis in fact or reality, then he concludes by attacking Sara Palin while excusing the way the New York Times half-assed their retraction of a fake story they invented to attack her.

“It’s easy to be a sore loser; it’s harder to figure out how to win.”, Vivek said.

It is even more difficult to find a fair election in the era of ballot boxes stuffed in the middle of the night and algorithms changing votes, especially when those allegedly on our side are excusing it by sweeping it under the rug.

“This is how the woke left wins — not with a bang, but with a whimper.”, Vivek concluded.

No, they win when we accept the world as they tell us it has to be instead of as it should be and was. And you are not helping us with that at all. In fact, you are aiding them.

We could have gone over Vivek’s article line by line rebutting it, but reading it twice and picking select lines to respond to was tiresome enough.

Vivek is simply a distraction, a RINO using democRAT tactics to sound like us one minute while attacking us the next, and hoping you don’t notice, while our kids are trans’d and our country is stolen, AND since his poll numbers are climbing, that appears to be working. Shame on those of you who fell for it!

“He’s a WEF young global leader, he pushes big pharma drugs, sorros is his main man-AND he’s running for president of the USA. 🤮”, by Memeorable_Memeage, via memes.com. The meme maker obviously spelled Soros wrong, but otherwise it looks accurate.

Besides not being hippies, something else we are NOT is anti-India Indian, but people need to remember that that is a country with an EXTREMELY strict caste system, which makes black people debating relative darkness of their skin and how they rank because of it look like amateur hour.

We won’t even look into whether Vivek is a Hindu or not, because IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Unfortunately, just like Nikki Haley, Vivek is an anchor baby. Neither of them are eligible under a proper reading of U.S. Law to run for President, and neither is Marco Rubio or actress Nicole Kidman.

As we have explained before, the 13th and 14th amendments are very clear, but the alt-far-left have intentionally twisted their meaning to suit their replacement citizen agenda.

Ask a democRAT or RINO if space aliens are real and a pair of them go to Ohio and have a baby there, is that baby an American? They will say yes, but that is obviously insanely wrong. Yet it is no different really than illegal aliens or other foreigners coming here and popping out kids the alt-far-left insist are Americans.

Like that hypothetical space alien baby, Vivek was born in Ohio, but to two INDIA INDIAN parents who were NOT American citizens (just like Haley). He is NOT a U.S. citizen, according to an accurate reading of the 13th Amendment (which freed the slaves) and the 14th Amendment (which said those slaves and their children could not be sent back to Africa).

Being a ‘natural born citizen’ is not about geography (where you were born) and IS about who you were born to (aka bloodline). Citizens are born to parents that include at least one existing citizen. Two Smith’s can’t go to the Jones’ house and have a Jones baby. It simply doesn’t work like that, and the Founding Fathers knew it and were anything but stupid.

As if this wasn’t all bad enough, then this week we find out that Vivek wants to pardon Hunter Biden and other Biden Crime Family members. The alt-far-left MSM is even floating the bizarre theory that Vivek is meant to ENABLE Trump to be the nominee. Crack is whack.

We think Vivek is really maneuvering for the VP slot, while giving us grief over complaining about election theft that actually happened and echoing the conspirator thieves saying we aren’t allowed to present evidence of it, but that he revealed his true self on September 12, 2022, when he published that article. We won’t be Pence’d again!

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