4th Wall Break Inside A 4th Wall Break, Election Theft Denier Ron DeSantis Out Of Super Lion Bot With Donald Trump



'Biden Won... Sort Of: The Ron DeSantis edit', originally by Trw60 via memedroid.com, then edit by us. We non-professional graphic artists took the original meme and put Ron's laughing face from another picture (using www.cutout.pro) over the top of John Cleese's character from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' (1975) character (using www3.lunapic.com).
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Not to be outdone by Mike Pence revealing that he was a traitor to the Republican Party, Conservatism, Make America Great Again (MAGA), the United States of America, the U.S. Constitution, and, personally, to President Donald John Trump, by admitting Pence did not follow the proper Constitutional process on January 6, 2021, by refusing to send the questionable election results to the House of Representatives to debate and then vote on, another politician ‘came out of the traitor closet’ too.

Yes, that is possibly one of the longest single sentences ever on this site.

In breaking the fourth wall, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, went off script (in this case undeniable reality) and revealed his true self to the home audience, at least those of us who actually pay attention to politics on a daily basis.

‘Deadpool: 4th wall break inside a 4th wall break’, “One of the best scenes in Deadpool (2016).–Curb Stomp on YouTube” — It really is a good scene.

For those thinking that Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) as portrayed by Ryan Reynolds is hip and cool, you should know that the original ‘look at the screen and talk directly to the viewer’ guy was named Julius.

No, not NBA legend Julius Winfield Erving II, aka Dr. J, famous for autographing pictures of his own dunks while in mid-dunk.

‘Dr. J at Harlem’s famed Rucker Park’ — “You wait till Julius gets here!”, That quote is about 45 seconds in…

It wasn’t even former Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar, whose real claim to fame is having a salad named after him.

In this case we are talking about Julius Henry Marx, better known to the world as ‘Groucho’, the middle-brother of the famous Marx Brothers comedy group.

‘Marx Bros Everyone Says I Love You’, “The four Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo) each taking a turn at Everyone Says I Love You.” — Compilation someone put together from various parts of the movie ‘Horse Feathers’, it includes 3 of the 4 brothers performing the song to female lead Thelma Todd (mentioned prior HERE). See below for the fourth brother doing so. For about 16 seconds at 2:37 in marks just one of many Groucho ‘fourth wall break’ scenes (shot in 1932). Take that Deadpool! And yes, if you keep watching, that is Groucho playing his personal guitar (swapped out on the cut for a replica he throws in the water). Chico (piano) and Harpo (harp and others) weren’t the only musical talents in the family.

As for Reynolds, he is a Canadian communist, and despite obviously being charismatic and funny, we won’t watch anything new that he does…except Deadpool movies, and the occasional Mint Mobile (the MVNO* which he recently sold to T-Mobile) commercial, when we can’t flip the channel since the remote is way over there.

We have been championing Ron for VP in 2024 alongside Trump (HERE), and for DeSantis to then run for President himself in 2028 and 2032, but he has made that most excellent plan a veritable nightmare, which can now not possibly come true.

Deadpool using two swords to attack Wolverine from behind, leaked photo from ‘Deadpool 3’ (Marvel / Disney, 2024), starring real-life friends (who pretend to be enemies online) Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Ambition is great, until you put yourself before an entire country…both ways, and that is just what Ron did, when he joined the RINO / democRAT / MSM / Big Tech / Big Pharma / globalist circle jerk which claims that they don’t steal elections they clearing stole, all in order to save ‘democracy'[SIC] (which is two wolves and a lamb voting on what is for lunch) from Nationalist Populism which wants us to stay a Republic (which we have always been, as evidenced by 1) the Electoral College, and 2) the Senate filibuster, and 3) super-majorities needed to change our Constitution (which amazingly just failed at the State level in Ohio, due to the left lying and saying that provision would eliminate “one person, one vote”, which it would NOT have; what it would have done is prevent democRATs from changing that state’s Constitution by 50% plus 1 vote, which again is impossible at the national level)).

And just like that, we slam-dunked on that first run-on sentence. Take THAT first paragraph!

‘The way they should have fully rigged it in 2016’, “Look! All votes and ballots should be counted!… There’s no such thing as an illegal vote, no matter what country those votes came from”, by luftweg, via imgflip.com. There is evidence of overseas assistance in stealing the 2020 election. democRATs have stolen elections in blue areas and states for years, but stealing the national POTUS election failed in 2016 (remember the long wait for them to call Pennsylvania, which took Trump over the top) before succeeding in 2020.

Sure, Ron gave off occasional hints, but we figured he would come around. Then he decided to violate a promise he made to not run in 2024 if Trump did again, and then he began colluding with Paul RINO Ryan, who was giving him political advice, which Trump heard about and caused Donald to begin name-calling Ron.

We think that was an effort by Donald to wake DeSantis up to the reality of MAGA not being some toy you can just pick up and carry off. Saying the same things as Trump doesn’t mean anything when he has said it and done it, and will do it again, so why would we drop him and vote for you?! Plus, he had an election stolen from him.

‘The Wolf Who Will Steal The Election’, “THOSE WHO VOTE DECIDE NOTHING. THOSE WHO COUNT THE VOTE DECIDE EVERYTHING.”, by JasonGriffin1, via imgflip.com. Pennsylvania democRAT Governor Tom Wolf usurped the power only the state legislature had and used it to change state law unilaterally, leading to election theft.

So what did Ron say exactly? Well, after claiming he was boycotting NBC, he went on there anyway and told their urinalist that “Whoever puts their hand on the Bible on Jan. 20 every four years is the winner”, then later added that “Of course he [Trump] lost. Joe Biden’s the President.”

Just because you are governor of a Republican / Red state that didn’t participate in the 2020 election fraud (unlike Georgia and Arizona, and partly Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Utah and Michigan), that doesn’t mean that it didn’t occur. In fact, Ron’s argument fails every ‘Logic’ (a highly recommended class) argument. Why? Because his statement proves nothing.

‘Democrat Presidential Election Fraud Planning’, by Paradox3713, via imgflip.com. It actually started long before 2016 (try 1786), but yes they stole the democRAT primary from Bernie Sanders, then failed to steal the general election that year.

You do not steal being President, you win it legally. Well, at least before 2020 (except for 1960), that is how it worked.

Ron then decided to join the side that says this was settled legally, claiming “All those theories that were put out did not prove to be true.”

Really?! How could they when no court has looked at the vast amount of evidence collected?! Instead they keep insisting that nobody, not even Trump, has ‘standing’ to bring a lawsuit over the election theft. THAT is collusion!

‘rigged’, by TrainWreck, via imgflip.com. They just needed a kindly grandpa looking puppet to get their foot in the door.

Ron even tried to blame Trump for turning “the government over to Fauci”, but it was his fellow RINO Pence who did that, since Mike was in charge of ‘the covid’ task-force (himself, Anthony Fauci, and Birx, among others). A prior article (HERE) includes just one of many pictures of them, from one of their many press conferences, lying about masks and the vaxx while helping plot the election theft.

Don’t forget, it was perfectly safe for blmantifa (or antifablm, if you prefer) to riot (the left referred to those as protests, despite the burning, looting, injuries and deaths), but it was dangerous for Trump to hold a MAGA rally (referred to as riots despite nobody getting hurt and no damage being done) and deadly for us to vote in person (despite it not being deadly to stand in line to get masks or shots, or to shop)…they said.

‘Horse Feathers (8/9) Movie CLIP – Romance on a Canoe (1932) HD’, “Prof. Wagstaff (Groucho Marx) and Connie (Thelma Todd) attempt a romantic afternoon on the lake.” — Much of the scene was cut from the prior clip, so here is most of the rest. How the ‘flat bottom’ joke made it past the censors is a mystery, since the “I think I’ll try and make her!” line from the ‘Hello, I must be going.’ and ‘Hooray for Captain Spaulding!’ combo from ‘Animal Crackers’ didn’t. Of course, in that movie “We took pictures of the native girls, but they weren’t developed…but we’re going back next week.” (which can mean two things) did sneak past the same censors. At about 2:14 the canoe stops moving. Not shown, The scene actually ends with Thelma Todd in the water and calling for a ‘lifesaver’ (today known as a ‘personal flotation device’, so that by the time you ask for one you have drowned). Groucho promptly pulls a half used roll of ‘Life Saver’ candy out of his pocket, takes one off and throws it at her.

Then Ron tried to have his cake while eating it too, saying “And I don’t think the election — and I pointed out in that same [prior quote]…when they changed the rules for COVID, I think that was wrong. I think some of those changes were unconstitutional.”

That’s like 16 walls! If the changes were unconstitutional (which they were), then it could NOT have been a fair proper legal election, which means that Biden is NOT legally President, Ron.

‘Explain This Biden Comment Then Leftist…’, by Dr.Strangmeme, via imgflip.com. He actually said it.

DeSantis has been around and he knows better, which means he can’t simply be an election theft denier and, given his closeness to Ryan, what seems more likely now is that he was in on it.

Paul is an admitted Trump-hater, and has been on the Board of Directors at Faux Snews since he left office in 2018, so their early call of the 2020 election AND their election theft denial makes perfect sense.

‘Voter fraud on a massive scale is likely’, “SO YOU ARE TELLING ME; THE REPUBLICANS PICKED UP HOUSE SEATS, HELD THE SENATE BUT LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION?”, by Bluessol, via imgflip.com. Not possible in a fair election. ZERO chance people went in and voted Republican from the bottom of the ticket up, leaving off POTUS. Nobody votes that way!

Ron also said, regarding Hunter Biden (chief fundraiser of the Biden Crime Family, Inc.), “that was Donald Trump’s FBI that was working with that. He didn’t have control over his own government.”

One, we are a Republic, and Trump was not King (unlike Joe Biden, apparently), so it wasn’t Trump’s government. Two, your statement, Ron, proves the deep-state is real and out of control.

‘Hmmm…’, “TRUMP GOT 5 MILLION MORE VOTES IN 2020 THAN IN 2016; AND STILL LOST BY MILLIONS OF VOTES?”, by Funguy, via imgflip.com. More proof of Biden’s impossible task. Another is, he couldn’t draw a crowd in a bar, but Trump was filling outdoor stadiums.

Then, despite once being in the U.S. House of Representatives himself (under Ryan), Ron claimed Trump funded the mail in ballots. Uhm, all spending Bills originate in the House, sir (which is why ObamaDONTcare was illegal, since it originated in the U.S. Senate).

Do we really want a President who doesn’t understand ‘separation of powers’ and how government works?!

‘Election fraud 2020’, by BlueVino, via memedroid.com. Fraud actually happening in 2020, in multiple states, proves that fraud actually happened.

Meanwhile, Ron’s biggest donors are abandoning him, leading him to fire staff a few weeks ago and then fire his campaign manager just a few days ago, while his polling numbers remain flat and Trump has a massive lead over not only DeSantis but over the entire field combined.

According to one projection, Trump will get over 2000 delegates in the Republican Primary race with Ron earning less than 200, with the current estimate needed to win at 1234.

‘Lefties immerse themselves in propaganda, so they don’t believe it’s true.’, by Karaokephile, via memedroid.com. This is why they accused Trump in 2016 after their own election theft that year failed, then they tweaked their process to succeed in 2020 (and beyond).

THAT is what being a wishy-washy suck-up gets you, Ron. The left will never like you, and you are not going to win over MAGA by attacking Trump and being an election theft denier. Retract your statements AND apologize, and we MAY consider supporting you again…possibly.

Okay, it would need to be a really good apology, so probably not!

‘Harpo Marx in Horse Feathers [1932]’, “Harpo plays ‘Everyone Says I Love you'”. — Since the earlier compilation cut out the last part, here is Harpo’s true contribution to each of the Four Marx Brothers performing that song, in their own unique way (singing, piano, guitar, harp). The act was originally a singing group, and his mother bought the harp (on payments) to “bring class to the act”. He began playing it at 21! “It wasn’t a very good harp and he was self-taught even though he didn’t know how to read music. He tuned it incorrectly and played it on the wrong shoulder.”, that last quote is from telegraph.co.uk. His concentration while playing always amazed us, and it is quite the contrast to his silent comedic antics.

*Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is basically someone who leases access to a company’s mobile network, then repackages and sells it to consumers. Mint Mobile already ran on T-Mobile anyway, so this just cuts out the middle-man. Another example is Boost Mobile, which used to run on Sprint but was purchased by Sprint, which was then purchased by T-Mobile, so it also now runs on T-Mobile’s network. There are approximately 139 MVNO’s in the USA, running on the Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile networks.

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