One Super Lion Bot, Why Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis MUST Agree Now to Combine Their Mini Lion Bots for 2024



Deadpool, Marvel. From Miss Emily on aminoapps
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The DC Uni-Party (democRATs and RINOs…the In Name Only part of the Republican Party) have desperately tried to destroy Populist Conservatism (AKA the new PC) ever since Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency June 16, 2015. They never stopped attacking him, not even for a day, and continue to this day in their attempt to destroy that man and the movement (MAGA, Make America Great Again) that he sparked.

The most recent polls done of Republicans still show tremendous support for President Trump, who is always in first place and over 50%. Ron DeSantis is always in second place but below 20%, and a trio (Mike ‘traitor’ Pence, Senator Ted Cruz, and Nikki Haley) each sits in the 7% range, followed by a group splitting the remaining 10% or less.

I strongly believe that either Trump OR DeSantis will defeat whoever the Dems put up, which will NOT be Joe Biden by the way, but there is no point in wasting our money on fighting each other (which also gives the left ammo to use against us in the Fall). Competition is healthy, but a circular firing squad is too damaging. And the stakes are too high. We have to save our Republic now.

Then President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2020. Photo credit Office of Gov. Ron DeSantis

Where do they differ anyway? Ron is doing a great job as Governor of Florida and is certainly a worthy successor, down the line, but we know what Trump will do because he already did it. The only thing that prevented him from the 2nd term that he won (yes, he did) was having it stolen from him. And watching Usurper in Thief Joe Biden exercise power he didn’t earn (such as naming Trump’s 4th SCOTUS pick) is painful.

So the best solution is a team-up. Even Deadpool got help from a few X-Men. Sure the MSM and combined left will sky scream, but we are used to that now and their tears are SO delicious. Ultimately Trump has to pick DeSantis, because MAGA loves both very much and if he forces us to choose we might (as a group) go with the younger option (Trump turns 78 on June 14, 2024. DeSantis will be 45 on September 14, 2024, so he would be only 49 when running for his own first term as President). Hey, they were both born on the 14th. Their own personal ‘Martha’ moment.

Avengers Infinity War, Marvel by @uncannynerdguy via Moon Knight on Reddit

But the absolute #1 bestest ever reason for DeSantis to be Trump’s VP for 4 years is…every MSM article I see says they should NOT do it. That means they are trembling at the very prospect. Seeing communists in mental anguish is always fun. Of course DeSantis could always say no, but we all know what happens when you only have one (Lion Bot) ring.

Green Lantern. Warner Bros. via The Wrap

UPDATE 08.06.2022 6:27am, Since it may be stuck in your head now, I’m adding the actual Martha moment.

Martha Scene in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, Warner Bros., from moviesmatrix, Courtesy Hypertext.co.za

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