In Counting There Is Strength, Election Theft Denial Aside democRATs Have Done It Since Tammany Hall And Tombstone



Tombstone (1993) by Buena Vista Pictures (now Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) via empireonline.com
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So the other day we decided to watch ‘Tombstone’ (1993) as we’d never seen it and people talked about and quoted it, plus there is that famous ‘Huckleberry’ meme about Doc Holliday. It was okay, but we can’t see watching it again. What we did do was read up on the Earps, the ‘OK Corral’ (we already knew the gunfight did NOT happen there; it was diagonally down the street 6 lots or so…even back then what passed for MSM lied), the ‘Cochise County Cowboys*’ group (some of whom the battle was with) and the ‘Earp Vendetta Ride’ when those criminals were vouched for by other members of the group and got away with their various crimes.

This isn’t to say the Earps were the choir boys we are told today they were, but they were CLEARLY on the right side of the law most of the time here. Also, there were FIVE brothers** not the 3 depicted in this movie. And the leader was Virgil, who had the most experience as a lawman and soldier. The movie depicts Johnny Behan as being another lawman in opposition to the Earps and protecting the Cowboys. As part of that in this article on the gunfight, under the section “Earp loses sheriff’s office to Behan“, it says:

Doc Holliday (from ‘Tombstone’, 1993) by Buena Vista Pictures (now Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) via quickmeme.com

“In the November 2, 1880, election for Pima County sheriff, Democrat Shibell ran against Republican Bob Paul, who was expected to win. Votes arrived as late as November 7, and Shibell was unexpectedly re-elected. He immediately appointed Johnny Behan as the new deputy sheriff for eastern Pima County, a job that Wyatt wanted. A controversy ensued when Paul uncovered ballot-stuffing by Cowboys and he sued to overturn the election. While San Simeon precinct, east of Tombstone, only had 10 registered voters, Shibell won that precinct with 103 votes to 1. In that precinct lived Ike Clanton. Johnny Ringo was the precinct officer for the election.” –wikipedia (for whatever reason Infogalactic, which usually doesn’t remove sections, cuts off at “overturn the election.”)

So, 2020 Arizona was NOT the first Arizona election theft. We also found the section “Prominent businessman murdered” of “Earp Vendetta Ride” interesting as one of the Cowboys’ victims (Martin R. Peel) was the son of a Judge (Bryant L. Peel), and when they again got away with their crimes he wrote this, which is still pertinent today:

“Perhaps I am not in a condition to express a clear, deliberate opinion, but I would say to the good citizens of Cochise County there is three things you have to do. There is a class of cut-throats among you and you can never convict them in court. You must combine and protect yourselves and wipe them out, or you must give up the country to them, or you will be murdered one at a time, as my son has been. B. L. Peel.” –Infogalactic

“Tweed’s election manipulations were well known, with intimidation tactics keeping the ballot counts under the Tweed Ring’s control.” from “William ‘Boss’ Tweed and Political Machines” via billofrightsinstitute.org

Tammany Hall was another democRAT movement which lasted from 1786 until the mid 1960’s in New York (and might still be operating underground). It was even depicted in ‘Gangs of New York’ (2002), and William ‘Boss’ Tweed was the leader at that time and he was the one that said who counts votes was what mattered.

We were working on this article when we saw another that lists 82 events from 2000-on where democRATs called “election wins questionable, illegitimate or stolen”, so you can check that out, as we didn’t relish compiling such events anyway. We will just add that Algore went to court in 2000 to have the military absentee ballots thrown out in his effort to STEAL the Presidency, AND they tried it again in 2016 with Pennsylvania as we detailed HERE.

“William Tweed, the ‘boss’ of Tammany Hall, played a major role in New York City politics during the mid-1800s.” via billofrightsinstitute.org

WE are not “election deniers”, the alt-far-left-communist-democRAT-groomer-extremist-indoctrinating-gaslighting-stochastic-terrorist-hate-speecher-election-stealing-gun-grabbing-sun-deniers are, and they are also the election thieves. Volunteer to work elections to prevent that from happening again and also push politicians to end ‘mail-in voting’, which doesn’t have the same safeguards as absentee voting does (there must be a request, proper ID must be provided, signature is checked, and chain of custody AKA paper trail). Our Republic depends on it.

Leonardo ‘my jet fuel is carbon free’ DiCaprio’s character speaking to Jim Broadbent as William ‘Boss’ Tweed in ‘Gangs of New York (2002) by Miramax Entertainment via medium.com

*we did learn that the term ‘cowboys’ was NOT in common use at the time, except for this criminal group, and that people we would today call that were known as ‘cowherd’, ‘cowhand’, ‘cowpoke’ along with a few other things back then.

**James, Virgil, Wyatt, Morgan, Warren. They also had 3 sisters: Martha, Adelia, and Virginia Ann (though only Adelia made it to adulthood). There was also a half-brother (Newton), from their father’s prior marriage.

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