Eat The Bugs And Drink ‘The Gay’, Smart VS Dumb Boycott Methods As Jack Daniels & Budweiser Push Homosexual Agenda



'Oh, Hawaii...', by Dredge05, via imgflip.com. The late Jackie Gleason, who is most famous for his interest in the paranormal (especially UFO's) and for the 1969 'Rally for Decency' along with Anita Bryant, protesting concerts by 'The Doors' in Florida.
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Before we get into the topic at hand, we just want to announce that we have officially ‘made it’ now, as there are active hacking attempts against this site which began in the last few days. We obviously struck a nerve, but have full faith in our hosting provider, and in the security measures in place. Now on with the show…

We have seen this before. A corporation decides to push a left-wing agenda, so folks on our side decide to boycott the now openly left-wing company. Why not? After all, leftists have pushed boycotts for DECADES now, and if those didn’t work, then they wouldn’t still be doing them themselves.

‘Man Oh Man’, meme by us, original photo by unknown from Budweiser, via them.us. Anheuser-Busch-InBev hates you. Deny them your money!

The left act as if Rush Limbaugh never existed, and pretend that they didn’t boycott Florida Orange Juice for advertising on his radio program.

If they do something, they are an ‘activist’ and if we do it we are grumpy.

Fuck you, communist.

And, by the way, for those new here THAT is our personal pronoun.

‘Man Oh Man Oh Man’, meme by us, original photo by unknown from Jack Daniel’s, via hitc.com. Jack Daniel’s hates you. Deny them your money!

What is interesting is witnessing the alt-far-left being constantly triggered by normality and working overtime to eliminate it altogether while at the same time they refer to us as “triggered” and “anti-woke” over their demonic and completely 100% unneeded actions.

We have discussed ‘the trans’ (HERE) and boycotts (HERE), including specifically big corporations GM (HERE), Marxist League Baseball (aka MLB, HERE) and Bush Family Incorporated (aka Big Bush, HERE). Yet, here we are again, because the left still deny the settled science of DNA!

‘SO I’M A MEME NOW.’, “I was joking around about boycotts on Facebook today, and one of my friends made this.”, via ericrobertnolan.com. That is Eric in the meme. Hey Eric!

Within days of each other, two major liquor producers have decided to push ‘the gay’, aka the homosexual agenda, or ‘big gay’.

Anheuser-Busch-InBev (Budweiser) was first, and is using a man, Dylan Mulvaney, who pretends to be a woman due to mental illness, to promote their Bud Light product.

This is garbage beer anyway, but to smack a dude in a dress on the label is even an insult to garbage beer.

Some still do not realize that Anheuser-Busch ceased to be American in 2008 when they agreed to be purchased by InBev in July (the deal was finalized in November that year), which created Anheuser-Busch-InBev, a Brazilian-Belgian company. Earlier, the InBev part resulted from Belgium-owned Interbrew merging with Brazilian AmBev in 2004.

‘Feeling patronized yet?’, “THE BUDWEISER NAME CHANGE; AS IF SELLING OUT TO A FOREIGN COMPANY WASN’T BAD ENOUGH”, by MidLifered, via imgflip.com. Nothing says America like a Brazilian-Belgian company!

Not to be outdone, Jack Daniel’s, producer of the ultimate excuse for bad decisions, came out of the closet with its “small town, big pride” campaign, featuring a trio of men wearing dresses due to mental illness.

You know who has pride? Heterosexuals, who are also the ones who built society. You know who doesn’t have pride? The parents of these degenerates in the ad. Those folks just watched their bloodline end, and no grand-kids means sad mom’s and dad’s.

Then Nike said hold my beer and announced that Dylan Mulvaney would be promoting their sports bra line.

Yes, ‘Just do it!’ now refers to men wearing bras.

‘Jack daniels love “SHE’S NOT THAT UGLY”; – JACK DANIELS’, by AgentOrange1984, via imgflip.com. Yes, Jack, she is.

Which brings us to boycotting, which, as we said above, the left love to do to us while lecturing us it is ‘muh racist’ or something to do it back to them.

The fact is that, left or right, nobody is entitled to our money and/or time. NOBODY! If we choose to cut them off, that is acceptable. And to be fair, the right never said the left couldn’t boycott, we simply said their choices were questionable.

Okay, not questionable exactly, but rather simply always wrong.

Meanwhile, leftists DO tell us that we shouldn’t be boycotting their communism and deviancy and perversion. Why? Because they are complete and utter hypocrites, who are also pushing communism, deviancy and perversion.

‘boycotted’, by anonymous, imgflip.com. Give it back to the left. They wouldn’t be whining about it if it didn’t hurt them!

Enter Robert James Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, who has money to burn, so, of course, he went out and bought a lot of Budweiser and then made a video of himself shooting it. THIS is a perfect example of stupid boycotting. By buying the beer, he put money into Budweiser’s pocket!!

Sounds great, but he could have printed off the Budweiser logo and done the same thing on the cheap and then donated the money spent on the destroyed beer to a worthwhile charity. There are still good charities!

Another example of stupid boycotting goes back to Kellogg’s and people making videos showing themselves throwing out or even flushing cereal that they had already paid for. Smart boycotting would be to use up what you paid for and then simply not buy any more.

‘yo dawg i heard you like boycotts, so im boycotting your boycott of the boycotted boycotters!’, “XZIBIT MEME GENERATOR”, by unknown, via memecreator.org. And we are boycotting your boycott of our boycott, ma’am!

Other people have done the same thing with music and movies, books and sports uniforms. You’ve already spent the money, so you aren’t hurting anyone but yourself. If you sold those items instead, and donated the money to a good cause, that would hurt the company or actor or sports team you want to send a message to.

So boycott away, but please, do it in an intelligent manner. Meanwhile, the question remains, why is the left so bigoted against and intolerant of normal behavior?

Want to really hurt leftists? Refuse to eat the bugs OR drink ‘the gay’, and then reelect President Trump!

We reached out to Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney for comments, and they didn’t understand why.

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