‘Trust The Government’, EPA Administrator Refuses East Palestine Ohio Spill Responsibility While Claiming Authority



'Mother should I trust the government?', by dufosho, via reddit.com. This is what it feels like to be an American, just two years into the Biden Usurpation.
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There was a train derailment and chemical spill and blowing up / burning off of that spill in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, 2023. It isn’t that we didn’t notice. We are news junkies and see most everything.

We are ‘opinion’​, not news. We don’t break stories, although if something fell in our lap we would…especially if it hurt. We prefer to write when we feel that we have something unique to add to an overall discussion.

“I’ll Trust The Federal Government When They Explain This!”, by ‘The Free Thought Project 4.0’, via facebook.com. More people need to be made aware of things like this.

Make no mistake about it, the thus far inadequate federal response is punishment by the Biden Usurpation for Ohio voting Republican in 2020 and 2016. Just as the BILLIONS sent to Ukraine is payback for them not investigating Hunter. There, we said it.

Like most other members of government, Michael Regan, the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, wants the power but never wants any blame for his actions, or lack thereof.

‘…bowl…’, by unknown, via ebaumsworld.com. The little known 13th impossible task/labor of Hercules (Heracles). He died trying.

Regan said, “I’m asking they trust the government. I know that’s hard. [That’s what she said.] We know there’s a lack of trust. We’re testing for everything that was on that train.”

We will at least give Regan credit for actually going there. As of now, Transportation Secretary Pete ‘Bootygig’ (booty-gig) hasn’t shown up anywhere near to East Palestine, Ohio.

‘People who trust the government’, by unknown from memedroid.com, via chameleonmemes.com. democRATs are obsessed with golden showers (even trying to pin their own on Trump). Leftists love peeing in your face and telling you it is raining.

Newly elected first-time U.S. Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) also dared to go there, and found “dead worms and dead fish all throughout this water” and even “discovered…that if you scrape the [Leslie Run] creek bed, it’s like chemical is coming out of the ground.”

To be fair, we have scraped a creek bed before and seen the same thing his video showed, and we were nowhere near a known spill or business that could have dumped chemicals into the water. Just saying…

‘Trust the government’, by schizoidman, via memedroid.com. The most complete list possible.

Karine ‘Propaganda Pirate’ Jean-Pierre, whose prior lies we covered HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE, speaking for the Biden Usurpation said “We understand the residents are concerned.” and that “We’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

But sending ‘response teams’ to the area solves nothing when Biden just turned down Ohio Governor Mike ‘RINO’ DeWine’s request for federal disaster aid, and that refusal indicates they think the problem isn’t one, or that it has been resolved already.

‘Never trust the cops’, by unknown from me.me, via chameleonmemes.com. Notice that doesn’t work for drivers heading the other direction. Your government at work! Doing half the job for all the pay again.

Local residents would beg to differ. Regan insists that those in fear can request government testing, apparently not getting the memo from Joe about aid (as those tests are not free).

Regan also claimed that if he and his family lived there they would move back if the testing showed it was okay. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS GUY! Nobody is stopping you from moving with your family to lovely southeast Ohio.

“Remake of a meme I liked”, by Lover_Of_Truth, via imgflip.com. Critical thinking is considered racist today, and government schools lead the way in not encouraging it.

Regan claims, falsely, that Ohio (Republican controlled) is responsible for the disaster while also claiming EPA has authority over the disaster. It can NOT be both!

They steal our money to send to other countries to protect their borders while we are invaded after they came to power in stolen ‘electionS’ (plural, at least 2020 AND 2022!), then they deny us aid from a federal fund we paid into already?! Bad show, old boy.

‘Trust government? Yeah, me neither’, “WE NEED TO RESTORE TRUST IN GOVERNMENT; EASY, START HOLDING BOTH PARTIES TO THE SAME STANDARD. UNTIL THE RIGHT START SEEING SOME OF THE LEFT GOING TO JAIL, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.”, by ‘Being Libertarian, Because Freedom Matters’, UL by BurntFingerForge, via imgflip.com. Her DNA test was done with hispanic DNA and NOT American Indian DNA (because the testing center had no American Indian DNA), but MSM won’t tell you that.

As this happened near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border (and approximately 18 miles north of the West Virginia border), it will be interesting to see if any funds are sent to PA (democRAT controlled), as residents on both sides of the border were told to evacuate after the disaster, or if WV gets any funds either.

Our idea, previously stated somewhere online, is for DeWine to take a page from the governors who are busing illegal aliens to blue states and truck the East Palestine waste to DC.

“Don’t trust government”, by CLINTONkilledEPSTIEN, via memedroid.com. Start with Biden and work backwards through past democRAT regimes (including Carter, as he is still able to pay the price; Department of Education, giving away the Panama Canal, Iranian hostages, etc).

Alan Shaw, the President and CEO of Norfolk Southern, vowed to “stay here for as long as it takes to ensure your safety and to help East Palestine recover and thrive”.

He should move there with his family to prove his intent. Ditto DeWine, as we also stated on Twitter. Shaw, DeWine and Regan can stay in the same home, or get three separate ones. Makes no difference, just go there.

“And that’s why we don’t trust the news kids”, by nightqueen, via knowyourmeme.com. New for 2023, the Professional Looters League (PLL).

There was a public hearing on Thursday, February 16, 2023, but Norfolk Southern declined to attend, claiming it wasn’t safe for their representatives. That speaks volumes about their commitment.

So far, the railroad has at least 5 lawsuits filed against it. Meanwhile, they continue to clean up the area and monitor for contamination. They also set up a fund to help the community, although they believe that will only cost $1 million. Silly rabbit!

‘Kill Bill – Silly Rabbit’ — part of one of the coolest scenes in one of the coolest movies ever.

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