Solutions In Search Of A Problem, From Eggs To Plastic Straws To Kids Toys Globalist Left Ban Things To Control Us



'Scene from "Straw Wars"', "EVEN I GET BOARDED SOMETIMES; THESE WERE ALL I COULD GET", by Raydog, via imgflip.com. Actually from the 3rd movie in the series, 'Refill of the Jedi'.
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The intentional managed decline of Western civilization in general and of the United States of America specifically continues. The ultimate control freaks are really pushing it now. Thank the alt-far-left-communists, kids.

Thanks democRATs!

What they don’t ban, they raise prices on (which is a form of banning in that they limit who can afford something). They are insidious and evil, and part of their risky scheme to cripple the American economy is to deprive Americans of a well-rounded and healthy breakfast. As we all know, part of that is usually eggs.

‘As we approach the Roarin’ Twenties again’, “How straws; enter California”, by DrSarcasm, via imgflip.com. Let the old ways be new again. Think of all of the eggs you could fit in there!

Scrambled, sunny side up, hard-boiled, baked, an omelet, poached, the always kinky ‘sunny side down’, over easy, or even Rocky-style, cracked open into a glass and sickeningly drunk. ‘Drunkted’? ‘Drinktened’? ‘Drinkteded’? Whatever, it is gross.

So many ways to ingest them, but not at these prices!

‘ME AND THE FAM ARE SMUGGLING GUNS OUT OF AFGHANISTAN, WHEN MY DAUGHTER SEES SOMETHING OUT THE WINDOW.; what’s gonna happen to the goat?’, by Deleted_2187, via br.ifunny.co. The goat distracts from the gun running. In that part of the world they spell goat, “B R I D E”.

Just as with the cost of gasoline, which was well under $2.00 a gallon right before the Biden Usurpation took over January 20, 2021 at noon (under $1.70 here actually), then shot up to $5.50 in most places and even higher in others, the price of eggs has gone through the roof now too!

Sure, gas has dropped back to $3.50ish a gallon as of today, but contrary to the ‘propaganda pirate‘, that is NOT a real reduction as it is still double what it was per gallon just 2 years ago before they stole the first of two elections in a row in 2020!

‘Smuggling…’, by Jaydi, UL by Atlantic Driver via carthrottle.com. At least the parrots pretended to think it was funny too. The meme is funny, but oh those poor birds! Wait, maybe they were smuggling the birds in to lay eggs… Parrot egg omelet anyone?

That led to policy changes which created the price increase, as we have enough oil, they just won’t pump it out (that’s what she said) of the ground. As for the eggs, they killed 40 million egg-laying hens using the excuse of bird flu the hens are immune to. The plastic that makes straws ‘dangerous’ is just fine when formed into plastic money (aka credit cards).

You can’t run your car on eggs, and you also can’t afford to make them for breakfast now. Those were under $1.00 a dozen 2 years ago as well, and shot to over $5.00 this past Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, before dropping back to ‘just’ $3.50 for 12 eggs now.

‘Myster’, by unknown, via me.me. Real criminals, AKA the people the left encourage and ignore.

Normal people consider that a more than 3.5x increase, but the demons running the White House call it a 30% drop. Math in general is NOT racist, but THEIR math certainly is…against Americans!

To counter this, apparently, some folks are now smuggling eggs into the USA from Mexico as Mexican-produced eggs cost under 20 cents each when purchased in a 30 egg ‘flat’. If you are caught, the penalty could be up to $10K for failing to declare your “agricultural items”.

‘Luckily they didn’t find the other 95000 in my engine’, “Breaking EU Laws”, by Britain, via reddit.com. The plastic and chocolate ruin the omelet experience.

Of course, the Biden regime has US Customs and Border Protection working to stop them, while simultaneously allowing illegal aliens and Fentanyl to pour into the country. Priorities!

In addition to cheap gasoline and eggs, these are the same people who also saved us from plastic straws and ‘Kinder Surprise Eggs’.

Thanks leftists! Oh, and their EU cousins even banned memes.

Someone should make a meme about that.

‘Meme Smuggling’, by megaspy, via funnyjunk.com. EU are the new hitler, as with a pen rather than sword they make all of his darkest dreams of control come true.

This all begs the question, why are illegal aliens still pouring in to a country with near runaway hyperinflation (and that is also ‘muh racist’ according to actual democRAT racists too)?! Especially the Mexicans, who could simply stay home and enjoy breakfast as normal.

Along with plastic straws, ‘Kinder Surprise Eggs’, memes, and Coca-Cola made with actual sugar (not ‘high fructose corn sweetener’. Lucky bastards!

“You lucky bastard (Dungeon Scene) Monty Python-Life of Brian”

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