Absolutely ZERO Self-Awareness, Actual Fascist Joe Biden Triples Down By Demonizing MAGA And Trump As Semi-Fascist



44 years in government and all I got was a dictatorship, by unknown found online.
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Just a week after having found his new catchphrase Usurper In Thief Joe Biden keeps referring to actual real patriots in a way designed to demonize them while terrorizing them into inaction against his risky scheme to destroy America from within while raising communist China up. Hearing some Republicans speak they plan to impeach Biden but that would just install Kamala Harris who being almost 58 is still 22 years younger than Biden who is about to be 80 himself, and with Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Leahy in line behind her that isn’t a real option.

The leftist-supremacists that run the democRAT party are anti-America, actual fascists, domestic terrorists and extremists. Biden and Pelsoi are alleged Catholics who want to own that religion except for the actual ‘religiony’ parts like being opposed to abortion and not stealing other people’s stuff (even for government purposes). So a man clearly without a soul wants to be the one to “battle for the soul of the nation” and if he can just get us to give up our “F-15’s” he might be able to save us.

Former “White House Press Secretary” Peppermint Commie Jen Psaki sporting her pink Soviet ‘hammer and sickle’ hat along with Lurch from The Addam’s Family and then Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov…AN ACTUAL ‘muh Russian’. Given all of that, explain your smile bitch! from media reports via lawenforcementtoday.com

Biden’s aim is to paint half the country as domestic terrorists for opposing his communism, and he has taken steps towards that such as hiring AND ARMING 87,000 new IRS agents to persecute patriots and working with Big Tech to silence truth on social(IST) media. He can always re-mobilize BLM and ANTIFA again too. He also sent the FBI to RAID Trump’s home, the same FBI that has still never been able to locate a single BLM or ANTIFA from 2020 riots but can track down any grandma who walked near the Capitol or heaven forbid walked single file through velvet rope lines inside it.

So now after being the party of ‘defund the police’ the democRATs are trying to create their own private police-like army to go after half the country. And despite Joe’s recent lie that several police officers died that day NONE actually did. But unarmed 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt (“Say Her Name!”) who despite 14 years in the military still only weighed 110 pounds soaking wet and just wanted fair elections was dangerous enough to democRATs that they murdered her January 6, 2021…and Mike Pence helped them do it. Despite claims otherwise the Capitol Police Officer who later died should NOT have been working and had a long history of health issues (which working didn’t help).

Propaganda Pirate Karine Jean-Pierre “White House Press Secretary” (who replaced Jen Psaki) with some white dude in a dress, by unknown found online. We stole Peppermint Commie but Propaganda Pirate is 100% shed as her name reminds us of Jean Laffite (MSM of the time spelled it Lafitte) who was an actual French Pirate (and had a brother named Pierre) who operated in the Gulf of Mexico until his death in 1823 (or 1826). Plus she looks SO French…

Meanwhile Biden is silent on the many actual insurrections that took place: October 6, 2018 (over Kavanaugh nomination to SCOTUS), all of the 2020 riots, October 12, 2020 (over Coney Barrett nomination to SCOTUS), November 3, 2020 (stolen entire U.S. election), January 5, 2021 (stolen GA special election for U.S. Senate), 2022 attack on SCOTUS over Roe ruling leak, and again after the ruling was official.

The truth is always the opposite of what democRATs claim, so they have now admitted they are communist and that their philosophy is anti-American and extreme. Having seized power through election theft, democRATs are using standard Alinsky tactics to accuse us of wanting to do what they already did. Even Nancy Pelosi refers to Republicans as “enemies of the state” and since she IS the state…yes. They’ve even spoken about rounding up Trump supporters and putting them in re-education camps since the 2016 democRAT primary (the “Bernie Bros.” promised it)!

Biden even blames Trump for the Russian invasion of Ukraine (and rise in fuel costs) but Putin (head of #7 most corrupt country on Earth, Russia) would never have invaded Ukraine (#4 most corrupt country) if President Donald Trump were still in office. He waited until Xi’s puppet Biden had stolen power, and fuel was going up before the invasion. Notice too that North Korea was silent until Biden got in.

Joe Biden covers face in shame. Kidding, he has dementia! by Drew Angerer Getty Images.

The left’s ongoing plan to steal from the rich to give to the poor sounds like a great movie, but it still makes you a thief. And one just has to look at disgraced COMMUNIST Liz Cheney who entered Congress 6 years ago worth about $7 million and while making approximately $174,000 a year in that time is leaving Congress (to run for President) worth $44 million to see who actually does well from government action.

The time is now for those on the Right to triple down itself on stopping the ultra leftist Biden agenda. Volunteer to work elections as a judge/monitor/observer and don’t ever let them kick you out of any step along the way from training to counting votes. You have a right to be there and witness everything. If needed use your phone to record video of them and to call the police if they attempt to remove or block you. And also be ready in case this way doesn’t work and Biden sends his developing police-state after us.

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