Propaganda Pirate Admits Biden Total, Karine Jean-Pierre Announced Joe Had Over One BILLION Classified Documents



'Karine Jean-Pierre', "JUST IMAGINE TRYING TO SOLVE AN ESCAPE ROOM; WITH KARINE JEAN-PIERRE", by ToneDef, via imgflip.com. What a nightmare scenario!
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How lucky we all are as Americans to have someone celebrated for her truthfulness, sincerity and candidness. She is known for plain dealing, openness, forthrightness, telling it like it is and calling a spade a spade (even though that is incredibly racist, even for her).

Her sincerity, honesty, frankness, plain-spokenness and bluntness are refreshing, and her outspokenness, directness, unreservedness, and ability to be straightforward are the stuff of legend.

‘black and white misinformation – rohb/rupe’, “MISINFORMATION COULD NOT BE MORE BLACK AND WHITE”, by Rohb, via imgflip.com. Propaganda Pirate and Peppermint Commie. Nice meme, but it should read disinformation. Both are giving out wrong information, however disinformation is intentionally doing it.

There is really no other way to describe Karine* Jean-Pierre, the current White House spokesperson, as she proudly announced today that Joe Biden was in fact in possession of over one BILLION classified documents. No more obfuscation!

Just kidding. We know he had at least one, and the lying communist bitch had election-denier Karine go out there and refuse to say exactly how many, so we must now ‘go there’ and assume (TM by Ass-U-Me) the worst, and since leftists keep throwing billions at Ukraine and other shit we don’t need or want, that is the number he must have.

‘So Let’s Be Really Clear…’, by EyewitlessNews, via imgflip.com. Election denier Karine.

After first finding out that numerous classified documents were found at the Penn Biden Center, then refusing to admit how many or if there might be more in other locations, we now see democRATs trying to equate PRESIDENT Donald Trump having classified documents, which he insists he declassified (as he has the right and ability to do), that he didn’t pack (the government did) and stored in a safe location guarded by U.S. Secret Service with a vice…usurper in thief (can’t do it, we refuse to call that election stealing motherfucker the P word, ever) who can’t declassify and wasn’t supposed to even have the documents AND who stored the documents 1) in a public area practically anyone (including the communist Chinese who own him) could access, and 2) his ‘Wilmington, Delaware, residence garage’ next to his fucking corvette. This is the longest paragraph we’ve written in quite a while, and honestly, we see no way of trimming or dividing it and had a hard time even finding our way out of it. Oh, here it is!

‘Let’s be consistent’, “BIDEN CALLED FOR THE RESIGNATION OF ALL L.A. CITY OFFICIALS WHO MADE RACIST REMARKS IN THE RECORDING; IS HE ALSO CALLING FOR THE RESIGNATION OF THAT GUY WHO SAID… You ain’t black; Implied only Indians work at 7-11; Singled out African Americans as not diverse; Implied black people are poor; I CAN KEEP GOING”, by JAWILLI, via imgflip.com. She works for a racist but doesn’t care.

It turns out all but one page of this new stash was found there, with that last single page found in an adjacent room. Biden had the nerve to say “By the way, the Corvette is in a locked garage. OK? It’s not like they’re sitting out in the street” regarding that second batch of classified documents he isn’t supposed to have, couldn’t declassify and obviously mishandled.

‘Well, almost.’, “DON’T LET PETER DOOCY GET TO YOU, KARINE. YOU’RE JUST AS BRIGHT AS WHITE KIDS.”, by Julie.F., via imgflip.com. Is she? That would mean she is lying on purpose rather than accidentally making mistakes daily.

That doesn’t make it better.

And that was probably the shortest ‘paragraph’ we’ve ever typed, so that balances out with the long one.

‘ten thousand million jobs’, by chedmacq, via imgflip.com. Give her a break, “math is racist” despite being invented in Sumer over 7000 years ago by non-whites.

Biden added “I don’t know what’s in the documents.” Before concluding “My lawyers have not suggested I not ask what documents they were.”, which is a double negative, so then his lawyers did suggest he ask. SMH!

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. Also, ignorance of the document’s content is no excuse. Plus, garage locks aren’t like Fort Knox, bub.

‘Clown Karine’, by trza, via imgflip.com. It is easy to be positive about inflation when you are driving it up on purpose and doing that exceedingly well. Evil and insidious is what democRATs are.

So we will stick with that number until the lying fucks admit what they have done. OVER ONE BILLION IT IS! There is no other logical, or in this case fancifully vengeful, number. THAT is the Alinsky way! Spread the word. #DemocratsArentReal

‘KJP Harris look smart’, “KJP exists to make Kamala Harris look smart”, by jnie, via imgflip.com. It is a tie.

*She isn’t a real pirate! “We stole Peppermint Commie but Propaganda Pirate [HERE and HERE prior] is 100% shed as her name reminds us of Jean Laffite (MSM of the time spelled it Lafitte) who was an actual French Pirate (and had a brother named Pierre) who operated in the Gulf of Mexico until his death in 1823 (or 1826). Plus she looks SO French…”–from 09/01/2022 article here. And speaking of weirdness, that 2nd possible year of death is the same year that James Sharp from yesterday’s article invented the gas stove. Shit be getting weird all up in here! Queue ‘Twilight Zone’ music.


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