Move Over ‘Florida Man’!, Illegal White House Occupiers Delaware Man And Montreal Woman Are Ignoble ‘Wonder Twins’



'two years ago...', by unknown via imgflip.com, found online. Gas was actually $1.73 then dropped 5 cents, then Trump left office. Ugh!
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Every day it becomes more obvious that the Usurper in Thief and the Vice Usurper in Thief are both owned by the communist Chinese and intentionally destroying America from within as a way of paying them back for money illegally funneled to Joe Biden via Hunter Biden for years and years now.

Ukraine gave just as much money to Hunter as communist China did, which explains the need to defend that country and not the USA and our own borders.

Our normal disclaimer here: we are NOT pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine. Fuck them both. We are pro-America, and if you are not then fuck you too.

‘…count…’, by unknown via imgflip.com, found online. democRAT areas should be required by law to announce their vote totals first.

When he isn’t intentionally ruining our economy, Biden spends time doing things like shaking hands with ghosts and now calling a black Governor ‘boy’. He just did that to Wes Moore (Maryland, D is for downtrodden, as in that is where his policies will leave people).

“And you got a helluva new governor in Wes Moore, I tell ya. He’s the real deal and the boy looks like he still play.”, Joe said at an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 26 union meeting in Lanham, Maryland.

It wasn’t even the first time Biden had done something like this. During a Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) presentation on Monday, August 29, 2022, Biden referred to a black senior adviser the same way when introducing him, saying “I’m here with my senior adviser and boy who knows Louisiana very, very well and New Orleans, Cedric Richmond.”

Yet Joe and his fellow alt-far-leftists, the true fringe of society, call President Trump a racist. Shameful!

‘…know why…’, by unknown, found online. Do you have nude pictures of your dad on your laptop? If you answered yes you are likely in a very small group able to answer that way AND also likely a democRAT…AND likely named Hunter.

Now before saying anything else, Kamala Harris is NOT black! She is Indian (mother) and Jamaican (father). Neither is from America and she is 50% of each. She was also partially raised in Canada. She might not even be eligible to be a Senator, let alone hold the office she is currently ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING.

We have already detailed how there are so many on our side who make the mistake, which we used to do too, of calling democRATs names such as dumb or stupid when they are really evil and insidious and devious and dangerous.

It might make you feel better but it solves nothing. Deep down, you know that. SO STOP DOING THAT!

‘Kamala Harris’, by unknown, UL by leo5555 🇲🇽 via 9gag.com. We need fewer communists in government.

That said, she just claimed that communist China sending spy balloons over the USA shouldn’t impact our relations with that country that is sending spy balloons over the USA to spy on us.

On the surface that sounds moronic, but what it actually proves is that we are correct and leftists are so confident that they have already won that they are now not hiding anything they are doing and simply want you to accept their communism as normal.

In other words, get ready to see more communist Chinese spy balloons, then communist Chinese drones, and finally a communist Chinese invasion. That is what they want our new normal to be.

’10 THINGS I TRUST MORE THAN KAMALA HARRIS T-SHIRT’, by unknown via libertymaniacs.com. No we don’t get a penny, but linked in case you like it. They missed that she also finished 17th out of 20 in their Primary. REAL popular…missed that she also finished 17th out of 20 in the 2020 democRAT Primary. REAL popular…

“I don’t think so, no.” she said when asked if diplomatic relations between the two countries should be affected by the spying, and also said that the Biden regime wants “competition” and “not conflict or confrontation” with communist China, who spy on us…with balloons.

China still insists it was a weather balloon that went off-course, but they also insist they didn’t develop ‘the covid’ at the biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China, that released it, and they also said that we wouldn’t need to use a condom because they would pull out AND that they would call us the next day.

‘…giggler…’, by unknown, UL by ‘Only AOC and Kamala Memes’ (as onlyAOCmemes) via facebook.com. More cackling than giggline, and yes it will be SO funny if this illegal alien communist bitch steals the presidency (as Biden did) and like she stole the vice presidency.

An out of the loop State Department official even admitted that the antennas and other equipment on the balloon was “inconsistent” with a weather balloon. And if they know, you can damn sure bet that Harris has been briefed on that too.

Joe and Kamala is what happens when election theft is both allowed, and then denied. We are ALL paying the price for what democRATs and RINOs did to us in 2020 (and also in 2022). Stolen elections have consequences. They are the gift you never wanted that just keeps on giving you what you don’t need…communism.

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