Velvet Rope Lines VS Spy Balloon, Patriots Who Walked In Capitol Face Prison As Communist Chinese Freely Roam Skies



'last image', by unknown, found online. Redneck ingenuity. Get'er done!
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They buy up our land, take up spots in our own colleges, and even take our jobs. Plus they send us viruses (SARS, H1N1 Swine Flu, ‘the covid’, and likely many more past and future). They even own all democRATs and most RINOs.

Then, this past week, the communist Chinese INTENTIONALLY sent a spy balloon over the USA. It is still up there too, taking a path across the entire country and over several military bases, captivating the entire nation.

‘…fang fang…’, by unknown, via twitter.com. Eric Falwell belongs in prison. 100% serious.

Just as with the Southern U.S. Border with Mexico, if you can’t control your own territory you are NOT a real country. All part of the alt-far-left-communist-democRAT plan.

Usurper in Thief Joe Biden and the communist lackeys he employs at the pentagon (formerly The Pentagon, when it was worthy of respect) made the decision to not shoot (or otherwise) down the 3-school bus size balloon 60,000 feet (or 11.363 miles) over our heads.

‘…located…’, by Mememar @MememarGaddafi via Twitter, UL by Owe via knowyourmeme.com. Still zero proof that Mitch’s wife’s family is really from Taiwan and not actually from China.

Press Secretary for the pentagon, brigadier general Pat Ryder, said that it poses no immediate threat to the United States.

Well, certainly not as big a one as rat bastards Ryder and Biden do for allowing it. January 28, 2023, was when Biden knew and decided not to take any action. Let that sink in.

‘THE balloon!’, original image by Tyler Schlitt of Tyler Schlitt Photography and Live Storm Chasers, LLC aka TSchlitt-Photography @Stormchaser_TS on twitter.com, enhanced by Nahel Belgherze @WxNB on twitter.com

Nancy Pelosi also knew J6 (January 6, 2021) was going to happen, and by not calling out the National Guard (which, because of Washington DC being a ‘district’ and House control, SHE was required to do), she allowed it all to happen.

What did she allow? The FEDsurrection, run by alt-far-left-communist-democRAT Ray Epps and people like John Earle Sullivan (aka Jayden, or XActivist John).

“Did anyone miss the red ropes in the Capitol? This is a field trip.” comment by @lyssnicolee on twitter.com, photo UL by @ZackBornstein on twitter.com. Found at news18.com

Leftists say “they broke windows, then walked through the rope lines”. No, it has been proven with facial recognition that known Antifa and Blm disguised as MAGA (wearing our hats and shirts).

People like John, who is the one that filmed Ashli Babbitt being shot. His brother James Sullivan ‘gave tips’ on John to the Salt Lake City FBI. But they already knew who he was…

“The supporters went through metal detectors and stayed in-between the velvet red ropes.” comment by @TBAuburn on twitter.com. Found at news18.com

Just as Epps is a Marine veteran, the Sullivan brothers’ father, John Sullivan Sr., was a lieutenant colonel in the US Army.

The left want us to believe that John went from being a successful salesman, making over $200K a year, to joining Blm (and possibly Antifa too), to then quitting that and really being a MAGA member on J6. That is one hell of a tennis match right there.

‘known antifa/blm’, by unknown, found online. Meme maker says antifa, but it was blm (and possibly antifa too). Doesn’t matter. One group wearing two uniforms.

In a video from J6 he is heard saying “Let’s go! This shit is ours! We accomplished this shit! We did this together! Let’s burn this shit down!”

We want to be VERY clear here. There is no way a REAL member of MAGA (Make America Great Again) would say that. Not that day for sure. Okay, possibly during a real civil war, which is what the left have been pushing for since Trump won his first of two terms (they stole the 2nd in 2020).

There is a world of difference between us and them (HERE and HERE). We are NOT the violent ones. If we were then not a scorched stone would be left of the Capitol. They should count their blessings!

‘Pink Floyd – Us And Them (Official Video)’ (from ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, 1973)– Lyrics HERE.

Amazingly, the motherfucking FBI can find every grandma who even stood on the sidewalk outside of the building on J6, but not a single antifa or blm from all of 2020 and their dozens of riots and statue destruction.

The left are DNA deniers, election theft deniers, science deniers (thinking vaxx is vaccine), and who think cloth is magical (it blocks NO viruses). You can add balloon deniers to that list now.

Nowhere near as violent as the 2020 riots by blm and antifa. Still attacked by photo ULer alt-far-left-communist-democRAT Matt Glassman @MattGlassman312 via twitter.com

Their focus appears to be on “intelligence collection”, saying the balloon “has limited additive value” for that. Of course, that assumes that is the actual reason it was sent here. Ass-U-Me.

Ryder added, “We are tracking it in minute detail in real time and we will constantly update our assessment. We are in constant surveillance of this thing through a bunch of different means.”

‘It is getting crowded up there!’, by Disclose.tv @disclosetv on twitter.com. The fourth one is more of an airship design.

Great, and since China got away with this one, you got some wonderful practice for tracking the next one, and the one after that, and…

This isn’t the first time communist China has had the same “accident” with one of their balloons. In fact, Japan, the Philippines, and India, all of whom they now have a border/territory conflict with or did have in the past, have had at least one balloon go over in recent years.

‘title’, “…hovering…”, by Bloodnut187, via memedroid.com. Possibly why Joe won’t shoot it down. We’d like to see Hunter on a balloon that high up.

In addition to this one over the USA right now, the pentagon says one is also going over Latin America, but didn’t specify which country or countries. Sounds like a pattern of behavior. As do American leftists acting as apologists for the actions of their fellow communists while crucifying Patriots.

UPDATE 02/04/2023, 850pm: An F-22 just shot the balloon down over the South Carolina coast…after it traveled across the entire USA! Fuck Joe Biden!

‘This is weird’, “…swollen…”, by ogbenjamin, via memedroid.com. The best stories always have a surprise twist. This was almost the main image…
‘NENA | 99 Luftballons [1983] [Offizielles HD Musikvideo]’ — the original German version.
‘NENA | 99 Red Balloons [1984] (Official HD Music Video)’ — the remake in English. Lyrics HERE.

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Joern-uwe Fahrenkrog-petersen / Carlo Karges / Kevin Mcalea
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