‘Migrant’ Youth In Every Christmas Stocking, Joe Biden Has Special Plans For All His Fellow Alt-Far-Left Pedophiles



'President Biden Takes a Part Time Job', by Trw60, via memedroid.com. Especially if that rat is a democRAT.
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Okay, they are ILLEGAL ALIEN youth. Migrant was in quotes and meant mockingly. And we can hear you now, “Hey, didn’t you just talk about pedophiles?” Well, yes, and shockingly, they didn’t go away.

Just look at yesterday when U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts decided to do his job for once and stood up to Biden by (at least briefly) canceling Joe’s cancellation of ‘Title 42’, which was expected to open the floodgates on illegal aliens coming here by saying that the health of Americans should not be a concern.

The longstanding rumor is that Barack Obama had some dirt on Roberts stemming from John and his wife adopting two Irish kids, and that that was the reason for John’s last minute vote change (from Against to For) on ObamaDONTcare.

‘Creepy Uncle Oatmeal’, by Acts2.38, via memedroid.com. The democRATs who are not pedophiles are pedophile apologists.

The kicker on this is that the American adults that the Biden Usurpation is handing illegal alien kids to are unvetted. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a bit since grooming and pedophilia are de rigueur for leftists today, and kids make up a large portion of those crossing illegally in the last two years.

Despite a delusional Ohio Senator, every state is now a border state. Many think the kids are reunited with relatives already here. WRONG! Even if the government were to claim it is so, they do NOT perform a DNA test which would prove a blood relationship.

This is a horrible example of what happens when you govern by being intentionally contrarian to the last legal President the USA is likely to ever see…Donald Trump, which is what Joe has done for almost 2 years now. Everything Trump liked Biden opposes, and everything Trump hated Biden embraces.

‘He did that’, by Darthmaul999, via memedroid.com. THAT and much more.

Leftists also try to change our language, conflating ‘immigrant’ (who come here legally) with ‘illegal alien’ (aka country burglars). If I break into the Smith home and live there am I an ‘undocumented’ Smith, and if I reproduce there did I give birth to a Smith baby?! Citizenship is STILL about blood, not geography.

Biden is encouraging the invasion of America to spite we on the Right (aka MAGA) who put Trump into office in the first place. Trump’s only ‘crime’ was shutting off the flow of foreign children to American pedophiles. They went 4 years without and now need their fix!

In fact, the very government agencies placing illegal alien kids with so-called relatives have stated they do not have any duty to protect those kids from predators after placement. What the fuck?!

‘Common ground?’, by Zacrates, via memedroid.com. They are creating them at a rapid pace now, as if we have a shortage.

Actually, the law requires Health and Human Services (HHS) and others to do just that, yet less than NINE PERCENT (or fewer than 1 in 11) of the adults taking in such kids during 2021 had a background check done on them.

The left’s love of islam also explains this to a great degree, as they are now flying those here as they did from Afghanistan. The goal of all of it is to forever change the demographics of the USA, and now that Trump is out of office nobody in power seems to want to stop it.

This is all about democRATs punishing Americans for rejecting the alt-far-left’s communism. Every policy from the mandates, to job loss, to threats over medical preferences, to the devastating effects Bidenflation has had on us all were 100% meant to hurt Americans and damage America herself.

‘look it up’, by Iosif_Stalin, via memedroid.com. Too bad Kyle’s aim wasn’t better in such a pedophile/rapist-rich environment.

That doesn’t even include the many attempts to kill the 2nd Amendment, Senate Filibuster and Electoral College which protect minority (NOT race, actual minority) rights.

Every leftist risky scheme is always actually connected, no matter how disparate they appear. In this case, they need to bring in replacement citizens because WE have been deemed expendable.

It “takes two to tango”, and also to ​produce a child. You need every 2 adults to produce 2.1 kids on average​​ just to keep the population from dropping but they act as if adults in Western countries aren’t capable of reproducing.

‘WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PEDOPHILE AND A MUSLIM TERRORIST THE PEDOPHILE ACTUALLY GETS HIS VIRGINS’, by unknown, via memegenerator.es. Fuck the apologists for islam too, a totalitarian political system disguised as a religion, and founded by a child rapist (married her at 6 years old, had sex with her starting at 9 years old).

The world average is 2.4, but due to a combination of abortion, grooming to ‘the gay’ and ‘trans’ lifestyles, the ‘vaxx’ shots, and some other tricky shit the government is doing (like putting stuff in the food or water) to lower the current fertility rate for many countries (especially Western ones) below that.

As of 2020, the following are in danger: France, Denmark, Sweden, United States, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia are all 1.8. Others include the United Kingdom 1.7, Germany 1.6, Canada 1.5, Spain 1.4, Greece and Italy both at 1.3.

Who isn’t in danger? Primarily countries in Africa, led by Niger at 6.6…OMFG! And just for reference, so you don’t need to go look it up: Israel 3.0, Russia 1.8 and Ukraine 1.4.

‘You shouldn’t forget this’, by TheMopBoy, via memedroid.com. Release the list! Honestly we don’t care who is on it, if they molested kids they need to be revealed and charged!

Our long standing position is that illegals coming into the USA should be placed in the homes of democRATs (elected officials AND repeat voters) with them, and then a wall should be built around those homes to keep everyone inside. Resolved!

The problem isn’t that we have too many people on Earth (all 8 BILLION of us could fit in Texas with the same population density as Manhattan currently has now), the problem is that we have too many leftists and pedophiles, but our herd (aka normal Westerners) is being culled and replaced with cattle from other farms.

Leftists push depopulation and ‘vaxx‘ and bugs for food. Why don’t they just commit suicide and help the planet? If it saves just one life…Just Do It! (TM Nike). They won’t use any more resources, so we can drive our gasoline cars to buy steak for dinner rather than ‘eating insects’, which, frankly, is for the birds.

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