Suicide In Slow Motion, Megan Rapinoe Continues To ‘Boost’ Itself To Death Having Just Taken FIFTH ‘the covid’ Shot



'That Car Must've Been Made of Scissors', by jtcaseley1, via THIS is what will happen to Megan eventually. Hopefully in mid-game, since that will make for a great video to share around.
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In today’s world we really need good news, and we finally got some too! Megan Rapinoe, known on socialIST media as @mrapinoe, which we strongly believe stands for “Mr Apinoe”…prove us wrong…is actually trying to ‘booster’ itself to death, and we thank it for the effort.

It announced that over on it’s Instagram account a few days ago. The end of the video shilled for ‘vaccines dot gov’ and also for Pfizer. Don’t tell it, but it won’t be able to spend that money once it has died of suddenly.

So that points to it not taking the one dose ‘Johnson and Johnson’ poison or the two dose ‘Moderna’ poison, instead favoring the two dose ‘Pfizer’ poison, and then 3 boosters, for a total of 5 death shots so far!

There is NO vaccine for ‘the covid’. Anyone who says there is happens to be a science denier. Vaccines take 10 years on average to develop, if we even can!

‘megan rapinoe’, “I REALLY LIKED THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP; UNTIL THIS GUY RUINED IT FOR ME”, by sharps45, via The truth is that fewer people, even women, like to watch women’s sports.

We still don’t have one for the common cold virus, or for the AIDS virus, as just two examples. For a third example, we also still don’t have one for communism, and boy do we need one for that! But enough about democRATs and the FBI.

Real vaccines prevent you from getting what the vaccine is for, AND they prevent transfer of whatever they are for, AND they never require distancing, AND they never require masking, AND they never require ‘boostering’ either.

We all know that is true, because we all had those as kids. And once you’ve vaxxed, which these shots are, you can’t unvaxx (HERE and HERE)!

You know what else isn’t real? Boosters. Those are just another full strength dose of the same shot you already took that didn’t work as you thought it would, for a virus that requires a co-morbidity to kill you and, even then, is only 99.9x% (x digit depends on age and prior health) survivable without doing anything.

‘Honoring Women in the Military’, “I CAN RUN FAST AND KICK A BALL INTO THE NET; WELL THAT’S PRETTY SPECIAL”, by VBVAGUY, via Nobody hates women, except lesbians. What?! Sure, if they liked them they would get married to a man and produce more of them.

Why do we know all of that? Because we also have common sense, something that isn’t common any more which makes no sense.

In addition, we have something called a ‘natural immune system’. Those are going the way of the dinosaurs, as ‘the covid’ shots are designed to eliminate them at the rate of 3-6% per month. The good news, for Big Pharma anyway, is that it never recovers either and that means more money in their pockets.

Also, once you’ve got spike proteins, and there are 42 TRILLION per dose, good luck getting those out of your capillaries, veins and arteries as they shoot around in your blood (at least until that clots) slicing and dicing like little razor blades.

We in the shed love President Donald Trump, but he was suckered by Mike ‘traitor’ Pence, Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx, who headed his ‘the covid’ advisory team. All a part of their alt-far-left scheme to get him out of office, which worked perfectly.

‘megan rapinoe’, “100% LEFTIST; UNLESS YOU MEAN TRANSGENDER ENTRY INTO MY SPORT”, by worm3368, via We would rather watch women’s sports than ‘trans’ sports, so it is right on this issue.

Back to anyone who believes there is a vaccine for ‘the covid’…they are also a fucking retard. Not the ‘born that way and really trying, so God bless them’ kind either. No, they are the ‘intentionally living that way’ kind, and not the least bit embarrassed either.

That includes Megan, and we bet you didn’t think we could even find four memes featuring it either! Yes four. Look closely under the rock.

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