Pedophile States of Amerika, democRATs Are Pushing Perversion To Levels Never Seen Before And Nobody Is Stopping It



"A Homosexual a Pedophile and a Hooker walk into a bar." by unknown via twitter.com (sorry, lots of peeps with this one and can't figure out who it was grabbed from...thank you all, especially original poster).
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We’ve talked about how the globalists alt-far-left want to micro-chip track us (especially our kids), how we know monkeypox is only spread via sex and that means kids and even dogs got it that way, how drag queens are the only ones allowed to be involved in reading to kids (ZERO veteran reading hours), how California (alone for now) wants to move groomer teachers into homes with kids, and how the left wants to normalize pedophilia.

“She was 12, I was 30” from Real Free News @realfreenews via gab.com
“She was 12, I was 30” video from PureBlood @Krissyd via gab.com

Well, the best way to do the last one is to steal the presidency for a pedophile. Down below we have lots of examples, pre-2020 election theft, of Joe’s behavior. And they just keep piling up! We recommend everyone grab a copy of the FBI’s favorite book, Ashley Biden’s diary, via a search for “ashley biden diary pdf”. There are a few options, most you can just download but ‘scribd’ makes you sign up/in. There is even a nice ‘transcribed’ one, which is easier to read.

“Pretty big word…” from Gracie Sue @GracieSue via gab.com

Illegal alien kids are dying and/or being abused on the trip here, after promises by Obama for 8 years, and now again from Biden for 20 months and 4 days. And who knows what happens to them after they get here! We are dealing with pedophiles here. Look at Jeffrey Epstein. Perverts too. Look at Ed Buck, the big-time democRAT donor who injected many young gay men with methamphetamine so he could have sex with them, which led to at least 2 deaths (that we know of). He is now serving 30 years in prison.

The left and RINOs* claim “both sides do it”. Point us to a diary or flight logs (such as the ones PROVING Bill Clinton flew with Epstein many times to his island) and we’ll look at that. Until then, we can read the Biden diary and you have zero proof of ​​President Trump or anyone else you hate because they are trying to stop you.

“shower” from COVIDsteria (Satirical eBook) @COVIDsteria via gab.com

On August 25, 2020, the alt-far-left found one child who would stand up to them, as a large group of them tried to kill 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse only to end up with 3 of them shot and two of those died…which was at least a dozen too few.

“instantly hit” by unknown, found online

If democRATs can’t abort American children, they will indoctrinate them, or groom them, or sterilize them (which is the true purpose of the ‘trans’ movement). The bottom line is, those of us who are adults and normal are lucky and MUST protect younger people from the alt-far-left’s risky schemes.

*Republican IN NAME ONLY. Some still conflate Liz Cheney with Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG)…wrong!

Biden touching girls compilation (RAW CSPAN FOOTAGE)** from aoflex via youtube.com

**”Premiered May 19, 2020 Compilation of Vice President Joe Biden touching girls inappropriately live on CSPAN (RAW VIDEO & AUDIO) on January 6, 2015. Imagine what he does off camera.
Sniffing at 0:36, 6:01, 8:55. Groping at 4:24, 7:50. Unwanted kisses at 0:42 and 10:37.
Facebook and PolitiFact label this as false information. This is RAW CSPAN FOOTAGE. Here’s the full, original CSPAN footage:”

PROOF LINKS ON YOUTUBE… And for the record Facebook and PolitiFact are feckless cunt communist pedophiles themselves. We just fact checked that statement (which we made) and it is 100% verified correct.

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