Rationalizing RINO Ronna Romney, GOP Chairwoman Blames Ballot Splitting Rather Than Confront Obvious Election Fraud



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Desperate to save her job (not that she actually does it…) now that MyPillow* CEO Mike Lindell has filed to run against her, and with others** considering it, RINO*** malingerer apologist Ronna Romney McDaniel (niece of Utah RINO Senator Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney) has completely removed her mask, and her gaslight du juor is ‘ballot splitting’.

Ronna has declared there is a “massive amount” of so-called ticket-splitting which led to Republicans losing key races. She even pointed to Georgia, where Herschel Walker was the only person not to win. Since both candidates were black it can’t be ‘muh racism’.

So we are to believe that Peach state folks love guys who run over women they are dating with a car, and don’t like home-grown football heroes… There is no way Georgia Republicans voted for every R at the top of the ticket except Walker.

“RNC chairwoman and Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna McDaniel (l) and Senator-elect Mitt Romney (r)”, by Jabin Botsford of Washington Post -AND- Rick Friedman Corbis of Getty Images, via observer.com (who did the merge).

Or that Republicans in other states rushed to vote for Land Commissioner or another office 5th to 7th down on the ticket but ignored Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and U.S. Senator (who magically all got fewer votes than that lower position), or…GASP…even voted democRAT for those.

Yet that is what the combined alt-far-left (democRATs, MSM, RINOs and others) all want us to believe happened. Oh, and ignore the ballot mules, unmatched signatures (why does the Board of Election keep those on file if not to verify ballots), multiple scanning of the same ballot, Republican observers being locked out of the room, and other irregularities.

We also want to point out, since so many on our side have spread the pictures, that the alleged religious event with Raphael Warnock, and women wearing ‘penis pants’, is actually someone called “Pretty Mike”, so please stop spreading that lie. There is enough actual Warnock debauchery to discuss.

In addition to the normal RINO-democRAT joint fraud in Georgia, Herschel Walker pushed President Trump away and we all see how that turned out for Herschel.

‘You’re Fired’, by unknown, via truthbits.blog

According to the left, it is perfectly normal for ONE county (Maricopa) in Arizona to test their voting machines and tabulators the day before the election and find them working, and then the next day a high percentage of them all fail.

President Jimmy Carter’s ‘The Carter Center‘ election monitoring group was involved in that, by the way. And all three states his group visited were stolen again in 2022, just like they were in 2020. Jimmy Carter for Prison 2023!

The flip-side came when Kyrsten Sinema switched to Independent from democRAT the other day. democRATs have attacked here ever since. We will see if her voting habits change.

Sinema’s lifetime ACU (American Conservative Union) rating is 14.74% (Joe Manchin is 27.48%) while her ACLU (All Criminals Love Us -OR- American Communist Lawyers Union) was 58%, 69% and 100% for the last 3 Congresses in order (Manchin was 56%, 23% and 100%).

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Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona were 100% for sure stolen in 2022. As they were in 2020. Nothing will change unless we discuss and confront it.

Ronna has got to go. We need strong leadership of the Republican party, not excuses. And the RINOs can go start their own third party, or finally admit what they are and join the democRAT party.

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**Lee Zeldin of New York was one, but decided not to run, saying Ronna’s win was “pre-baked” by the GOP…so more election fraud.

***RINOs are NOT Republicans. It is in the acronym (INO = In Name Only).

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