All Globalists Together, To Hurt Trump And MAGA Mitch McConnell Hands democRATs Senate As Paul Ryan Did 2018 House



"That's what she said" aka '01 mitch mcconnell', meme by us.
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Other than resigning 7 months earlier and then not leaving office afterwards, RINO (Republican In Name Only) Senate Minority ‘Leader’ {sic} Mitch McConnell has basically followed the same script that Paul Ryan did when he was Speaker of the House in 2018.

It was Wednesday, April 11, of that year when Ryan announced he would not be running for another term in Congress. But instead of doing the right thing for his party (ostensibly Republican) and country (allegedly America) and resigning right away so a replacement Speaker could be named and mount a proper House retention campaign, Paul said he would retire at the end of the year then did everything he could to fuck us all over.

People insist Republicans controlled the Senate AND House from January 2017 to January 2019, but this is NOT true as Ryan used his power to block as much of President Trump’s agenda as he possibly could.

Ryan’s last hurrah in CONgress was to hand the gavel to Nancy Pelosi so that she could impeach President Donald Trump (as it turns out, two times), the bitch. Pelosi is a bitch too. And in case you haven’t heard, her husband is a poof! Nancy seriously needs to take an HIV test. Better study hard, they don’t grade those on a curve!

“This guy!” aka ’02 paul ryan’, meme by us.

Paul claimed he was going to spend more time with his kids. Bullshit, he joined the Board of Directors at Fox Corporation in March of 2019 after leaving CONgress the first week of January. Or he got tired of his kids that quickly… At Fox Corp, he oversees the disinformation machine they have become which attacks MAGA and President Trump daily.

Paul has also, over the last 3+ years now, personally attacked President Trump and announced that Trump won’t be the 2024 Republican nominee, as if Ryan gets to decide that. “Trump’s unelectability will be palpable by then”, he claims. “We all know that he’s so much more likely to lose the White House than anybody else running for president on our side of the aisle, so why would we want to go with that?”, he added.

Reality Shed fact checkers have determined those pronouncements by Ryan are FALSE. Trump IS popular, just not with anti-American RINO pieces of shit. The good news, which leftists always ignore, is that Trump was acquitted forever…twice.

The Office – Jim Hates Todd Packer

The unfortunate truth, which we must all enlighten our fellow Americans to, is that RINOs aren’t real Republicans and they in fact collude with democRATs on ‘risky schemes’ designed to destroy our country from within. ‘Little things’ such as BLM, ANTIFA, more illegal aliens in the USA than ever before, Bidenflation, national debt that never stops climbing, are just the tip of the communist iceberg.

The combined left use things like closing schools down, CRT, the ‘trans’ movement, masks, distancing and virtual learning to set our kids’ education back years.

They enacted policies to bankrupt businesses, cost people their jobs, and denied people the right to see their loved ones, including on holidays and while sick or even when dying.

They redefine words, then attack us when their gaslighting doesn’t take. A vaccine takes 10 years on average to develop, if we even can (we still don’t have one for the common cold VIRUS), yet they want us to believe that 9 months with no testing makes it safe because they are ‘the science’ and just do it!

‘Et Tu, GOP?’, by AlexCornitius, via imgflip.com

Then, when perfectly healthy people (especially younger adults and even kids) who had the covid shot(s) have strokes or heart attacks or die of ‘suddenly’ we are monsters for believing the two are connected despite those things NEVER EVER happening in such numbers in those groups before the shots.

They always claim our events are ‘super spreaders’ while allowing ‘mostly peaceful’ (aka terrorist) leftist ‘protests’ (aka riots) where buildings burn to the ground. Then our actually peaceful protests are met with murder and accusations of ‘insurrection’ with people getting locked up in jail for months or years without trial.

They locked us out of our churches, then later burned them down. They are tearing down our history, including statues, while erecting statues of pr0n stars (George Floyd performed as ‘Floyd the landlord’) they treat as saints.

‘PAUL RYAN, Man of the People* … *Keeping in mind that corporations are people’, by verty, via icanhascheezburger.com. AND also communist China and illegal aliens…to Paul.

Now they are laundering billions of taxpayer dollars through Ukraine, and that funded the 2022 election theft, just as the ‘covid relief’ that was stolen was used to fund the 2020 election theft.

They ignore the U.S. Constitution and the Rights it doesn’t give to us but rather acknowledges we already have, while imposing communist Chinese rules like social(IST) credit scores, and all things covid related (lockdowns, marks, distancing).

If you don’t think the 2020 (House, Senate, Presidency, Governor) and 2022 (House, Senate, Governor) elections have been stolen, you are in denial as to how insidious and evil AND coordinated democRATs and RINOs are. We are seeing states where, allegedly, the 4th or 5th highest office in the state was overwhelmingly won by a Republican but all other offices above or below it were lost. As if people right of center go to vote and split their ticket like that. They don’t!

TWO stolen elections in a row, and notice every time they delay counting they win AND that this shit always happens in blue areas. Also, realize they got rid of Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio BEFORE stealing the 2018 election (Krysten Sinema vs Martha McSally for U.S. Senate), the 2020 election, and also the 2022 election there.

‘RINOS gotta go!!!’, “Putrid Pierre Delecto; Manchuria Mitch McConnell…”, by Hardraker, via imgflip.com. This shows the importance of getting to know any site you use to create a meme, as imgflip covers up Lisa Murkowski under their watermark.

In 2012, Joe defeated Paul Penzone by almost 62000 votes, then magically lost in 2016 by 196000 despite getting almost the same number of votes (14000 less than in 2012), while Paul got an unbelievable 262000 MORE votes than 4 years earlier. No. Fucking. Way.

While writing this we saw a LOT of memes complaining about ‘stimulus checks’ (total number and or total dollar amount). Bidenflation ate up any such checks we all got OR could have potentially received, AND the money was fiat currency anyway (backed by nothing and printed just to give away). It was never real. They always intended to ‘take it back’ via policy, which Biden did.

They even just tried telling us a week ago that 20% of the vote centers (45 out of 223) in Maricopa County had issues, and that those issues were a “just 1 in 5” election ballot reading error rate…then they laughed. That is also 20 fucking percent, which is enough to contaminate (aka steal) ANY election anywhere.

‘Mitch McConnell, an old, bitter woman.’, “THE OLD, BITTER; WOMAN; (COURTESY OF TUCKER CARLSON.)”, by PRESIDENT_ELECT_Right1, via imgflip.com

Mitch is the one who determined when to cut off MAGA candidates who had very good chances of winning from the funds they needed to run ads and cover other election expenses. Now he is trying to place the blame for that with Senator Rick Scott of Florida.

McConnell’s right-hand man, Josh Holmes, is claiming that in this ONE case, the McConnell controlled National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) “was run basically as a Rick Scott super PAC”. For his part, Scott said “It’s an amazing act of cowardice, and ultimately, it’s treasonous to the conservative cause”, and “trash-talking” to blame him for what the McConnell-backed super PAC did.

The various Senate candidates themselves, to a person from what we’ve seen and heard, have placed the blame on Mitch. And rightly so. There is no chance he would stick so much money he raised into an account and hand control totally off to ANYONE else.

‘Emperor Mitch’, “WE NEVER ACTUALLY SAW HIM HIT THE GROUND DID WE 🤔”, by GarethKnox, via imgflip.com

Mitch’s actions cost us at least New Hampshire and Arizona, and he backed trump-hating RINO Lisa Murkowski in Alaska against ACTUAL Republican Kelly Tshibaka…to the tune of $9 million. The democRAT came in a distant 3rd with under 10%, and despite coming in 2nd the newly introduced ‘ranked choice’ {sic} will now kick in and give the seat to Lisa, proving it is yet another communist scheme to steal elections.

The only reason the ‘Red Wave’ didn’t happen is that RINO’s and democRATs colluded, AGAIN, to steal ‘our democracy*’ {sic}. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney (HERE, HERE, and HERE) built that…100% intentionally.

*We are now and have always been a Constitutional (or Representative) Republic, and NOT a ‘democracy’ which is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

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