So Very Brave!, ‘Yellowstone’ Follows Coffee Company Lead Waiting YEARS To Reveal They Are Alt-Far-Left In Disguise



'Say it again. I've never seen Field of Dreams.', from Tin Cup (1996, Warner Bros.), by unknown, via memecreator.org
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When you promote yourself as something that you are not, it will ultimately be revealed. The trick for leftists (including fake Christians and RINOs; Republicans In Name Only AKA non-Conservatives) is to put that revelation off long enough to siphon as large a chunk of your money away as possible.

We saw one revealed when Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, after years of attacks from leftists on his company, stopped donating to right of center causes and embraced woke (now donating that money to left-wing groups instead).

In mid 2020, Dan also shined the shoes of a black BLM supporter and encouraged Caucasian Americans to “repent for racism by shining the shoes” of black people. Fuck you Dan Cathy AND your shitty food too. We are NOT racist…except against communists. Our family were poor farmers who NEVER owned slaves, here or in Europe.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy bends the knee to BLM Marxism. by unknown, found online. meme by us. The rapper is alleged Christian ‘Lecrae’. No actual real proper Christian supports Marxism, and that is what BLM is!

We have also seen Black Rifle Coffee (BRC) claim that they were “veteran-founded and owned” and were “patriots”, but in 2020, when the country was on fire from “mostly peaceful” ANTIFA and BLM rioting, they decided to denounce anyone who stood up to that, including a teenager (Kyle Rittenhouse) who was defending himself from a group of adults intent on murdering him (one with a heavy wooden skateboard).

BRC co-founder Evan Hafer claims the company is denouncing “racism, hatred, bigotry and antisemitism” and “distancing itself from “extremists” and “right-wing fringe groups”. However, he never denounced democRATs or their BLM and ANTIFA paramilitary thugs.

Those he considers “liberal” or “progressive”. His language choices, such as referring to actual patriots as “far-right” and “extremists”, while also calling MAGA “racist” and offered to pay them to not buy BRC, do demonize normality though.

Hafer actually said, “I hate racist, Proud Boy-ish people”. Proud Boys were co-founded by a black-Cuban (Enrique ‘Henry’ Tarrio), jackhole. So there Evan admits HE is racist against blacks AND hispanics! Dana Loesch and Sean Hannity still shill for BRC.

There is NO ‘white supremacist’ movement in the USA, but there is a large ‘leftist supremacist’ movement and it is called the democRAT party. No matter how many times the alt-far-left try to gaslight that we are not normal or are “extremists”, we are not the ones aborting or grooming or trans’ing kids.

Talk to the hand because the Costner don’t understand. Kevin as Jonathan Kent in ‘Man of Steel’ (2013). By unknown, from Warner Bros., via imdb.com. Waving goodbye to any goodwill he still had just before the tornado of bad choices sweeps his career away.

If you are going to drink alt-far-left coffee, we are certain there are much cheaper AND better tasting brands. Coffee IS the original ‘energy drink’. We personally hate the taste of it and only use it when we need to stay awake.

The store brand is fine for that, or sometimes the closeout section at Big Lots has a name-brand on sale. You can drink those while waking up to Whatfinger News, which is run by pro-MAGA / pro-Trump veterans and the top Conservative aggregator since Drudge threw his lot in with leftists in late 2017 (during the special election for U.S. Senator from Alabama, to replace Jeff Sessions when he became U.S. Attorney General).

‘It was before its time.’, from ‘Waterworld’ (1995, Universal Pictures), by unknown, via 9gag.com

This past week, Taylor Sheridan, the creator of ‘Yellowstone’, told alt-far-left ‘The Atlantic’ (itself discussed prior HERE and HERE) that his show isn’t “anti-woke”, or “conservative”, or “Republican”, or a “red-state version of Game of Thrones”, and that “I just sit back laughing” when that happens.

Perhaps ‘Yellowbelly’ would have been a better title. We actually tried to watch the show months ago, on the Peacock App on our streaming device. That was when we realized the previously working app wasn’t working any longer and no amount of ‘troubleshooting’ has​ gotten it to work again (the only option left is resetting the entire device and starting all over installing apps and typing passwords with a remote control…no thank you).

Kevin Costner looks down on you but he just dug the hole to throw his career into for burying purposes., from ‘Yellowstone’ (2018, Paramount Global Distribution Group), by unknown, via thestreamable.com

At the time, we weren’t happy about that, but now we realize God decided to save us from watching that show. Apparently, the last few seasons have included stories of American Indians* having land stolen from them, and vegan protesters.

It is a ‘Western’ type series, but we already wrote about the democRAT corruption that dates back to 1786 and includes Tombstone in 1880 where an election saw a district with TEN voters vote 103-1 against the Republican candidate.

In 2018, Costner argued illegal aliens and children ‘country burglaring’ with them shouldn’t be separated because the kids don’t speak English. Amazingly, Kevin ignores that if they are on the OTHER side of the Mexican border OR in their home countries, that is not a problem. Also, those kids aren’t usually theirs and no DNA tests are run to prove their parentage.

Communist Liz Cheney post of Kevin Costner wearing t-shirt backing her., from ‘Yellowstone’ (2018, Paramount Global Distribution Group), by unknown, via instagram.com. Screenshot by us. Real men don’t embrace communism, and the ‘coupsurrection’ that removed President Trump from office.

Back in August, the communist known as Liz Cheney (HERE, HERE and HERE) posted a picture of series star Kevin wearing a t-shirt promoting her. Costner stated, “I wanted to let her know, as a citizen, how much I appreciated her brave, clear-headed stance.” Kevin had also supported Pete Bootygig for President in 2020, and said he doesn’t care if people who liked him before stop liking him. Good.

We remember reading an interview in the last year or so where Kevin Costner threw shade at ‘The Postman’ (not sure of when he said it) which he directed, produced and starred in, but we can’t find it now. We believe the endless attacks on the movie led to those comments.

The Postman 1997 Trailer | Kevin Costner | Will Patton (480p). THIS is where we will be in a few years if the policies of those Costner supports play out.
The Postman – Original Theatrical Trailer (only 240p but shorter, has different scenes AND that great ‘movie trailer voice’ guy, Don LaFontaine (RIP), AKA ‘Thunder Throat’ AKA ‘The Voice of God’ AKA ‘The King of Movie Trailers’).

Regardless, it is a good movie and serves as a warning, especially compared to the regime of the Usurper in Thief Joe Biden. Also, be sure to vet things and people and companies before accepting them as they originally presented themselves.

*So-called ‘native americans’ 1) came here from Asia over the Bering Strait land bridge, and 2) it wasn’t America then.

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