Lincoln Speaks Out From Grave, Via Seance Former President Abraham Wishes ‘president’ Liz Cheney Well at the Theater



The presidential box (L) at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., the day after Lincoln was shot there by John Wilkes Booth. An 1865 photo of Lincoln (R) believed to be the last taken of him. (Library of Congress/AP Photo) via latimes.com
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Usually when someone loses a congressional race by more than 37% in a safe district her daddy bought for her and by more actual votes than she even received herself they would go off and reflect. Instead what turned out to be a great day for Patriots was a very bad day for COMMUNIST Liz Cheney (a known election theft denier AND colluder with alt-far-left-democRATs), but she decided to double down on her betrayal of America anyway. So rather than concentrate on bettering herself, such as to stop being a useful idiot for NaziPiglosi (AKA Nancy Pelosi) or going off to spend time on the hobbies mentioned here she had a little surprise in store.

COMMUNIST Liz Cheney by ALEX WONG/GETTY via people.com, red word of truth by me.

COMMUNIST Liz Cheney decided instead to announce she will be our next President, probably, and in doing so invoked the names of President Abraham Lincoln and President (and General) Ulysses S. Grant as if that magically justified her many crimes against our Constitution and Republic. Feeling ones ears burn as your name is spoken is normal for the living, but it is actually also apparently maybe possibly a thing for the dead as well, perhaps.

On hearing Lincoln’s comments Johnny Depp chimed in and pondered, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” Which was weird as he also asked that June 22, 2017 in response to a question about President Trump. Hmm… Then Depp couched it saying “I want to clarify, I’m not an actor” which is funny because he is PAID to act in movies. “I lie for a living.” He continued as people accepted what he said as fact. “However, it’s been a while, and maybe it’s time.” It was later claimed the entire statement was a “youthful indiscretion” by the then 54 year old who lies for a living (when not acting for money). It’s okay my brain hurts from typing it. Still think Amber Heard should have lost? Us too, but they actually both should have. They deserved each other!

Communist Johnny Depp via abcnewsgo (a division of groomer Disney)

Just a month before Depp’s 2017 statement Kathy Griffin released one of her own (with a picture) where she terrorized a little boy named Baron. About COMMUNIST Liz Cheney she added that she would hold her hair OR the knife, but not both. An obvious reference to that picture she had taken by Tyler Shields…TYLER SHIELDS…who joked at the time “I really hope that they let me visit her (Kathy) at Guantanamo.” So funny.

Communist Kathy Griffin, by TYLER SHIELDs via ew.com

Obviously this was all meant in good humor (except the part about Liz Cheney being a COMMUNIST), so we won’t apologize. We also know we certainly don’t want COMMUNIST Liz Cheney’s father to invite us ‘quail hunting’. We will take no more responsibility than older persons Depp and Griffin (and possibly TYLER SHIELDS) have for their jokes that seemed very serious at the time despite always being meant as jokes even when they were not, HAHA. Plus it was Abraham Lincoln who said it during the seance, so blame him. President Grant had no comment.

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