More Time to Burn in Hell, As Expected Liz Cheney Retired by Voters to Concentrate on Perma-Tan and Other Hobbies



Lizpiggy by @PapiTrumpo on twitter
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They said she was delusional for running again after betraying most of the Republican voters of her ‘home state’ of Wyoming, and she was even sanctioned by the state’s Republican Party to stop calling herself a Republican. But just as with joining the illegal ‘J6’ committee (the first committee in history to have no members appointed by Minority Party leadership) the alt-far-left MSM rooted her on anyway.

COMMUNIST “Liz Cheney’s opposition to former president Donaly Trump has left her fighting to hold on to Wyoming’s only House seat which she has held three terms. (Aug. 15) (AP video by Haven Daley) AP” via usatoday.com, red word of truth by me.

Now in a surprise to nobody sane but rather only to everyone evil and delusional Liz ‘communist punk’ Cheney, daughter of a man who once ‘accidentally’ shot ‘a friend’ while out hunting ‘quail’ (which is all RINO code for being careless with a shotgun around a then 78-year old Texas Attorney you barely knew), has lost her bid to continue taking a dump on America in general and MAGA voters in particular. Some suggested that Liz was controlled by Nancy Pelosi, the illegitimate Speaker of the House who illegally appointed Liz to J6, but we all know who was really pulling her strings.

Bushcheney by unknown, found online.

Now that Liz has lost to Harriet Hageman by an approximately 2-1 margin she will have a lot more time to think about things other than wiping with the Constitution. Liz will continue to grasp as straws and make mountains out of molehills until the new Congress takes their oath the first week of January 2023. In addition to burning in hell more Liz also plans to spend more time fucking herself and pounding sand. Good luck with those Liz!

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