Microchip The Elite, The Time Has Arrived To Always Know Where Globalists Are As They Plot To Track Our Kids



An X-ray shows implanted microchips, by CBS News (AKA SeeBS Snewz) via
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Not being satisfied with paying a monthly fee to be tracked wherever they go and monitored in all of their communications (which is exactly what that cellphone next to you has done since you got it) people are now being gaslighted into thinking that putting a tiny computer chip into their own body surgically is a good thing to do despite the known evil that is the World Economic Forum (WEF) being the ones to suggest it. And as WEF knows most Western adults will shun the idiocy of that, they are positioning their plot as a safety measure for children they didn’t get you to abort.

It even came out this week that WEF hires people to go online and promote their risky schemes so you can rest assured you need to vet anything you read now, especially when it is a suggestion like “there are solid, rational reasons to microchip children” because no there are not! They just want to know where all of their cattle are (GPS)…which includes us. For NOW the RFID* chips are passive and emit a ‘low frequency’, claiming they have no power source and can only be accessed when a reader gets within a few inches of them. What those pushing that fail to say is that if they install readers everywhere then you can be monitored virtually constantly.

Jeff Bozos (AKA Bezos) with terminator guards, by unknown, found online.

WEF even suggests the microchips will become fashion accessories but fail to explain how since they are located under your skin. They also try to equate them to glasses or hearing aids, but those are things people actually need. Despite the claims there is nothing ‘trendy’ about the mark of the beast (they try and belittle that concept by saying the original Greek word for ‘mark’ is stigma which means ‘branding’, but you brand OR mark cattle so…no real difference). We can open doors with our hands, and can also use those to pull out cash or a credit card. That is what they are there for, so we don’t need an implanted chip! The companies pushing these claim you can put your passport data or medical records on the chip, which is great for criminals with chip readers so they have easier access to your vital information without resorting to picking your pocket or hacking your computer.

THIS is what gullible looks like, Urinalist Olivia Solon after getting microchipped (by a “tattooed piercer”), photo courtesy of herself via

Augmentation is only a foregone conclusion for people who long ago became sheeple (and WEF have said they don’t need most of us). So far the chips aren’t being implanted at doctor’s offices, so for those who consider abortion centers safe they will love going to a piercing shop or tattoo parlor to get the procedure done because that is who does them (but those do warn infections are possible, and that the devices are not certified or tested by any regulatory agency to be used inside a human body). We’ll sleep better knowing all of that.

The ultimate goal as described by WEF founder and president Klaus ‘demon’ Schwab is microchips that can read your thoughts, as he admitted in his book ‘The Great Reset‘. There are claims the market for this interconnectability is worth billions, but given that the first chip implants happened around 20 years ago that seems unlikely. More likely is it being used as another level of control. They claim there will be ‘ethical regulation’ but they aren’t capable of that, as their censorship of populists online proves.

Trump prepared us, by unknown, found online.

As with a lot of bad ideas today, Europe has led the way and one Swedish company has been chipping their staff since 2015 (with about 75% compliance from 4000 employees). The technology isn’t new as it has been used by pet owners for years. Same concept but you are the pet now and the chips hold more data. Albert Bourla (CEO of Pfizer) even told Schwab at the 2022 Davos event that ‘ingestible pills’ would be available soon, and those would be capable of notifying authorities if you had ingested what they ordered you to via a wireless signal.

We already saw Google Glass and Segways fail, and the later item had pre-release claims that entire cities would be constructed around its use. And education improvement related claims aside kids who can’t learn now because of shitty teachers trying to indoctrinate them won’t magically become geniuses because of an implant. This is all part of WEF’s attempt to push what they call ‘augmented society’ which sounds just as shitty as the Facebook / Meta ‘Metaverse’ by Mark Zuckerberg. The so-called elite want you to live in virtual reality (or at least eat bugs), but you’ll never find them there. You will be Neo in the pod pre-Morpheus and they will be your pod keepers.

*like the tags they use in stores to prevent theft.

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