Said Nobody Sane Ever!, The Sole Reply To Leftist And Corporation Insistence Only Drag Queens Can Teach Kids To Read



Cartoon of kids by a fence reading, and not a groomer in sight. by unknown via wdrfree.com
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Ever since President Trump won in 2016, the left has given up any pretense of normal and, despite some people still giving them an out by saying so, they are not dumb and they are intentionally pushing evil in an effort to destroy America from within. One of their most insidious risky schemes is to insist children must be read to or taught to read by ‘drag queens’ (men pretending to be women). We’ve seen this all over the country, and in the last few days Los Angeles, California libraries and Roanoke, Texas, have joined in.

Cartoon of kids reading by a creek, sans groomers. by unknown via vecteezy.com

The pedophile groomers promoting this under the guise of academics admit they are “queering” early childhood education. Even the Nanny-state Nicaraguan, Ana Navarro, says it is better to expose kids to drag queens than to their 2nd Amendment Rights and proper firearms safety. She claims “the party’s gone crazy” and we agree that democRATs have, but she means Republicans…while still insisting she is one (she is NOT). She also claimed that we have “manufactured culture wars”, but she and her fellow RINOs and their democRAT handlers started it. Then she prattles on about “LGBTQ rights” but those don’t replace our rights.

Armed ANTIFA ‘protect’ pedophiles busy with kids, from Paramount by Donnie Stacy saved to ‘We are the Borg’ via pinterest.com

What really annoyed us was her trying to flip the script by saying “I looked at the top causes of endangerment for children, of children’s death — it’s firearms, it’s car accidents, it’s drownings. It is not drag queens. I’ve yet to see a kid that dies from being exposed to a drag queen.” Nobody said drag queens were killing kids and she knows that. We said they are GROOMING kids, Ana you bitch!

We will just add that we have seen two excellent short videos of dads instructing their young daughters on shooting recently, but won’t share them to avoid any accusations (but if you look for them, you’ll find them; one was outside with live ammo and one inside with simulation). And wow, do those girls know what they are doing!

Actual ANTIFA “armed extremists with military grade assault weapons”* terrorize Roanoke Texas to protect pedophiles by unknown from online.

Just yesterday, video was released of Ohio democRAT US Senate candidate Tim Ryan, a communist who always claims to be moderate and who stood by while jobs fled the Mahoning Valley (Youngstown-Warren area), who was caught telling transgenders “You can count on me” and “I’m going to support you in every way, shape, and form”. For decades democRATs said they were “for the children”, but what they meant was that the children were for (as in a gift to) their pervert friends.

Corporations are getting in on the push, with Disney using Marvel Studios to push perversion in multiple Marvel superhero properties (TV and movies), including the upcoming ‘Ironheart’ (which is a story about a young black woman who finds broken Ironman armor and, according to MSM ‘invents it’ but actually just repairs it and uses it). Disney decided to hire a RuPaul’s Drag Race ‘star’ in that (not as the lead though). Disney, headed by GEO (Grooming Executive Officer) Bob Chapek (who attacked Florida parents for trying to protect their kids from people like him), has actually been grooming kids since October 16, 1923, remains intent on pushing leftism and should be boycotted.

Typical ‘trans’ drag race, just look at the depravity! by Christopher Smith via motor1.com. Another example of leftists changing our world by changing our language.

Even Woke-a-Cola (AKA Coca-Cola, AKA Liquid Poison R Us), along with Microsoft (AKA you are better off running Linux), Com(munist)cast and BlackRock would rather do business with communist China and grooming your kids helps decrease our population, which helps China rise while we fall.

The UK experimented with drag queens reading to kids in the 1970’s and the result was this, the ‘finest minds’ ever at Scumbag College…and none of them can read. from The Young Ones by BBC via bbc.co.uk. “Oi! Up Scumbag! Up Scumbag!”

So the plan by the alt-far-left is to use kids sexually, and convert them to the trans lifestyle. This IS about those current kids, but MOSTLY it is about future kids…as in the ones they will not have after being sterilized. No worries though, as the left will simply import replacements, just as Usurper in Thief Joe Biden is doing now (and those aren’t being tested or ‘vaxxed’ for Covid nor are they targeted for ‘trans’). All according to the left’s plan for Western population replacement. Conspiracy? We wish! It is actually happening right now!

*Yes, we know, but that is what MSM and democRATs would say if we had those.

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