No Safe Space For Kids, California School District To Parents — Bring Groomers Into Homes Due To Rising Rent Rates



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When not striking or preparing to strike, ‘teachers’ do their best…to indoctrinate in government schools, which often involves grooming kids, including into the so-called ‘trans’ lifestyle. “You are being too hard on them!”, some are likely thinking. First, that’s what she said, and no as they have drifted left for years and helped push social(IST) justice, along with the Covid / mask / lockdown / vaxx lies, okay with the drag queen reading time, all while gaslighting kids that math was racist, words mean new things to fit a communist agenda and more. As a group, they deserve derision.

Now a school district in the Santa Clara County and Bay Area has had seven ‘teachers’ leave for more affordable places to live, and parents of the Milpitas Unified School District are being contacted about renting rooms in their homes to ‘teachers’. Just like the rest of America as the rents in that area of California have risen, so too has the price to buy a home. When you factor in the costs of daily life due to Bidenflation things are difficult for most of us, so expect this to be the start of a trend across the USA. Sounds great to help someone out, right? Well, what if that person was likely to be filling your kid’s brain with communism like ‘climate change’ on a daily basis? Still sound good?

“Welcome to Santa Carla, Murder Capital of the World, You’ll never grow old and you’ll never die, but you must feed!” inspired by ‘The Lost Boys’ design by DAObiwan & GoodIdeaRyan via shirtoid.com. Oops, wrong place!

Make no mistake, the behavior of leftist adults towards kids today is 100 percent predatory. They are NOT the left’s kids! They are also NOT there for the left’s sexual perversions. The next step, which EU countries have already pushed for over there, is that Americans house illegal aliens as their people do ‘migrants’ and ‘refugees’. We are even seeing some of that with expensive hotels being used now in so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ with taxpayers funding that as well.

At the same time, we are seeing teachers and professors who actually teach (along with other government employees) being let go for pushing back on the alt-far-left’s communist agenda, and they are winning the battle. Back in April, 2022, an Ohio college professor named Nick Meriwether won a $400,000 verdict after he sued Shawnee State University when they demanded he use ‘preferred pronouns’ of a student in 2018. Then just yesterday, a Kansas teacher, Pamela Ricard who had taught math at Fort Riley Middle School in the Geary County School District, received a $95,000 settlement after they had been suspended for the same thing as Professor Meriwether. In addition to that and a fine, the Kansas school officials will reinstate Richard and clear her work history record (she retired as planned in May 2022, so she will receive missed pay and full retirement benefits).

“If an illegal immigrant got into a fight with a sex offender – would it be alien vs predator” bu unknown via makeameme.org

The university and high school both actually tried to argue the instructor’s speech wasn’t protected by the First Amendment and they were required to do as they were told. Is this communist China? Not yet! And it is called English you leftist fuck DNA deniers, you don’t get to choose pronouns! Both of their legal efforts were helped by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is the same group helping the Austin Fire Department chaplain we discussed yesterday. But the problem with these judgments and settlements is that the wrong people are paying them and the ones who made these decisions should be held accountable, not taxpayers or college endowments. With the Oberlin College appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court being rejected and the Gibson’s Bakery family entitled to collect, FINALLY, perhaps we are rounding third and heading for home on putting this game away.

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