Stolen Passport Cherry, How the Extremist DOJ and Terrorist FBI Topped its Illegality Sundae in RAID of President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago



An ice cream sundae against a pink background, from stockfood.com, three cherries for the three passports FBI stole.
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It first broke as news when President Trump himself announced a RAID was taking place around 7pm EST on Monday, August, 8, 2022, but we later learned it had actually just ended after starting around 9am that same day and that Trump’s personal attorney Christina Bobb was forced to leave, was not given a copy of the search warrant and was made to stand at the very end of the driveway outside. We also learned from her that despite the terrorist FBI requesting that the security system be turned off it couldn’t be (which staff at Mar-a-Lago informed them off) and that Trump and his family had witnessed the entire RAID on CCTV.

Mar-A-Lago, An aerial view on Wednesday August 10, 2022. by Steve Helber/AP via FakeNewsCNN

We are dealing with a Department of INjustice that has been directed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate and harass parents who are trying to protect their own children from the indoctrination into perversity that is commonplace today in government schools, even going so far as to label THEM “domestic terrorists”. Garland has also gone after Patriots for walking single file through velvet rope lines at the U.S. Capitol but hasn’t found a single ANTIFA or BLM from the 2020 riots, nor a single leftist who took over the Capitol in October 2018 and AGAIN October 2020 in insurrections over Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett being named to the U.S. Supreme Court by Trump.

Banana split, from outerbanksthisweek.com, no it isn’t an ice cream sundae but you try finding pictures of ice cream with three cherries on it.

Not to mention the absolute strangeness that is the attorney (Bruce Reinhart) for noted child groomer and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein somehow becoming a Magistrate Judge and signing the order for the RAID. Epstein was famously BANNED from Mar-A-Lago after Trump was made aware of what Jeffrey did for fun. What most probably do not know is that Reinhart was a federal prosecutor working on the Epstein case and switched sides in the middle of that case. So this guy is an absolute scumbag with an obvious agenda and needs a deep investigation of his own.

U.S. Attorney John Durham (L), Hillary Clinton (R) speaks to supporters following the 2016 presidential election in Manhattan, November 9, 2016.(United States Attorney’s Office, District of Connecticut/Wikimedia, Carlos Barria/Reuters), via nationalreview.com

The RAID on Mar-A-Lago also just happened to take place on the anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation from the Presidency in 1974, which Hillary Clinton had a small part in. Given that the illegal warrant was signed illegally 3 days earlier that delay is absolutely 100% intentional and meant as a clear message. And with news breaking that the FBI team that COMMITTED the RAID is the same one behind the Russia Hoax and is currently under investigation by Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice John Durham (AKA Pitbull at Law) it becomes obvious why the left keep calling for his investigation to end.

Obamanixon by unknown, found online. Suitable replacement for Hillarynixon.

What happened was a first in the over 240 year history of the USA and should have happened to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, not to President Donald Trump. Modern Democrats have morphed over the last few years into alt-far-left-communist-extremists ‘left’* before our eyes and the FBI likely planted ‘evidence’ to come back and find later, AND also installed surveillance equipment of their own. So when it came down to it, what was one more illegality like stealing passports when you’ve committed so many already? What should happen to every democRAT, FBI and DOJ person involved in the RAID? Crap Sundae, on us.

“The cherry on top of the crap sundae that is my life?”, Scrubs from ABC Studios, via getyarn.io

*there are SO left they suck the right out of everything, like a black hole of leftness.

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