Second Hire An Army, The Reality Shed Beginner’s Guide to Wealth Confiscation 101 for Those ‘Novel’ to Dictatoring



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You’ve seen the news headlines and became jealous. No worries, you weren’t alone and we are here to assure you it isn’t too late for you to get in on the action yourself. Not to be outdone by ‘the Covid’ we are ‘new straining*’ this story, and you’ve caught it. Congratulations on taking your first step towards a better…for you…tomorrow. Now with 20% faster results too! That isn’t a promise, it is guaranteed. In just five easy steps you too can be a dictator and be rolling in money with no overhead and zero blowback. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Okay so the headline gives away step #2 in our easy to follow plan. How can we do that you wonder? Easy, you already did step one by deciding to be a dictator so we skip it and save you 1/5 of the effort. Now about that army. What do you do if you suddenly find yourself in need of…oh say…87,000 armed people authorized to take “what don’t belong to them”? Just run an ad, like this one:

Actual IRS ad (August 09, 2022), from @FordFischer on Twitter.

Notice that word “work” in there? That is something you’ll never have to worry about again, as others will do that for you…kind of like slaves given just enough to not complain. For this army you will need ‘true believers’ because we aren’t playing around here. We want people’s stuff and we are going to fucking get it, whatever it takes. Rights? What rights! They have the rights WE decide they have, and also the wealth we decide to leave them and honestly it won’t be very much. Constitution? That thing written by ‘muh racists’? I wouldn’t worry about that. Courts? Look what they just did to President Trump. Those too will bend to your will.

Actually the ultimate group size will be much higher with our secret multiplier. What is it? We will import foreigners to terrorize our own actual citizens. They cost you nothing and are stupid enough to travel long distances to enter a “racist country” (according to MSM and democRATs) in hopes of a better life. The fools! So we will set up illegal aliens in new digs and make sure their kids have an education and are well fed. The kids of citizens are their own problem. And if need be we can activate reserve paramilitary groups (think BLM and ANTIFA) and pay them in cash by stacks of magically appearing bricks as happened in 2020.

Dollar sign eyes, Monopoly Man (AKA ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’) from Parker Brothers a division of Hasbro, via pinterest.com

How much will 87,000 such people cost? According to our research anywhere between $2,754,420,000 and $8,357,220,000, with the likely number being approximately $4,474,410,000 (based on a minimum salary of $31,660, maximum of $96,060 and a median of $51,430). Can’t afford billions? Easy, just pay for it as the government does! Go see the PRIVATE BANK (aka non-federal agency) known as the ‘Federal Reserve (or The Fed)'[SIC] and borrow the money to do so. Plus money is a concept we all agree on. Even U.S. currency is fiat, backed by nothing but the illusion the federal government is worth something. You aren’t ever paying it back anyway, so no worries. You could of course just use your own printing press (as they do), basically starting your own bank, but that is illegal and we wouldn’t want to break any laws.

Running with money bag closed, Monopoly Man (AKA ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’) from Parker Brothers a division of Hasbro, via 3dmixers.com

Now you are ready to begin your own war on Middle-Class Americans (and any others too, which will be a shock to them when it starts but hey, you have an army). When they are not out confiscating (and “using deadly force, if necessary”), where do you house them? Easy, some people won’t be able to or will refuse to pay ‘their fair share’. I told you we needed true believers and this is where that pays off. They’ll do what needs to be done, and your hands remain clean.

At some point you will have enough (if there is such a thing) and no longer need the army. What do you do when they discover you can’t (or won’t) continue to pay them and that they have been used? That is what the ‘vaxx’ is for. Per studies those shots reduce the natural immune system by 3-6% per month and it never recovers, so once they start taking the shots people need those ‘boosters’ (AKA boy are you gullible) to have any semblance of normal life. We can also use inflation as a weapon if needed and starve people and create group infighting via that. Meanwhile you relax and enjoy your new lifestyle, mask free and flying on private jets.

Walking with money bag open, Monopoly Man (AKA ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’) from Parker Brothers a division of Hasbro, via pinterest.com

So we now have the entire easy to follow plan:
1) want to be a dictator
2) raise an army
3) print money and confiscate property in order to house your army and keep them happy
4) get rid of army…and most other people
5) enjoy your spoils

Mission accomplished. You’ve followed all the steps. Well done! Now don’t forget…you rule.

Dancing, Monopoly Man (AKA ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’) from Parker Brothers a division of Hasbro, via amazon.com

*”The word “novel” originated from the Latin word “novus,” which means “new.” In medicine, “novel” usually refers to a virus or bacterial strain that was not previously identified.” –via search. Now you can watch for more of the left’s new way to scam you via adding their fancy word.

08.15.2022 1:26am, adding top picture resized to 50% here as it isn’t loading properly at top on mobile OR tablet which ruins that reveal (where you can only see family on main page as intended, then you see entire picture on clicking in). On desktop it works fine. No more wide picture jokes.

Traditional Family from themotherco.com -AND- Monopoly Man (AKA ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’) from Parker Brothers a division of Hasbro, Tactical Monopoly via military.com, trim / resize / merge by me. (halfsize)

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