House Speaker Donald Trump, POTUS 45 Seems Opposed But THIS Is How To Thwart Usurper Biden And The Alt-Far-Left



"If Biden get in..." meme, by unknown, found online.
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democRATs and the MSM are so utterly terrified of the idea and are doing their absolute best gaslighting to dismiss it. Those who still cannot accept that the 2020 election was stolen are spinning surreal fantasies about how dead people and illegals voting, along with more votes being cast than adults legally able to vote, then counting stopping when Trump and other MAGA candidates (like John James for Senate in Michigan) are ahead and resuming hours or days later and they are suddenly magically losing is all normal.

They refer to it as an “insane scenario” and “far-fetched notion” with Pelosi having to hand the gavel to Trump and refer to those pushing for same as “cringeworthy loyalist” and “troll”. Then you remember they masked us, took our jobs, locked us in our homes, forced many to take shots, are grooming our kids, changed the way we vote, then gaslighted us that it was all normal. THEY are cringeworthy and insane.

Those who have suggested this before saw the idea demeaned but it is a good one, especially when you combine it with a 2nd Trump Presidential term in 2024. President Trump likely sees it as a step down from POTUS and like being confined to the Capitol for 2 years but really those being confined would be the ones opposed to MAGA. They’d be ‘locked in’ with him, not the other way around. He’d rule the roost!

We know what kind of power a House Speaker has, as Paul RINO Ryan hates Trump and for 2 years blocked everything he tried to do. Then Ryan announced he was retiring and refused to leave for a year, preventing the Republicans from naming a replacement who would actually try to retain the House, thus handing it to Pelosi. Lastly, Rupert Murdoch’s leftist sons took over Fox News Channel and named Ryan to the board of directors there in January 2019.

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The idea of Trump being Speaker is possible as there is NO requirement that position be held by a sitting member of the House. He wouldn’t get to vote on legislation (something nobody else seems to point out) but he would control the agenda, and Xoe Xiden would have to deal with him. PLUS, he would be in line for POTUS right behind VP. And given that just 2 of the 10 RINO traitors remain in the House this is doable.

Just a few of the benefits would be that as House Speaker:
…you schedule and host joint sessions of Congress and would preside (AKA look down upon Biden) at the State of the Union, should he decide to still allow it to happen in the House Chamber

…you control spending as ALL spending Bills must begin in the U.S. House of Representatives*

…you are entitled to be addressed by your highest achieved title first, so he could be known as “President Speaker Donald Trump”

…you get to ‘put baby in the corner’ AKA stick it right back in democRAT faces, literally! Pelosi created an illegal committee and used masks to humiliate Republicans and Trump will put a label on the democRATs forcing them to wear ‘Dunce’ caps to be recognized on the floor

…you would get to preside over the investigations and impeachments of the communist fucks who stole America (Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi; even retired Nancy can still be impeached and retirement benefits stripped; she has toyed with the idea of doing this to Trump so it is possible), and anyone else (Mike Pence) at the Federal level who helped steal the 2020 election**

…you could take a $1.00 salary again as Speaker just to rub it in the noses of people like Liz Cheney who saw their net worth skyrocket while in office

…you would have the best place ever to announce a 2024 Presidential run, the very spot Pelosi used to attack him, the Speaker’s chair!

“Same Congress…” meme, by unknown, found online.

What those in the House now and those running for same that support this idea are doing is letting current House minority leader Kevin McCarthy know they do not support him. McCarthy already announced that if Republicans win the House back, he won’t Impeach Biden. Likewise, Mitch McConnell announced if Republicans take back the Senate there will be no investigations there of Biden. Why are we voting for them again?

Over the last year, President Trump has been asked about this scenario a few times and said, in order:
“Well, I’ve heard the talk and it’s getting more and more, but it’s not something that I would have considered. But it is — certainly there’s a lot of talk about it.”

Then later “You know, it’s very interesting. That’s so interesting. And people have said, run for the Senate, OK, run for the Senate, but you know what? Your idea might be better. It’s very interesting.”

And months after that, he did finally appear to dismiss the idea, saying “No, I think that it’s not something I wanted. A lot of people bring it up. It’s brought up all the time. No, it’s not something I want to do. I want to look at what’s happening, and then we’re going to be doing something else. No, it’s not something I would be interested in.”

Speaker Trump by Konstantin Sergeyev from Getty Images via nymag.com

But we say do it and then you run for POTUS, retake the White House and finish the cleanup. And who would the MSM focus on in this case, Trump or Biden? Trump! They miss the fuck out of those ratings! The left says the Speaker job is too “labor-intensive” for President Trump but he isn’t the one who falls asleep constantly or needs drugs or drink to be propped up like Joe and Nancy do. And at 76 (6 years younger than Nancy) and as a patriot, does Trump really have a better way to spend the next 2 years?! Could golf EVER be THAT fulfilling? NEVER! So have fun with it and destroy the Biden Usurpation and democRATs at the same time.

*except ‘the affordable care act’ (AKA ObamaDONTcare) which was allowed by SCOTUS to begin life in the U.S. Senate in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

**for those at the State level involved, well there is a “special wonton soup for you” as well and it is called DOJ and FBI investigations AFTER those are cleaned up with real committee investigations of their own.

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