The Power of Positive Overthinking, Expose Communism by Merely Adding ‘IST or ‘ISM’ to Reveal Actual Leftist Intent



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Over and over again democRATs win before the battle has truly begun and for one simple and obvious reason…they cheat. Okay they do that but it is actually because they change the language that they ‘win’. It’s like they have Satan’s marketing director on retainer or something. It is actually the MSM covering for and colluding with them, but same difference.

To combat this The Shed has come up with an easy to remember system to deal with it. Step 1 is don’t forget that the left’s risky schemes are always done for evil purposes (so if it “only saves one kid…” Dems are fair game), and Step 2 is add a clarifying element to shine a light on the cockroaches in the room.

Just add ‘IST’ or ‘ISM’ to whatever they propose if the world ‘Social’ is in the phrase:
Social Security becomes SocialIST Security
Social Justice becomes SocialIST Justice, and the related
Social Justice Warrior becomes SocialIST Justice Warrior
Social Media becomes SocialIST Media
Social Credit System becomes SocialIST Credit System

It also works for other words they use, such as:
Critical Race Theory becomes Critical RaceIST Theory (by and for actual racists…Dems)
Ranked Voting becomes…okay, it doesn’t work with that one, but is still communism.

But you aren’t limited to just ‘IST’ or ‘ISM’, you can use other clarifying elements:
The Affordable Care Act AKA Obama Care for example easily becomes ObamaDONTcare.

We here aren’t any smarter than any of you, at least that is what you tell yourselves when reading here, so if we could figure this out then let’s all remember to use this powerful tool daily.

From economist.com (2012) –AND– istockphoto.com (BOTH), merge and edit by me using lunapic.com.

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