Avenatti Presidency Delayed Again, democRATs Scramble For 2024 As Michael (NOT Trump) Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison



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Some don’t want his help, some are openly hostile, and some try to ‘get him‘. One even usurped his office, even making his 4th SCOTUS pick for him, but President Trump is still going to run for his THIRD term (2nd was stolen) in 2024.

One person who didn’t run in 2020 as planned also won’t be able to run in 2024, or 2028, or 2032, or 2036, or even 2040 as he would be leaving prison after the election, meaning he couldn’t campaign. So circle 2044 on your century calendar, as the next year “creepy porn lawyer*” Michael Avenatti will be able to run for POTUS.

‘Michael Avenatti is a Scumbag Lawyer’, “TRUST ME… TRUMP IS A CRIMINAL; YOU WERE JUST ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH EXTORTION”, by Slester78, via imgflip.com

Based on this 14 year sentence alone, he would have been looking at 2040 when he would have been 69, which sounds just right for America’s favorite porn lawyer, but he is already serving a 5 year sentence (partially for stealing from his then client Stephanie Gregory Clifford AKA porn star Stormy Daniels), which means release in 2041 unless he is let out early.

The rest of that previous 5 year sentence was for extorting alt-far-left sports apparel and (made in communist China by slaves) shoe company Nike. He tried to get them to pay $25 million. The sentences will be served consecutively (AKA back to back) rather than concurrently (AKA at the same time). Good!

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Michael pleaded guilty to one count of tax fraud and four counts of wire fraud (these settle charges he blocked the IRS from collecting payroll taxes totaling $5 million from employees of his law office AND a coffee business he owned), in addition to admitting he misappropriated client funds (settlements meant to pass through his office never left it after arriving).

In addition to the extra 14 years in prison, he was also ordered to pay $7 million in restitution, on top of the $300,000 he stole from Stephanie. He has admitted his theft from all clients totaled $10 million, but he was lying again as one (a paraplegic) had already won a $4 million judgment, which brings the total to $11.3 million already.

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The man who once said “Donald Trump is either going to resign, he’s going to be removed from office by impeachment, or I’m going to beat him in 2020. But one way or the other, he’s not going to serve a second term.”–Michael Avenatti via brainyquote.com.

Reality Shed fact checkers have fact checked that statement and found it partially true. The first three elements are all false, but the last one was accomplished via the 2020 election theft (which included the Senate and House too, not just the Presidency).

‘Michael Avenatti’, “TO BE ARRAIGNED TWICE TODAY; WHEN IT ARRAIGNS IT POURS!”, by JoyceDay, via imgflip.com

MSM and democRATs heavily touted Avenatti before the 2020 election, but whichever candidate they decide to steal the Presidency for next it will NOT be him. Congratulations to him anyway though on his ‘sweet setup’. Life truly is all about perspective.

*nickname courtesy of Tucker Carlson.

‘…life is all about perspective…’, by unknown, found online.

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