Pot Calls Kettle Black, Drat Smudge of Smudge Abort Rebuked for Election Denying in Own Attempt to Smear Kari Lake



Screenshots courtesy of me. Thanks me!
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When checking the news I do have to visit the dark side occasionally to see what evil is lurking in the hearts of what passes for men there. I just ran across this:

Drat Smudge’s headline spin on the article he linked to (top picture story, by the way, above site name):
And a picture of Kari Lake. Notice wins is in single quotes, and denier is not in any quotes.

ACTUAL HEADLINE on typical left wing site he links to:
Kari Lake Cried Foul at Election Results. Then She Started Winning
Lost on the left is they can cheat and we can still manage to win. They just cheated REALLY well in 2020!

In the article they referred to Gateway Pundit as a “far-right blog”, which is typical of communists. Then I noticed the one leftist site commie Smudge linked to actually copy and pasted the article from another even more communist site (one great big left wing jerkle circ). We did our own take on election denying and why democRATs are the ones who do it yesterday, and I’m sure we will revisit it again (because they will not stop election stealing or election denying).

And yet still some on the Right insist Drat hasn’t joined the Sith! They forget that Smudge picks the articles to link to AND picks the sites he gets them from when a topic is covered on multiple sites AND that he writes his own headlines for those linked articles!

I could go on and on about how Smudge turned on America, MAGA and Trump during the run up to the December 12, 2017, Special Election for U.S. Senate in Alabama to replace Jeff Sessions who was President Trump’s pick (and a rare mistake) for Attorney General, but the less said about Drat (and Sessions) the better.

Personally I switched to Whatfinger News (which is run by veterans who support MAGA and Trump), but I do visit others and as they sometimes say in politics “we have a deep bench”.

Screenshots courtesy of me. Thanks me!

Screenshot posted without further comment. But he earned it.

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