Must Stop Orange Man, democRATs Will Do Anything To Prevent Trump Regaining Power After Stolen Election Removed Him



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The left’s attacks on Donald Trump began June 16, 2015, the day that he came down the escalator at Trump Tower in New York City to announce he was going to FINALLY (after years of hemming and hawing) run for President of the United States of America. Up until that moment, the left loved him, as he donated mostly to their candidates and causes. His dirty little secret was he did that to be able to do business in New York (city and state).

Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former President Billiam Blythe, certainly didn’t see it coming. They had socialized with the Trumps, and taken donations from them as well. Plus, it was her turn! In addition, Trump faced the largest field of candidates up until that time, with 18 people running (although 6 withdrew before the first Primary), so his odds were long. Here in the Shed we switched from Cruz to Trump a couple minutes into his announcement, and now wish we’d placed a bet on his election.

“Have you ever been so racist that you won an Ellis Island Award for ‘patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity’ alongside Muhammad Ali & Rosa Parks?” by Yahuah1 from facebook.com, trim and resize by us.

The left then threw every kitchen sink they could find at him, and continue to this day. The most ridiculous claim was that Donald is racist. Kara Young (Trump’s last long-term girlfriend before Melania) is as black as Obama (one parent of each) and still says he isn’t racist…and she should know as they dated for several years. Leftists also tried claiming he is anti-Semitic, but his daughter Ivana Marie (AKA Ivanka*), son-in-law and their children are Jewish.

‘3 1/2 years’ by unknown, found online.

democRATs along with RINOs (Republican In Name Only, so not the same thing as real actual Republicans) spent 4 years stifling Trump’s undoing of their push left and after many false investigations (and two fauxpeachments) finally resorted to election theft to remove him from office. Yes, 2020 was stolen: House, Senate and Presidency. Proof? In many areas, mostly blue, more votes were counted than there were eligible voters to cast them.

‘German Hillary’ by unknown, found online.

They REALLY want to keep him from getting back into office, and that now includes a RAID by the FBI over documents long ago declassified and that they had access to for 18 months AND that were packed by a government agency for the journey to Mar-A-Lago…so if anyone should be up on charged with a crime it is the General Services Administration (GSA).

‘Bring Him Back’ by Reed Cooper News, found online.

Which brings us to today and the latest false charges filed by COMMUNIST witch Suspicious Frames (AKA Letitia James), the ‘attorney general'[SIC] of New York. Even Bill Barr, no fan of Trump’s, referred to her actions as a “political hit job”. And it needs to be noted she filed CIVIL charges and NOT criminal charges.

That could be good or bad. Criminal charges have far more penalty options (jail/prison being the main one), so those are off the table. Civil cases, though, have a lower bar for conviction (‘proof by a preponderance of the evidence’ or say 50.1%, rather than ‘proof beyond a reasonable doubt’ or say 95%). And remember that AG’s can famously indict a ham sandwich.

The Trumps are rightfully calling this a witch hunt. It is meant to distract Trump and also to deplete his resources, but just like Michael Scott and the Sun, we believe President Trump will end up okay…he just needs to duct tape his suit back together first.

*And we JUST learned that is a nickname.

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