Both Hands Have Dementia, The Biden Usurpation Feigns Ignorance Of Own Criminal Acts In ‘Trump Probe’ RAID By FBI



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Even as Attorney General Merrick Garland desperately tries to pull ‘the bus’ down on top of himself and take all of the blame, both the FBI Director (Christopher Wray) and Usurper in Thief Joe Biden (‘the boss of both of them’) pretend to not know how it all happened despite having to be in the loop as they are the only three who could possibly order a RAID of a former President of the United States. But new documents show that they had to be aware and that Trump had returned 15 boxes of documents (some claimed to be classified and others not) voluntarily in April.

These boxes and any remaining that the FBI seized during their RAID of Mar-A-Lago August 8, 2022, were NOT packed by President Trump or his people but rather by the General Services Administration (GSA), so if anyone needs to be investigated and charged for anything it would be them. And then Obama who took 33 MILLION documents for his Presidential Library and promised to digitize them and put them online for scholars to study, and in 6 years has processed ZERO of those documents.

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What they are really looking for isn’t documents proving Trump committed any crimes, but rather for documents Trump could use to prove THEIR crimes. And they are doing it under the guise of refusing to honor Trump’s executive privilege claim. And since the people making that arbitrary determination work directly for Biden at the White House, he has to know. And Wray executed the order from Garland so he has to know too. And we are also learning that operatives loyal to Hillary Clinton have secretly worked with DOJ and Archive officials since at least January 2022 and pushed the investigation as revenge against President Trump for HER emailgate scandal (an actual crime she got away with). As we prior reported, the same FBI who conducted the RAID are under investigation for the Russiagate hoax by John Durham.

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In making the decision the current White House lawyers used a case decided before the Presidential Records Act was passed, so they knew the rules had changed and did this anyway. Alan Dershowitz, a legal scholar who voted against Trump in 2016 AND 2020, says that a current president [Biden, so SIC, as he isn’t really] should not be able to waive their predecessor’s executive privilege without the former President’s consent because to do so makes executive privilege mean nothing (since the next guy can disclose your private conversations and other things normally protected). At no point prior has a current president waived the prior President’s right.

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Trump has stated the FBI made numerous trips to Mar-A-Lago, requesting special rooms, stronger locks and examining documents, and they never asked for any back or suggested there were problems before the RAID and that he had always fully cooperated with them. The problem is the alt-far-left are playing for keeps and there are no rules in an insurrection, which is what happened November 3, 2020, when they stole the House, Senate and Presidency.

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