More Time for ‘Toobin’, Longtime Legal ANALyst Jeffrey Suddenly Resigns From CNN to Retire in San Diego Just as They Finally ‘Get’ President Trump



Recreation of infamous Zoom call, knowyourmeme.com (top, "Jeffrey Toobin Zoom Dick Incident - Jeffrey Toobin nooooooo!!! Not during the zoom call!"), shannonthedude on Twitter (bottom, "Reactions from the Jeffrey Toobin Zoom call. Which reaction would be you?"), merge by me.
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The man whose personal pronouns are “slippery when wet” and whose name became a verb after he was caught on an October 19, 2020, WORK Zoom call with WNYC radio and New Yorker staffers ‘taking a trip to palmdale’, Jeffrey Toobin has quit FakeNewsCNN after two decades of lying about Conservative Republican Patriots in general and years of doing so about President Donald Trump specifically.

Jeffrey’s own announcement including veiled threat, from Twitter.

Some are taking part of his announcement (specifically “Oklahoma City bombing, coming in 2023”) as a threat and with many people in Oklahoma City covering things in tarps it is beginning to resemble the front row at a Gallagher event.

Front row at Gallagher event, from The Sledge-O-Matic Collection at dvdtalk.com

Toobin (“on a Sunday afternoon, Toobin, Really couldn’t get away too soon”; with apologies to The Young Rascals and their song “Groovin'”) wasn’t fired then because the problem is you can’t discipline someone when you are guilty of similar conduct, at least you can’t unless your name is Merrick Garland.

Words by Trey Parker and Matt Stone from South Park, T-shirt design from spreadshirt.com

At the time, DumpsterFireCNN was run by the equally disgraced NOW former president of CNN Worldwide Jeff Zucker, who resigned himself in February, 2022, only to be followed out the door 3 weeks later by his lover, Allison GOllust (sounds like a carnal cheer), who was executive vice president and the chief marketing officer of CNN Worldwide. We said at the time, as despicable as Zucker is, there was no way she should have skated on an affair they both had with each other, but it originally looked like she would.

Jeffrey’s favorite place to eat (he loves the secret sauce), ACTUAL San Diego Jack in the Box, from californiabeaches.com

Zucker and GOllust began working together at NBC in 1998 and she claims that their relationship “changed during COVID” (the Scamdemic of 2020). They have stressed it was consensual but it was his top lieutenant and done in secret. An investigation by WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar “found violations of Company policies, including CNN’s News Standards and Practices, by Jeff Zucker, Allison GOllust, and Chris Cuomo [in an unrelated matter]”.

Jeffrey finally free in San Diego, from South Park, via getyarn.io

Decades ago, that channel began straying from the path and are now a network of hateful extremists and defenders of the illegality of the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens, who also attack the Trumps and all other Patriots daily. These moves continue the new Discovery ownership’s cleaning up of the old WarnerMedia mess.

Actual video of Jeffrey arriving in San Diego (South Park Studios)

Why retire now, when the alt-far-left has FINALLY got Trump left (they are so left they don’t have a right) where they want him? Jeffrey plans to spend more time on his hobbies of burping the worm, wiping his runny nose, and polishing his knob*.

*MANY more at urbanthesaurus.org under synonyms.

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