Impending Patriot Purge, False Charges And Soviet-Style Show Trials Of Trump To Precede 2024 Leftist Election Theft



Soviet-style show trials, by us, using 'Left Exit 12 Off Ramp' meme template (found online). If the left succeeds in framing President Trump for their crimes, then their next targets are any Americans who resist their communism.
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Everything old is new again. President Donald John Trump, aka ’45’, aka the leading cause of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), who, despite his flaws (one of which was putting Mike Pence in charge of ‘the covid’ task force) is the only person capable of taking on the alt-far-left and the Biden Crime Family, which is why they are keen to prevent him from running for POTUS again.

Note that there is no such thing as Clinton/Obama/Biden derangement syndrome (CDS, ODS or BDS). Why not? We on the Right focus on the overall cause of communism rather than on any one person pushing that abhorrent agenda.

Elements of the combined alt-far-left, in this case democRATs and their MSM urinalist colluders, are now outlawing disagreeing with them AND using that as an excuse to remove our CURRENT (not forever) most powerful chess piece from the board.

But that move is just the beginning, and their endgame is the elimination of MAGA (Make America Great Again), aka those who understand and value freedom.

This was intended to be a part of the last article (on indictments), and then when that grew it was meant to be released later that day, then the next day, then life got in the way. So here it is now, the part 2 that nobody expected or asked for, but were destined to get nonetheless.

“You’re guilty of… something. Which I won’t tolerate… whatever it was”, made with mematic.com by unknown, via medium.com. GIF of Mark Sheppard as ‘Fergus Roderick MacLeod’ AKA Crowley, the ‘King of the Crossroads’ and (in Lucifer’s absence) the ‘King of Hell’, from ‘Supernatural’ (2005-2020), specifically Season 10, Episode 3, ‘Soul Survivor’ (2014).

Certainly, we have already witnessed some private citizens being falsely charged with either crimes they didn’t actually commit, or with actions that leftists always get away with (which would seem to indicate they aren’t actually crimes).

Example, far more damage was done to the United States during the 2020 RIOTS and the TWO Capitol takeovers by leftists in 2018 and 2020 than during the January 6, 2021 PROTEST of the obviously stolen 2020 election (yes, it was).

“Leftists claim that ‘J6’ was an “insurrection”, but it was NOT. It was a FEDsurrection. Actual insurrections include: October 6, 2018 (over Kavanaugh), all 2020 riots, October 12, 2020 (over Coney Barrett), November 3, 2020 (stolen entire U.S. election), January 5, 2021 (stolen GA special election), 2022 attack on SCOTUS over Roe/Dobbs ruling leak, again after the ruling was official, and the stolen 2023 elections.” –us, in a prior article.

To clarify, they didn’t steal every seat in 2020, but they strategically stole select places to grab control of what they needed to make sure the POTUS election theft stuck.

There have even been videos put together of all of the times (150+) that democRATs have denied losing elections they failed to steal. None of them has ever been charged though…

‘Crimes of Stalin’, by Путин Ис Ан Асхол @tritejoy, via twitter.com. For those who don’t read pretend Cyrillic (okay, it is actual Cyrillic but it is being used to spell out words in English NOT Russian), it says “Putin is an asshole”, but then again, so is Zelensky…fuck #7 most corrupt country on Earth Russia AND fuck #4 most corrupt country on Earth Ukraine, we are rooting for one big hole in the ground where they both used to be, and another one where ‘Deep State’ Washington D.C. was).

However, George Soros operatives such as Fulton Country (Georgia) District Attorney Fani Willis, and Manhattan (New York) District Attorney Alvin Bragg, along with Federal ‘Special persecutor’ Jack(ass) Smith (2x) have taken election interference to a new low.

They have brought charges against him for the very crimes Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and other democRATs have committed, while Trump simply questioned what was being done to him.

Then sub-human Tanya Chutkan, an alleged ‘U.S. District Court Judge’, revealed her inner RINO by setting a trial date for Monday, March 4, 2023, which is an obvious and blatant election interference attempt.

Why? It just happens to be the day before ‘Super Tuesday’, when Republicans hold their Primary in 14 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia).

In addition, Utah and American Samoa will each hold a Caucus that day as well.

‘Stalin Victims’, by unknown, from ‘The Socialist Appeal’ of December 18, 1937, via spartacus-educational.com. “After Lenin died in 1924, Trotsky and Stalin had a power struggle, which Trotsky obviously lost, then Leon was exiled in 1929. Fearing he would lose power, in 1936, Stalin authorized what is now known as ‘the great purge’. By 1938, everyone else in this picture was dead, along with up-to 1.2 MILLION other people, mostly in mass executions…so we have those to look forward to again.”

To be clear, we do NOT(!!!) advocate for threats (including doxxing) or directly threaten anyone! We support alt-far-leftists being properly charged by non-communist legal authorities, then tried before a jury of MAGA (which is far more fair than the DC, NY and Atlanta commies set to judge President Trump), then imprisoned briefly (and safely) while awaiting their speedy execution for treason against the United States of America, including their election theft.

So people publishing the address or other personal information of those actually committing crimes is very wrong. What isn’t wrong? Gathering that information and keeping it available. They know where you are at all times, so fair is fair. We suggest using a VPN, TOR browser and a virtual machine (VM), then deleting the VM.

Wait, they don’t know where I am at all times!

Really? Look at your ‘cellular phone’, aka CELL phone. As in a prison cell.

If 20 years ago Americans had been told that not only would they willingly carry a tracking device that monitors all of their phone calls but also their written communication AND that they would pay for the privilege, they would have told you that you were crazy. Welcome to 2023.

So with the old ways coming back, let’s revisit a situation from about one hundred years ago, this time not involving Mercury ingestion.

“TLDR: Stalin purged thousands of his own officers and routinely airbrushed people out of photos as part of his effort to rewrite history (yes, dark AF).”, by unknown, via readtrung.com. Standing for ‘As Fuck’ and ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read’, we had thought that one was an acronym, but actually it is an ‘initialism’, which “is an abbreviation where you pronounce the individual letters” (per quickanddirtytips.com), such as CIA or FBI or DVD, whereas an acronym “is made up of parts of the phrase it stands for and is pronounced as a word” (per wwwnc.cdc.gov), like NATO or ASAP or LOL. We enjoy sharing when we learn new things, such as becoming aware that we apparently write a lot of TLDR articles…

The ‘Russian Revolution’ [SIC] (actually a Russian Civil War) ran over 6 years, from March 8, 1917 to June 16, 1923, and resulted in the deaths of up-to 12 MILLION people (via “war, terror, hunger, and disease” per www.bl.uk), including the murder of the imperial family, the Romanovs. But that was just the beginning, as communism had taken hold, and that demon needs to be fed constantly!

Actually, ‘The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression’ (1997 French, and 1999 English) by Stéphane Courtois, Andrzej Paczkowski, Nicolas Werth, Jean-Louis Margolin and others, describes that as a coup. They differentiate Communism (the Marxist–Leninist kind) from general ‘lower case c’ communism, which they state has been around for thousands of years just without that formal name.

By the way, if you are ever looking for a book (from older and out of print, to newer releases), and don’t mind reading a non-physical version, look for an ‘archive’. Perhaps Anna can help you with that. We were even able to find digital versions of physical books we already own, so that we can read them ‘on the go’ without dragging the book along.

Then came the ‘Great Purge’ (1936 to 1938) and 1.2 MILLION more deaths as Joseph Stalin solidified his power over the ‘Communist Party’ and the Soviet Union. Stalin did things that, until then, democRATs could only dream about.

‘We owe an apology…’, by unknown, found online. Before she turned on MAGA and Trump, Ann Coulter proved that those named by Joe were listed in the archives opened when the USSR fell as communists. “In her third book, Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism, also published by Crown Forum, she reexamines the 60-year history of the Cold War – including the career of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the Whittaker Chambers-Alger Hiss affair, and Ronald Reagan’s challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”—and argues that liberals were wrong in their Cold War political analyses and policy decisions, and that McCarthy was correct about Soviet agents working for the U.S. government. She also argues that the correct identification of Annie Lee Moss, among others, as communists was misreported by the liberal media. Treason was published in 2003, and spent 13 weeks on the Best Seller list.” –wikipedia.org. They were NEVER “liberal”, they just restrained their inner-communist better back then.

But the death toll run up by the USSR pales in comparison to the communist Chinese total of 65 MILLION as of 1997, which when combined with the 20 MILLION dead Russians, and millions of others in various other communist countries brought the then (pre-2000) total number of deaths to more than 110 MILLION.

But wait, there is more! The alt-far-left pushes abortion as a method of liberating women, but it is actually just baby murder legalized for the irresponsible, and the death toll from that is 73 MILLION…per year, globally.

Add it all up and you have one gigantic never-ending human sacrifice to Ba’al, or Moloch, or whatever name the left currently uses for the demon they worship.

In addition to abortion, the left are also normalizing election theft, false ‘medicine’ such as ‘the vaxx‘, DNA denial (aka ‘the trans‘), and even want acceptance of MAPs (Minor-Attracted Persons) aka “Joe Biden’s” aka pedophiles.

If you don’t think that communism can happen here, you are kidding yourself. Sure, we have the Second Amendment (2A), but leftists are working every day to cripple then remove that RIGHT (to self-defense, and ability to overthrow their tyranny…2A was NEVER about ‘hunting’).

And if you don’t like guns, just remember your decision when leftists are loading you on to a cattle-car, or lining you up against a wall. You sure showed them!

The left doesn’t want to be called what they actually are. There are no ‘democrats’ or progressives or even socialists any longer. What we are dealing with today are communists, and they are (in many ways) beginning their purge of us. Resist!

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