Legalized Sexual Kidnapping, Heterophobic democRATs No Longer Bothering To Hide Their Belief They Own Your Children



'The government does not own the kids, the parents do, so let the parents decide whats right for them', by Wubbzymon, via imgflip.com. Hey, democRATs, leave them kids alone!
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It isn’t called the ‘left-coast’ for no reason. California is basically northern Mexico with a splash of communist China added in, and Oregon is the home base of Antifa. Not wanting to be ‘left-out’…Washington state is also a alt-far-left hellhole.

Seattle’s ‘Capitol Hill’ neighborhood housed the BLM-ANTIFA communists from June 8 to July 1 during the riots of 2020 (that defied ‘the covid’ lockdowns), after they renamed a section “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) and then changed it to “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” (CHOP).

‘Abortion, transphobia, and doublethink’, “MEN CAN GET PREGNANT. TO SAY OTHERWISE IS TRANSPHOBIC. MEN CAN’T GET PREGNANT SO SHOULD HAVE NO SAY IN ABORTION RIGHTS. DOUBLETHINK: THE ACT OF SIMULTANEOUSLY ACCEPTING TWO MUTUALLY CONTRADICTORY BELIEFS AS CORRECT”, by Vercalos_alCorlin, via imgflip.com. They know neither is true (as women can’t get pregnant alone, and babies get half of their DNA from the man), but an agenda won’t push itself.

In those 23 days (TWENTY-THREE), there were at least 4 shootings resulting in at least 2 deaths in that new city, or country, or whatever they claimed it was, which is a record of violence and death even the worst mass-murderer (Hitler, Stalin, Fauci) would be sort of proud of.

Not content with killing and maiming adults, leftists have started going after children. The left claims that boys are supposed to be girls, and that girls are supposed to be boys. Even left-wing companies are pushing that non-sense (HERE).

‘The government owns your kids’, by Onmitsu, via imgflip.com. No, teachers and democRATs shouldn’t be telling parents how to raise their own kids.

To achieve that end, kids (who can’t enter into contracts or marry or buy guns, or smoke or drink or join the military, or do MANY other things because they lack the mental faculties to understand the potential ramifications of such actions) are magically transformed into beings who can decide to cut off their penis or breasts…things that will NOT grow back…after prompting by demonic adults who know better but are evil and have an agenda to push.

‘The biggest mistake parents make is letting the government educate their children’, by Perspicacity, via imgflip.com. This may be the most genius meme ever.

You can change your clothes and name, as well as have all of the surgery you can afford (WE should not pay for ANY of that), but you can never EVER change what you really are.

Why not? Because this isn’t about individual liberty, affirmation or even love, as some democRATs claim. This is about grooming boys and girls to be DNA deniers, as the leftists are. DNA is settled science, and the left are science deniers.

‘Government ignores problems they could solve’, “WE HAVE TO LIMIT FIREARMS IF WE WANT TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN. CLOSING THE BORDER TO HUMAN TRAFFICKERS AND ENDING ABORTION IS QUICKER.”, by BurntFingerForge, via imgflip.com. The biggest danger to kids everywhere is proximity to leftists.

There are MANY dangerous side effects to ‘the trans’, including constantly peeing (like all day long, it just dribbles out) and having pubic hair growing INSIDE of your body (which leads to horrible, painful infections AND pain).

There is NO such thing as ‘the trans’. There is only those who are mentally stable and don’t deny DNA, and those that are mentally unstable and push their Munchausen syndrome by proxy as normal.

‘Transaction denied’, by Ambistical, via imgflip.com. That is a man in a dress, and it will always be a man in a dress. He needs mental health assistance yesterday.

They are just children, for God’s sake. Leave them alone and let them develop normally, you communist monsters! There is NOTHING normal about ‘the trans’. You just want them sterilized so you can import foreign kids as replacement citizens.

We wrote prior about ‘the trans’ HERE, munchausen HERE, other ways the left abuse children HERE, and leftist denial of science HERE.

‘looka lika’, by dakotabender, via imgflip.com. It looka lika because it isa man.

Breitbart reports:

A bill in Washington state would prevent parents from intervening in their child’s decision to receive gender transition treatments.

Senate Bill 5599 would essentially allow host homes for runaway youth to house minors “without parental permission.” The host homes would also not be required to notify parents of their child’s whereabouts or tell them if they are undergoing gender transition procedures “if there is a compelling reason not to, which includes a youth seeking protected health services.” Per Fox News:

The “protected health care services” included “gender-affirming care,” which for minors arbitrarily included anything prescribed by a doctor to treat dysphoria, the bill said.

“Gender affirming treatment can be prescribed to two-spirit, transgender, nonbinary, and other gender diverse individuals,” the bill stated.

For minors, “affirming care” typically included puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries. It was unclear which services would be approved under the bill.

Shelters can contact the Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) instead of contacting parents. The bill also states…

Read the entire original article that inspired us, Washington Bill Would Bar Parents from Intervening on Child Gender Transitions, by Paul Roland Bois from Breitbart HERE.

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