One Down And All Others To Go, Maryland democRAT Mayor Charged With Child Pornography Resigns 24 Hours After Arrest



"FBI Pedo Code Words, “hotdog” = boy, “pizza” = girl, “cheese” = little girl, “pasta” = little boy, “ice cream” = male prostitute, “walnut” = person of color, “map” = semen, “sauce” = orgy", by Abra sua mente 'cosopenyourmind' on facebook.com. If George Carlin were still alive you would renounce the last leftist views he long heald. He was heading our way when he died! And remember that we now have codes too. Disney = pedophile. Democrat = communist. MSM = propaganda.
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It isn’t bad enough that the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs seek the ruination of America at every turn. We as adults are capable of resisting and fighting back. But now they have turned on our own children, treating them as sexual objects rather than as ‘the future’ they often used to claim them to be.

The trans movement is designed to sterilize ‘the future’, because once you have been trans’ed you can’t ever reproduce. Abortion is simply murder. Right to choose?! Notice they never complete that sentence. Right to choose…what? As we’ve said before, if babies could hold guns, that wouldn’t be a thing. Both of those things are part of the overall globalist left’s risky scheme to replace all Westerners with third-worlders.

“Sean Hannity mocked after calling Joe Biden’s kiss with granddaughter ‘creepy'”, by unknown Getty / EPA, via alt-far-left independent.co.uk on Sunday 02 February 2020, as they tried to equate a daughter kissing her father on the cheek or a father kissing a daughter on her temple (both Trump and his daughter Ivanka) to a grandfather (Biden) kissing his granddaughter on the mouth. Fuck you ‘independent’ and urinalist Chelsea Ritschel (New York), you intellectually dishonest leftist fucks. And that was then 19-year-old Finnegan Biden…the daughter of Hunter Biden.

A quick comment on memes many of us see that claim to be quotes from Ashley Biden’s diary. Some are real, but some have been designed to appear real but are NOT. As we detailed prior HERE the diary is available online for free as a PDF file from many sites. After finding and downloading a copy, you can then Ctrl-F to search for keywords to prove to yourself who spreads the truth and who spreads (intentionally or not) lies.

Another series of bullshit memes is the so-called ‘Official Kid Rock’ quotes. ALL of Robert James Ritchie Jr.’s socialIST media accounts are @KidRock and NOT NOT NOT @KidRockOfficial, EVER. Yet we see memes all of the time from that made-up account and people happily spreading them via Likes and Reposts.

‘Hunter laptop email to underage niece about getting a HIV test’, “COME ON MAN, IT’S JUST HUNTER TELLING HIS UNDERAGE NIECE TO GET A HIV TEST.”, by Dr.Strangmeme, via imgflip.com. Hunter probably gave his niece AIDS, just as Paul Pelosi got that and gave it to his wife Nancy Pelosi.

We are better than the left because we don’t need to spread lies to persuade. So please, take a second and verify what you are up-voting or spreading around is valid before simply clicking a button because a boatload of sheep did so before you. And please don’t resort to left-wing tactics by making stuff up.

The topic is pedophilia. Joe Biden isn’t the only one we hear about and see evidence of guilt for. There are longstanding rumors about Bill AND Hillary Clinton. Stories also exist about Adam Schiff and many other election democRATs, even as they try and claim, knowingly and falsely, that President Trump is involved.

‘…because…’, by KratomGaming, via imgflip.com. That sense of entitlement, of how criminal laws don’t apply to you.

While there are written pilot flight logs and eyewitnesses to Bill Clinton being on 27 (TWENTY SEVEN) flights to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, there are ZERO for Trump. The combined left (MSM, democRATs, and others) know this. Their game is always accusing us of their actual crimes.

This is NOT just a problem in the USA. We are looking at a widespread (more so than we will likely ever know) conspiracy by demonic forces on a global scale. That is a fact, not a theory or conspiracy.

‘Don’t stop me now~~~’, “…AND I GOT AWAY WITH ALL THIS, HAHA!”, by KratomGaming, via imgflip.com. The adult women can take care of themselves. It is the kids we worry about.

And it isn’t just national level elected officials, but also local (as with this Maryland Mayor; there are various levels of control), celebrities, and also members of the MSM. When the stories break they immediately start circling their wagons, covering for each other.

Now, please remember what they said about Judge Roy Moore, and also Scott Baio. In true Alinskyite fashion, everything said then was actually true about the leftists who said it about those two men.

‘Joe The Pedo Strikes Again!’, by thenukeman123, via imgflip.com. Come on man, when has a female being under 19 stopped you?!

Elected democRATs never discuss those TWO producers from CNN that were both arrested for child porn around the same time, and MSM rarely comment on democRATs charged with crimes. One big left-wing circle-jerk. The REAL conspiracy is THEM! It always was.

We wrote prior about ‘trans’ HERE, abortion HERE, replacement HERE, Joe Biden HERE, and about other pedophiles HERE.

‘A wild pedo appears!’, “SLEEPY JOE; 78; CREEPY JOE; 78; SNIFF ATTACK; CREEPY COMPLIMENT; GROPE ATTACK; CRINGEY INSULT”, by KratomGaming, via imgflip.com. This is not a game, but if it were we don’t think Sleepy has a chance against Creepy.

‘The Gateway Pundit’ reports:

The Democrat mayor of College Park, Maryland, resigned from the position one day before being arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Disgraced mayor Patrick Wojahn, 47, was arrested on Thursday after stepping down on Wednesday.

Wojahn is facing a total of 56 charges related to child pornography.

Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD) wrote in a press release, “on February 17, 2023, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified the PGPD that a social media account operating in the county possessed and distributed suspected child pornography. The image and videos had been uploaded to the social media account in January of 2023. Through various investigative techniques, PGPD investigators discovered the social media account belonged to Wojahn.”

Eleven days later, on February 28, PGPD detectives served a search warrant at Wojahn’s home. They seized multiple cell phones, a hard drive, a tablet, and a computer. …

Read the entire original article that inspired us, Democrat Maryland Mayor Resigns One Day Before Being Arrested on 56 Child Pornography Charges, by Cassandra MacDonald from ‘The Gateway Pundit’ HERE.

‘We shall fight on the Beaches by Winston Churchill (Full Speech on Youtube)’ — THIS is how we have to think to defeat all aspects of communism, including pedophiles. “Speech 02 of Greatest Speeches by “WINSTON CHURCHILL” popularly known as ‘WE SHALL FIGHT ON THE BEACHES’ given on 4 June 1940.
Importance of the Speech?
When Winston Churchill walked into the House of Commons on June 4, 1940, he had much to discuss. The Allies had just pulled off the “miracle of Dunkirk,” rescuing some 338,000 troops from a dire situation in France. But this victory was a hollow one. The soldiers were only saved thanks to a curious halt order from the German command, and the Nazis were just days away from entering Paris. Churchill knew he had to prepare his people for the possible fall of France. He also knew he had to send a message to a reluctant ally across the pond.
What followed was his now-famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech, regarded as one of the most rousing and iconic addresses of World War II. While much of the oration concerned the recent Allied military losses and a reflection on the challenging road ahead, it is best remembered for Churchill’s passionate pledge to fight in seas, oceans, hills, streets, and beaches — to “never surrender.”
Even now, it symbolizes whatever be the condition, even if it is for sure we ain’t gonna we should fight until the last moment and NEVER SURRENDER.”

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