MAGA Are Made Of Sturdier Stuff, Retarded Faux ‘senator’ Election Thief Claims Depression While Actually Causing It



'So perfect that I had to', "Candy Gram for Mongo; Mongo like Candy", by Giantsquonk, via imgflip.com. THIS meme! We've said before, we carefully consider which ones to use and which order they go in. We laughed so hard when we saw this one, it had to be included AND go first. We just watched Blazing Saddles again a week ago!
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We will start with a disclaimer, which we’ve explained before. There are two types of retarded people: One is those born that way, and they try really hard, so God bless them. The other kind CHOOSES to live that way.

The 2020 election (House, Senate and Presidency) was stolen by democRATs and RINOs so they could destroy the USA from within for their beloved communist China. A good chunk of the 2022 election was stolen as well, and Pennsylvania was involved in both.

‘J Fetterman’, by Mr.Gimli, via memedroid.com. Could be John’s twin.

In 2016 PA was the state that put President Donald Trump over the top. But to those who don’t normally watch election results, it was the alt-far-left’s first attempt to steal in recent years. With the New York Times’ own website showing Trump had a lead of more votes than were left to be counted, they waited almost 2 hours to call the state. They were trying to find a way to steal it. And they failed.

They found that way in 2020 with ‘the covid’ and the magical need for ‘mail-in’ voting, which is NOT the same as absentee (which has built-in safeguards to prevent fraud). Using their new weapon, they stole the Presidency, and other things too. The way they did it has been detailed, but to put it quickly, they stopped counting, figured out how many votes they needed and used various methods to create those ‘votes’.

‘Bad Photoshop Sunday presents: Uncle Festerman Part Ii’, by btbeeston, via imgflip.com. Bad photoshop?! No.

By 2022 they were quite full of themselves and more strategic, stealing in strongholds like Georgia, Arizona(!!!) and Pennsylvania. In PA, they took the US Senate race, and to make sure that ‘stuck’ also took the Governorship. Why? Because Governors have the power to replace Senators and they had just installed a stroke victim incapable of clearly communicating (and likely also thinking) in the Senate.

The day he is replaced appears to be almost here, as John Fetterman (HERE and HERE) checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He claims he has clinical depression.

‘Yep’, by Col.Jack.Ripper, via imgflip.com. That this guy got snuck in proves the left are a danger and need to be taken seriously!

That is a real thing, but anyone depressed clinically got there because of him. His election theft, along with the rest, led to Bidenflation, shortages of things like baby formula, eggs, gasoline, along with new evil policies like CRT and ‘trans’. If anyone is really depressed, it is over the damage democRATs do daily to the USA.

Apparently, the stroke he had and this depression are not his only health issues. Fetterman had a pacemaker/defibrillator installed to help with TWO heart problems.

“Biden/Fetterman 2024 – It’s a no-brainer.”, by benightedness, via 9gag.com. Zero chance this happens, but still funny.

“While John has experienced depression off and on throughout his life, it only became severe in recent weeks.” said some evil leftist asshat who works for him. Update your resume fucknuts.

The only ‘universal healthcare’ we need is a vaccine for communism. Hopefully someone develops that soon and saves our Republic.

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