Manufactured Crises Abound, If Globalist Left Don’t Steal Presidency From Donald Trump None Of These Problems Exist



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Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump IS still the duly elected President of the United States of America. Joe Biden, along with his handlers and his body double, is Usurper in Thief and NOT ‘president’. Just like Francis is a communist usurper ‘pope’ (lower case ‘p’) and NOT ‘Pope’ (who is still Benedict).

We’ve been saying since January 20, 2021, at shortly after noon EST when the first ‘executive orders’ {sic} leaked out that Biden and democRATs were going to try and tank the strong (considering the scamdemic) Trump economy.

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Many people dismissed the idea because it is very difficult to believe that people can truly be that evil. Even after 2020 some still can’t let their minds ‘go there’. It is nice to see so many come around to the proper reality-based way of thinking.

Our Christmas wish for everyone is that people learn to step back from their existing beliefs and look at the bigger picture instead of accepting a situation where MSM, democRATs or some other leftist has pre-established the options for you. The current example of Ukraine and Russia is perfect.

‘Let’s Go Brandon – i’d like to solve: Let’s go brandon!’, by Phillip Hamilton, via knowyourmeme.com

So here is an admittedly incomplete list of things that would NOT have happened if the alt-far-left-communist-democRATs and RINOs hadn’t colluded to steal the entire 2020 election (House, Senate and Presidency):

• There would be no war between Russia and Ukraine. Trump had put Putin on notice a few times as to what would happen if he invaded Ukraine. Putin knew he was serious and would never have invaded under Trump. We support NEITHER and it is disturbing to see so many choosing #4 most corrupt country on Earth, Ukraine, or #7 Russia. We choose the USA, as it was before Brandon.

‘Let’s Go Brandon – AOC SAYS LET’S GO BRANDON’, by @GrandOldMemes, UL by Phillip Hamilton, via knowyourmeme.com

• True evil like claiming perfectly healthy chickens (and turkeys too) have a virus and need to be killed and disposed of instead of eaten (that included 40 million egg-laying chickens, which is why eggs are ridiculously high now). Those are both normally immune to the ‘bird flu’ virus, and this was done just to decrease the food supply AND harm farmers.


• We were #1 in the world in energy production (oil and natural gas) under Trump. We were a net exporter (some types of oil we still import, but enough goes out to more than cover that)! The left had insisted that was impossible, even under Obama (who left office the day Trump took the oath). Gasoline went from under $2 to over $5 and it is still over $3 under Joe.

‘LGBTQ Let’s go Brandon Trump How have we been so Blind meme shirt’, by unknown, via t-shirtat.com. Wow! And you can get this on a variety of shirts. We don’t get ANYTHING, we are just impressed with the design.

• The 2022 election wouldn’t have been stolen either. Mail-in is NOT absentee (which has built-in safeguards). This country functioned just fine with ONE day in-person voting, paper ballots, state-issued photo ID or DL, and signature match FOREVER. The changes were made because democRATs can’t win any more, so they steal. Courts need to answer why things done in opposition to election law aren’t being disallowed.

‘Let’s Go Brandon – I can already hear the cheerleaders’, by Notebookz, knowyourmeme.com. From what we can tell there are 3, and this is the one in Mississippi (M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, hump back, hump back, I). The other two are in Florida and Michigan (the only one in a city not named Brandon).

There are SO many more things, like grooming and ‘trans’, the flooding of the USA with illegal alien replacement citizens, wanting us to eat bugs, the ‘vaxx’ intentionally made to injure and kill us, Critical Race(IST) Theory (aka CRT), and more.

The battle against communism continues, and we “don’t feel no ways tired”. So fuck Joe Biden, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, democRATs and RINOs. Merry Christmas everyone.

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